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Dropshipping Process Qikink

How it Works?

Qikink is a Print on Demand and Dropshipping service provider. You can sell our products with your designs under your brand. We print and deliver them to your customer under your branding.

  • Signup at Qikink
  • Create an online store with Qikink Products
  • Promote and get sales
  • Qikink custom prints the orders and delivers under your Brand
  • You make profit from each sale without investment in Inventory, Printing and Logistics.

Product Range

Premium white labelled products for Print on Demand and Fulfilment

Why Qikink?

Product Range

Qikink has largest product range in India for Print on Demand and Dropshipping.

Premium T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Mobile Cases, All over Print T-Shirts, Canvas Prints and a lot more.

All-Over Printing

All over Print T-Shirts are print, cut and sewn without any creases.

Design and sell all over printed T-Shirts, Jackets, Tank Tops, Crop Tops and Tote Bags.

Custom Branding

Custom branding at lowest possible cost.

Also Qikink offers unique branding options to enhance your brand and set your standards high.

Quick Dispatch

95% of the order dispatches in 2-3 days and delivers in 4-6 days.

An efficient order processing system handles surge of orders with ease.

Lowest Pricing

True manufacturer’s pricing, that’s our promise.

No deposits or advance payment. Lowest pricing means more profits to you.

Support Systems

Get support via WhatsApp, Call and Email Tickets.

Return Management

Returns (RTO) are stored for 100 days product wise in Return Management.

New orders placed with same products are re-shipped automatically.

COD Remittance

COD Remittance in 4 working days from delivery date.

Add Remittance to dashboard wallet or to your bank account.

Premium Blanks

Apparels are sourced from TeeTalkies with benchmark quality standards.

Premium quality T-Shirts with bio wash, super combed fabrics. Double stitched with regular fit.

eCommerce Integrations

Automate the order placing process by integrating our plugin to your online store. It helps in seamless processing of orders as and when you receive them. It enables automation of Shopify and WooCommerce dropshipping with Print on demand.


Install Qikink app on your Shopify store. You can upload designs and push products to your store.

Your Shopify orders will be sync with our dashboard and will be fulfilled automatically.


Install Qikink app on your WooCommerce Store. You can upload designs and push products to your store.

Your WooCommerce store orders will be in sync with our dashboard and will be fulfilled automatically.

Open API

Our open API integration system is live now.

You can integrate any store with our dashboard for seamless order processing.

eCommerce dashboard

Know your dashboard via its most important pages below. You can signup for free and experience our entire ERP system. Live updates about your orders, products, prices, inventory, delivery, COD remittance and more.


Qikink provides a feature-rich dashboard to sync/upload and manage orders. You can add designs, create mockups, create orders or synch your online store. And manage the orders till delivery. You can also detailed invoice reference sheet with every minute payment deductions for every product and the order.

You will not need expensive software to manage your inventory, processing status, orders, managing returns etc. Print on demand and order fulfilment with Qikink eCommerce Dashboard gives all updates live for free. We are committed to giving fortnightly updates to the dashboard. Just send us a mail with a feature request, we may consider the same in the next update. Many features to come to help you to analyze your orders and make better business decisions.

  • Add design with a simple form
  • Add payment by self
  • Create order using a beautiful form
  • Easy bulk uploading of orders
  • Shopify Orders Sync
  • Detailed Invoice Reference
  • FAQ Section with text and videos
  • Track & Re-Ship orders from dashboard

Add your orders to the dashboard using this simple form. Select product, add design and add order number, address details to create an order. You can add multiple designs to one order. You can also ass multiple products to one order. Also an option to add front and back designs on the same T-Shirt. Shipment can be of either Qikink or self.

bulk-order-dashboard qikink

Bulk order page is to facilitate uploading large number of orders in one go. You can easily download the sample xls sheet, fill with the order details like product, design, design details and courier details. If any error, it shows you with the line number. You can even upload 100s of orders in less than an hour or so.

There are two upload options available in the page. The first one is for the apparel section like T-Shirts, Polo, SweatShirts etc. This calculated cost beased on the sq inch of design. The second one is the sublimation accesories or paper products like posters and notebooks. This section has a flat price irrespective of the design size. Uploaded orders goes into Live when we have sufficient wallet balance and processed and dispathed.


Any order uploaded into the dashboard which goes to Live status will have Invoice reference created with every single cost associated with the product. Invoice is created with the same reference report and available for download in the dashboard itself.

Shopify - Dashboard Qikink

You can integrate your online store with our dashboard using our Shopify API integration kit. After integration, you need to map your products with ours. Once done, all your orders will be flowing into our system automatically.

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