Direct to Garment T Shirt Digital Printing

T Shirt Digital Printing (DTG Printing) is the method of printing directly on the T Shirt or any finished garment.

Print Digitally

Pay only for the area printed.

Print Designs will million colours.

Prints on Demand, only after order received.

T Shirt Printing

Traditional forms of T-Shirt printing including Screen Printing has been around for centuries and they will be there for decades to come. So why T-Shirt Digital Printing? Let’s find out.

T-Shirt designs are made after deciding about the printing method and quantity to be printed. Screen Printing design going for a small run needs to have less number of colours. Also reprinting them should have the same quantity. If one size goes sold out, you need to print again the same minimum order quantity.

This will keep your inventory high, also you cannot print photo prints or complex graphic designs due to limitations in number of screens to be created with small quantity order. Also the screens to be maintained and stored for reprints. For a screen collection of 100 designs, there would be around 500 screens. They need to be stored and maintained all the time.

Cost of a small quantity screen printing is always high and also time taking process. The alternative is direct to garment printing or digital printing. This is like printing on a paper with a pre coating.

T Shirt Digital Printing, Compared with traditional printing methods


DTG Printing
T Shirt Screen Printing
Photo Print Easy Job Not Possible
Small Quantity Can Print 1 Pc Costly and Time Taking
Plate/Screen Making Not Required Mandatory
Cost for Small Runs Affordable Costlier
Staff and Expertise One Person Needs expertise and Multiple Persons
DTG Printing

DTG printing is a direct-to-garment printing method that prints designs directly onto fabric, particularly t-shirts and other apparel. This method has no minimum order quantity, so it is perfect for small to medium-sized production runs. With DTG printing, any design, graphic, or photo can be printed onto fabric, as long as the fabric is cotton-rich for vibrant prints.

The quality of the print is directly proportional to the quality of the file to be printed. Unlike in screen printing, where the design files require additional work, DTG printing directly prints the t-shirt design onto the fabric using the DTG printer.

DTG Printing Qikink

Pre-Processing of T Shirts

DTG Printing Spray Gun

To print designs directly onto garments using the DTG Printing method, a layer of coating is required to make the garment more absorbent to the ink. The printing process for a t-shirt involves pre-coating, heat pressing, printing, and heat pressing or curing. Curing is required for any form of custom printing, either naturally or with external heating.

The heat press process ensures that the ink is absorbed by the garment and remains with the fabric even after washing. The longevity of a digitally printed t-shirt is generally 25-35 washes, depending on the standard of the process involved.

Printing on White and Color T Shirts

The process of T Shirt digital printing for white T-shirts differs from color T-shirts. On white T-shirts, any design can be printed directly using just pigment inks. Pre-coating is not necessary, although a diluted version of pre-coating can be applied to give a vibrant output.

However, for printing on color T-shirts, the T-shirt needs to be pre-coated using a specialty chemical liquid to make the garment absorb ink faster. The pre-coated garment needs to be dried completely before printing using a heat press setup. The print quality on color T-shirts depends on the pre-coating process and can be on par with screen printing if done well.

Personalised T Shirt Printing

DTG (Direct to Garment) printing has become increasingly popular in personalized printing due to its ability to print high-quality, full-color designs onto a variety of fabrics. Personalized printing has gained significant momentum in recent years, as consumers are looking for unique and personalized products. DTG printing provides an excellent solution for small to medium-sized runs of personalized products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other garments.

One of the primary benefits of DTG printing is its ability to produce high-quality, vibrant prints with intricate details. DTG printers use specialized inkjet technology that can print millions of colors, providing an almost unlimited color palette for designs. This technology makes it possible to produce highly detailed and intricate designs that may not be possible with other printing methods.

DTG printing is also an efficient printing method for small to medium-sized production runs. Unlike traditional screen printing methods, DTG printing does not require expensive setup costs or minimum order quantities. This means that customers can order small quantities of personalized products, without having to worry about high upfront costs.

Moreover, DTG printing provides fast turnaround times, making it possible to produce and deliver personalized products quickly. This is especially important for businesses that need to fulfill customer orders on a tight deadline or for special events.

DTG printing also offers eco-friendly options for personalized printing. Unlike traditional screen printing, DTG printing does not use harsh chemicals, and the ink is water-based, reducing the environmental impact of the printing process.

The importance of DTG printing in personalized printing cannot be overstated. Its high-quality prints, versatility, fast turnaround times, and eco-friendly options make it an excellent solution for small to medium-sized production runs of personalized products. As demand for personalized products continues to grow, DTG printing is poised to become a staple in the personalized printing industry.

T shirt Design Tool Print on Demand

Print on Demand and Sustainability

Print on Demand (POD) is a business model that allows customers to order and produce custom-made products as and when they are required. This means that products are only printed when orders are placed, eliminating the need for large-scale production and inventory management.

Fashion industry overproduction runs at an incredible 30 – 40% each season.

On demand manufacturing and on demand printing are the most innovative things happened to the fashion industry w.r.t sustainability. All of us have to move in that direction of sustainable living eventually. Print on demand method of printing the order after a product is purchased avoid millions of products end in landfills.

DTG printing is a crucial method for Print on Demand services, particularly for T Shirt Digital printing services. This process allows businesses to produce personalized products on-demand, without the need for large-scale production, which reduces waste and ensures that only the required amount of products are produced, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

The DTG printing process is eco-friendly. As the ink used in DTG printing is water-based, it significantly reduces the environmental impact of the printing process. This makes it a sustainable solution for businesses that are conscious of their environmental impact. By using this method, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

T Shirt Digital Printing on Demand services help in reducing the waste produced by the traditional mass production process. As products are only printed when orders are placed, there is no need for large-scale production and inventory management. This significantly reduces the amount of waste generated, making Print on Demand a more sustainable solution.

Finally, as the world becomes more conscious of its environmental impact, consumers are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly options. With the T Shirt Digital printing(DTG) method and the Print on Demand business model, businesses can cater to the growing demand for sustainable products. By offering personalized, eco-friendly products, businesses can create a competitive advantage and appeal to customers who prioritize sustainability.

T Shirt Digital Printing: Business Opportunities

T-Shirt Digital Printing presents various business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Firstly, it allows entrepreneurs to start their own custom T-shirt printing businesses. With the DTG printing method, entrepreneurs can produce high-quality, personalized T-shirts, which are in high demand.

T-Shirt Digital Printing can be used to create merchandise for brands and businesses. Businesses can use DTG printing to create custom T-shirts featuring their logos or slogans, which can be used for marketing purposes or as merchandise for customers.

T-Shirt Digital Printing can be used for creating personalized gifts for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. This presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their own personalized gift businesses and cater to the growing demand for customized products.

T-Shirt Digital Printing can be used to create limited edition designs and collaborate with artists, designers, and influencers. This presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to create exclusive collections and build brand awareness.

All in all, T-Shirt Digital Printing presents several business opportunities, including custom T-shirt printing businesses, merchandise creation for brands and businesses, personalized gift businesses, and collaborations with artists and designers. With the growing demand for personalized and unique products, entrepreneurs can leverage DTG printing to create new and exciting business opportunities.

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