Posters Drop Shipping works like a charm. Posters are always in trend. It is an essential addition to your webstore. Your audience will want to decorate their walls with their loved designs with posters and frames.

Design and sell posters online with Print on demand and drop shipping options with Qikink. Our posters come in A4, A3 sizes, 300 GSM Art Board packed in carton tubes. Also in A3, A4 sizes Frames with a back panel, frame, and perfectly laminated Poster. Posters are printed in high-quality digital printing with a fade proof guarantee. You can also order in bulk for events with discounts.

  • A4 Poster
  • A3 Poster
  • Rolled
  • Framed


300 GSM Artboard

High Resolution Digital Printing

1″ Matte Black Frame

Safely Packed for Transit


Qikink Poster Max Print Size A4 without frame
Qikink Poster Max Print Size a3 without frame
  • Trim extra spaces
  • Resolution: Minimum 300 DPI
  • Maximum upload size: 15 MB per file


  • Rs.60 per 500 Gms (Air courier)
  • Rs.50 per 500 Gms (Surface courier)
  • Each Product Weighs A4(500 Gms), A3(500 Gms),A4 Frame( 700 Gms),A3 Frame(950 Gms).
  • COD Pin Codes List
  • We ship to all Indian Pincodes for PrePaid Orders
  • Rs.50 as COD Charge per AWB
  • Overseas Shipping available to 125+ Countries
  • Overseas Shipping Charges are here
  • 12% GST (For Product Price)
  • Self Shipping options available

We partnered with the best of courier companies in India. We deliver in 2-6 days time based on the delivery location with appropriate courier options. Majority of shipments are delivered through FedEx and Bluedart. We add your COD payments within a day of parcel delivery to your customer.


Posters dropshipping is as easy as ever with Qikink. You can design and sell posters on your web store now. Once you receive an order, Qikink will print on demand and drop ship posters with frame and without a frame as well. Posters without frames are sent in a cardboard tube. Framed Posters are safely packed in cardboard boxes for safe delivery.


How are the Framed Posters Packed?

Framed posters are packed with two layers of bubble wraps and cardboard box above it to provide safety in transit.

Worldwide Shipping
Free Custom Branding
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