WooCommerce Integration

Integration Can be done after Signup with Qikink

1. Add Design

To Add Design : Login-> Designs-> My Designs

Click Here to view the print file preparation method.

Design upload Qikink
    All your designs need to be updated on our Design Library.

2. WooCommmerce Credentials

  1. Login into Your WordPress Store.
  2. Goto->Woocommerce->Settings->Advanced.
  3. REST API -> Click on Add Key.
    woocomerce Qikink Integration
  4. Set Permissions: Read/Write.
  5. Click on Generate API Key.
  6. Consumer key and Consumer secret are generated.

3. Integrating your Store to Qikink

woocommerce integration qikink


  1. Integration-> Woocommerce->Integrate.
  2. Enter Your Website URL, Generated Consumer key and Consumer secret.
  3. Click on Save and Test Connection.
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