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What is a Product Mockup in a print-on-demand business?

A product mockup in a print-on-demand business is a visual representation of how your design will look on the product before you print them. It helps you decide the print placement, size, and how your design would look like. Creating real-life products and pictures is one of the most important steps in a print-on-demand business.

Why Product Mockups are important for Dropshipping businesses?

Product mockups are important for dropshipping businesses because it gives the buyer a clear representation of how the actual product would look when they purchase it. Here are more reasons why product mockups are important:

  • Helps in making an informed decision about the color and size of a product
  • Creative mockups make your customer engage with the product for a longer time
  • Increase lead generation
  • An effective method of advertising
  • Helps the designer create designs 

Best product mockup generators

The best product mockup generators are:

Qikink helps you create realistic product mockups with your designs for FREE. Here’s how you can generate product mockups using Qikink

Step 1: Log in to your Qikink account or sign-up if you don’t have one.

Step 2: Click on the mock-up generator 

Step 3: Select the product category and the product 

Step 4: Click on Add Design button and add the design from the design library or design 

Step 5: Align your design with the product 

Step 6: Click on the Download button to download the product mockup

Placeit is a mockup generator and a designing platform that enabled you to create designs and product mockups in both image and video format. It has 110k + product mockups available for different products. The pricing starts from $1.97 per month and also has early plans. 

Canva is a free mockup generator tool that allows you to create basic product mockups. It also has premium and customizable product mockup plans starting at Rs. 3999 to Rs. 6590

You can simply search for the product name that you wish to create a mockup for, add your design, and download the mockup.