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Inventory Management

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is the process of sourcing, ordering, storing, and supplying raw materials or finished goods to a business or an end customer. It is a critical part of supply chain management. Having the right products stored in the right place is the ultimate goal of inventory management. It also requires an understanding of the re-order point and the quantity. 

Companies with complicated supply chains and manufacturing processes must balance having too much and insufficient inventory.

What is the process of Inventory Management for Dropshipping/POD stores?

Both print-on-demand and dropshipping business models do not involve holding inventory; the process for inventory management is similar. Here’s an outline of inventory management in dropshipping/pod stores. 

1. Integration with the supplier

Integrate your website with the dropshipping or print-on-demand supplier. This will help you automate the order fulfilment process seamlessly. 

2. Listing and syncing products

List products on your website with product descriptions and images and set your profit margins. Sync the product availability with your supplier’s system to track the inventory in real time. Qikink integration with Shopify helps you sync the product with quantity to eliminate out-of-stock issues. 

3. Order placement and fulfillment

Once the customer purchases, the order details are shared with the supplier through integration or manual order placement. 

4. Monitoring product inventory

After the order is fulfilled, the product stock is updated accordingly to availability. The stock report is also updated on the portal to help you manage the orders and fulfilment time. 

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How Qikink helps in Inventory management?

Qikink is a print-on-demand dropshipping company that fulfils your orders on demand. Qikink’s services help you focus on marketing, customer service, and growing operations while we manage inventory and fulfilment.

Here is how Qikink helps in inventory management. 

1. On-demand printing

Qikink prints products only when you receive an order, eliminating the need to maintain inventory. 

2. Real-time inventory tracking

Qikink provides a low-stock and no-stock report, which helps you plan your product promotion. It also auto-syncs inventory if your Shopify store is integrated with Qikink’s platform.

3. Inventory replenishment

Qikink monitors stock levels and manufacturing capacity to ensure orders are filled immediately. We monitor product demand and refill inventory accordingly, reducing the likelihood of stockouts or fulfillment delays.

Qikink enables a simplified and effective print-on-demand business strategy that does not require the complications of traditional inventory management.

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