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Custom T Shirt Printing For Your Team

Get T Shirts printed in bulk using Screen, DTG, DTF, Sublimation Printing and Embroidery. Ready products to custom print and ship on same day.


Custom T Shirt Printing

Print your own T Shirt for your group and team. Custom T Shirts Printing at Qikink has 30+ styles to choose from and all available printing methods under one roof.

  • Same day Dispatch
  • Screen Printing, DTG, DTF, Vinyl Sublimation and Embroidery Options
  • Pan India Delivery
  • T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polo, SweatShirts, Tote Bags, and more.
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T Shirt Photo Printing

State of art printers including DTG, DTF, Sublimation and Digital Embroidery options.

DTG Printing method for T Shirt Photo Printing is the ideal method with high quality. Qikink uses high end Kornit and Brother Direct to Garment Printers to print photos on T Shirts. Photo Printing can be done on T Shirts, Hoodies, Polo and other popular styles.


DTF Printing is a film transfer technology used for T Shirt Photo Printing. The speciality of DTF Sticker Transfer Printing is it can be used on any type of fabrics such as Cotton, Polyester, Cotton blends etc. Also the DTF Printing method is effective printing option for color sports wear fabrics where sublimation is not possible.

This leaves a thin plastic layer above the fabric which can be felt by hand. With improved DTF powder and Inkjet Inks the washability is improved to withstand around 30 cycles.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is the cheapest and widely used printing method of T Shirt Photo Printing. In dye sublimation, the design is printed on a transfer paper and then its transferred to the T Shirt via heat press. The print output is merged with the fabric and gives feel less hand feel.

Sublimation can only be used on white polyester or polyester blend fabrics. Sublimation Printing doesn’t comes with white ink.


Custom T Shirt Printing Using Screen Printing

Qikink’s T Shirt Screen Printing method is the more suited option for printing bulk T Shirts in cost effective way.

Custom T-Shirt printing is an effective way for businesses to promote their brand, and screen printing is a popular method for producing high-quality prints on T-Shirts in bulk. Screen printing is a process that involves creating a stencil, or a screen, of the design, which is then transferred onto the T-Shirt by pushing ink through the screen using a squeegee. The ink is dried to create a permanent and long-lasting image on the T-Shirt.

There are several benefits of using screen printing for businesses. Here are some of the key benefits:

Screen printing is a cost-effective method for producing custom T-Shirts in bulk. This method is especially beneficial for large orders because it becomes more cost-effective as the number of T-Shirts increases.

Screen printing produces high-quality prints that are durable and long-lasting. This method of printing is ideal for designs with bold and bright colors, and it can produce intricate designs with fine details.

Custom T-Shirts are an effective way to promote a brand. A T-Shirt with a brand logo or message can increase brand visibility and awareness. This is especially useful for businesses that want to promote their brand at events, trade shows, and conferences.

Screen printing ensures uniformity of the design and color across all T-Shirts. This means that all T-Shirts will have the same color, design, and quality, which creates a professional and polished look.

Screen printed T-Shirts are more resistant to fading and peeling than other printing methods, which makes them a great investment for businesses. This is especially useful for businesses that want to create a long-lasting impact with their custom T-Shirts.

T Shirt Printing Price

QtyT Shirt Rs.1 clr Print2-3 clr Print4-5 clr Print6-8 clr Print
20 Pcs16030506090
50 Pcs16025455580
100 Pcs16020304070
250 Pcs15515203050
500 Pcs15510152030
1000+ Pcs1505101520

Custom T Shirt printing with screen printing is an effective way for businesses to promote their brand and increase brand visibility. This method of printing is cost-effective, produces high-quality prints, ensures uniformity, and creates long-lasting prints. If you’re looking to create custom T-Shirts for your business, screen printing is definitely worth considering.

Custom Print T Shirts

Qikink offers custom print T Shirts in various styles and shapes. Here are the products for Custom Printing.

Men’s Custom Print T-Shirts

Women Custom Print T-Shirts

Kids Custom Print T-Shirts


Custom T-Shirt Printing FAQs

Custom t-shirts can be printed using various techniques such as DTG printing, screen printing, or vinyl printing. In DTG printing, a specialized inkjet printer directly prints the design onto the fabric.

In screen printing, a stencil of the design is created and ink is pushed through the stencil onto the fabric.

In vinyl printing, vinyl material is cut into the design and heat-pressed onto the fabric.

Qikink offers all these printing options to create high-quality custom t-shirts.

Screen Printing is the most popular T-Shirt printing method.

Screen Printing on Cotton and Polyester t-shirts and Sublimation Printing on Polyester t-shirts are longest lasting t-shirt printing methods.

To start a custom t-shirt printing business, you need to first research the market and identify your target audience.

Then, you need to create a business plan, including deciding on a business name, logo, and pricing strategy.

Once you have a plan, you can partner with a print-on-demand service like Qikink to handle the printing and fulfillment of your orders.

To print a custom logo on t-shirts, you can use a printing service like Qikink.

First, you will need to create a design file of your logo.

Then, you can upload the file to Qikink’s website and select the t-shirt style and color you want to print on.

Finally, Qikink will use a printing method like screen printing or DTG printing to transfer your logo onto the t-shirt.

When it comes to custom t-shirts in India, Qikink is a top-notch custom clothing provider. They offer a range of customizable t-shirts in different styles, colors, and sizes.

Qikink provides high-quality printing with a quick turnaround time, making it a perfect choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking for custom t-shirts in India.

Yes, qikink provides kids t-shirt printing services. They offer customized and vibrant prints for children’s t-shirts, ensuring high-quality and safe printing techniques. Make your little customer’s wardrobe special with Qikink’s reliable kids t-shirt printing services.

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