Welcome to our blog post on how to make T-shirt designs! T-shirts are a staple in most people’s wardrobes, and designing your own T-shirt can be a fun and creative way to express your personality or promote your brand.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced designer, this guide will provide you with useful tips and tricks to help you create unique and eye-catching T-shirt designs. From selecting the right colors and fonts to choosing the perfect design software, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s get started and unleash your creativity!

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Design Tools for Designers

As a designer, you will get inspirations from everything around you about how to make t shirt designs.

There are hardcore design tools available from starter to advance level of designers.

Below are some of the design tools from which most awesome and profitable designs are produced these days.

1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Photoshop
3. Corel Draw
4. Adobe Indesign
5. Canva
6. Design Bold

For Merchandise selling brands without design experience, this post is going to outline the resources available online to buy t-shirt designs.

There are various aspects of this process from design appeal, relativity to your audience, price to a commercial license.

Read more to find the options available to explore the suitable one.

Designer Platforms

T-Shirt designs can be ordered from freelancing designers who have a great reputation with tons of reviews already.

Such a thing is made possible from various designer focussed platforms where you can discuss and order a t-shirt design and get it within time frame and budget.


Our first choice to get outside help for a t-shirt design will be 99designs. If their budget and process fit you, look no further.

They not only have professional and creative designers working with them but also great systems in place to get a satisfactory output well within your budget and timeline planned.

If you want to hire a designer, you can check the previous work references, discuss and finalize on the design outcome.

If you are creating a contest, decide the budget and outline your expectations in brief and get started.


An Australia based designers platform. You can find a specific page to find Indian designers with references to their previous works.

That is a great option when you want to have an India focussed design.

You can signup, check the list of available designers and their works to finalize on the designer you want to go with.

99designs and designcrowd are almost the same as a contest based design platform.


For the design works on a tight budget, fiverr comes to rescue. You can not expect a truly world-class original design if you choose the basic 5 USD package.

There are very good designers as well, you can check their portfolio to discuss your requirements and pay accordingly to get the designs done.

There are also many design bundle options available on Fiverr to purchase right away and use them on merchandise.

Always check the commercial license terms while buying designs from the third party.

9.Design Purchase

Brands selling merchandise will depend on the original artwork designs targeting their niche audience to make an emotional connection and a sale as well.

Another kind of Brands who buy trending designs and sell them with their marketing brilliance.

For the second kind of brands, there are many websites selling designs and design bundles.


The graphicriver site is an ultimate source to buy a variety of T-Shirt design mockups and original t-shirt designs as well.

The actual designs of multiple designers are showcased on the site with price for you to simple choose and buy.

Check the commercial license aspects before purchasing the design.


Designious is a place to buy designs based on a subscription model.

Where in you pay a monthly or a yearly fee and they allow you to choose and download a certain number of designs from their website for that period of time.

You can also buy their entire collection of designs by paying an upfront fee. Basically, you can buy designs and sell them on POD websites to make money.


Vexels is another Merch design platform where you can signup for monthly fees to download t-shirt designs.

You can also give them custom design requests. They have more quality and trending designs other than the new entrants in this space.

They also offer some free designs to try them out.

Free Designs

The Internet is a huge library of everything. You just imagine and you will get it online. The same goes with free designs as well.

Know how to use free designs, as the designs are free they should be used by thousands of others as well.

You can download the free designs and use them as inspirations to have our own thoughts and tweaks to have a new fresh design.

It is not required to spend money on it, but you have got to spend quality time into it to get quality t-shirt designs.


Freepik is an ocean of graphics resources not only for T-Shirts but also for any design resources.

It is been widely used by designers all over the world to download any small element for their design process.

You can keep searching for design inspiration in any related topic in freepik to see, download and use that.

Also, check for the design element source and the commercial license part of it.


Pngtree is again a huge resource of graphic elements for the entire design professionals.

Who use them as a part of their design process for specific elements.

You can download any suitable element or a proper t-shirt design to use for your brand’s merchandise design.


Allfreedownload is full of free resources with design elements as the name suggests.

You can search for T-Shirt graphics in the search bar to get some awesome t-shirt designs in the pages to come.

As the designs are free they will be scattered all over the website.

You can search with proper keywords and land on the required one with patience.

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