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At Qikink, we serve 7,000+ active online brands monthly and have fulfilled 1 million+ print-on-demand products across India.

From our own experience and analyzing around 345 products, we found a set of products that sell best from others and bring the most profit for sellers.

So, our team has decided to create this listicle guide to share 35 in-demand print-on-demand products that you can sell online in 2024 and earn a good profit.

Before diving into the list of high-profit products, let’s understand the POD business model.

What is a print-on-demand product?

Print-on-demand products are customizable products printed when there is a demand. Print-on-demand differs from the traditional business model, where you stock products and ship them to your customers. Instead of mass production, the POD business model works on manufacturing custom-designed products based on customer’s preferences.

Below, we have categorized our list of print-on-demand products by category, such as:

  • Men’s clothing 
  • Women’s clothing 
  • Kid’s clothing 
  • Accessories 
  • Home & Living products
  • All over printed apparel 
  • Unisex clothing

Print on Demand Products

Men’s clothing products

1. Unisex T-Shirt Classic


Pricing: 160.00

T-shirts are evergreen products. Unlike seasonal clothing, t-shirts are worn all around the year. Starting a t-shirt business is always a great idea. 

This closet essential, made from high-quality, breathable cotton, guarantees comfort without sacrificing style. Because of its versatile design, it’s an ideal canvas for your graphics and designs, which can cater to a larger audience. 

At Qikink, we offer several printing technologies, ensuring high-quality, customized apparel that resonates with consumers. You can pick from DTG, DTF, Vinyl, Glow in dark, and embroidery. 

It’s important to have a size chart on your t-shirt store to assist customers in finding the right size, as well as reducing returns and exchanges due to sizing issues.

👉 Start selling men’s classic t-shirts

2. Men’s Full Sleeve T Shirt

mens full sleeve t shrit dropshipping qikink

Pricing: 190.00

People prefer comfortable clothing that is also stylish. At Qikink. Full Sleeve T-Shirts are made of 180 GSM super combed bio-washed fabric with double stitched seam and ribbed neck. They offer comfort and durability. 

Some best-selling designs for full-sleeve t-shirts include minimal artwork, geometric designs, and simple logos. 

Qikink’s printing technology ensures your designs come to life in high definition, making the men’s full-sleeve t-shirt a must-have for POD success this year. 

👉 Start selling men’s full-sleeve t-shirts

3. Polo T-Shirts

Qikink Men's Polo T-Shirt Dropshipping White

Pricing: 280.00

Polo t-shirts are timeless. They can be worn on any occasion and are both casual and formal. 

Made of 220 GSM super combed bio-washed fabric with double stitched seam and collared neck with cuff hem, these polos seamlessly fuse style and sophistication. The timeless design of a polo shirt makes it an ideal canvas for your unique designs, capturing a broad audience. 

Qikink offers printing options like DTG, DTF, Vinyl, and embroidery to craft these polos. Sell polo t-shirts on your online store and watch your sales increase. 

Ensure your custom tshirt designs go well with white coloured polo t-shirts. 

👉 Start selling men’s polo t-shirts

4. Men’s Gym Vest


Pricing: 140.00

It’s 2024, and more people are making fitness a goal. With fitness and motivational quotes, men’s gym vests are one of our top-selling print-on-demand products. 

Add gym vests to your online catalog to promote a healthy lifestyle in style. Offer colors and sizes to your customers and find winning combinations of best-selling designs. 

At Qikink, you can sell products without holding inventory or managing shipping, making selling products risk-free and easy. 

👉 Start selling men’s gym vests

5. Hooded SweatShirt

Qikink Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt Dropshipping

Pricing: 430.00

Hooded sweatshirts are beyond seasonal wear. They are travel-friendly and fancy airport fashion. Crafted for comfort and style, it offers a regular fit, plush super-combed inside, and 180 GSM material. 

Qikink offers hooded sweatshirts in 15 colors and 4 printing technologies. There is something for every customer. They are a premium product that also has a greater profit margin. 

👉 Start selling hooded sweatshirts

6. Women’s T-Shirts

Women's T-Shirt Dropshipping Qikink

Pricing: 130.00

The perfect fusion of fashion and quality, this women’s t-shirt is set to captivate customers and elevate your POD business. This tee features a flattering fit and soft fabric. Choose from 4 printing technologies: DTG, DTF, Vinyl, and embroidery, and transform a basic t-shirt into any occasional fit. 

Women’s clothing is created keeping comfort in mind. Women are more likely to wear colorful clothing hence, offering color options is essential. 

Stay on-trend, stand out, and make your mark with this must-have in your POD collection!

👉 Start selling women’s t shirt

7. Crop Tops

Print on demand crop top qikink

Pricing: 120.00

Crop tops have been a popular fashion trend, which is why many stores stock a larger selection of cropped t-shirts. As high-waist pants are in trend, crop top demand has increased over the years. 

Crop tops are no longer limited to casual fits. It is sporty to formal and chic; the possibilities are endless. Step into the limelight with our chic crop top – a POD owner’s style secret! Tailored for trendsetters, offers a perfect cut, soft fabric, and a flawless fit. It transforms into a unique canvas for your designs with Qikink’s printing techniques. 

👉 Start selling crop tops

8. Crop Hoodies


Pricing: 290.00

Dive into the epitome of comfort meets style with our crop hoodie. Designed for trendsetters, this crop hoodie blends fashion, offering a cropped silhouette, plush interior, and multiple printing options for limitless customization. 

Customize your crop hoodies with QIkink. Pick from 4 trending colors and 4 printing technologies: DTF, DTF, Vinyl, and Embroidery. 

👉 Start selling crop hoodies 

9. T-Shirt Dress

Pricing: 220.00

T-shirt dresses can be a great product to add to your online store for several reasons. Firstly, they are a popular and versatile clothing item worn by people of all ages, body types, and fashion preferences. It means that selling t-shirt dresses can attract a wider customer base and potentially increase your sales.

T-shirt dresses are relatively inexpensive to produce so you can offer them at an affordable price point to your customers. This makes it appealing to budget-conscious shoppers looking for fashionable clothing at a reasonable price.

Qikink offers 100% cotton t-shirt dresses with pockets, another attractive attribute. 

👉 Start selling t-shirt dress

10. Maternity T-Shirt

white Maternity dress dropshipping qikink

Pricing: 210.00

Captivate expecting mothers and boost your online catalog’s appeal with our Maternity T-shirt – a must-add for your store in 2024! This thoughtfully designed tee not only embraces the beauty of pregnancy but also offers a fashionable edge. Its comfortable fit and soft fabric ensure a stylish journey for moms-to-be while providing the support they need.

With Qikink’s advanced printing, customize these tees to cater to individual tastes. Expand your market, support moms, and enhance your store’s offerings with the Maternity T-Shirt – a win-win for your customers and your business! 

Why sell maternity t-shirts?

Maternity T-shirts can be a profitable product to sell online. As a targeted product for a specific group of customers, you can price them at a premium compared to regular T-shirts. 

Pregnant women may need to purchase multiple T-shirts throughout their pregnancy, which can result in repeat business for your online store. By offering a range of maternity T-shirts in your online store, you can provide pregnant women with a practical and stylish clothing option while boosting your sales.

👉 Start selling maternity t-shirt

Kid’s clothing

11. Boys T-Shirt

Pricing: 120.00

T-shirts are always in high demand, and boys’ t-shirts are no exception. With new styles and designs always emerging, there is always a market for them. Boys’ t-shirts are relatively cost-effective to produce, which means you can offer them at competitive prices and still make a profit.

Boys’ t-shirts are highly customizable, so you can create unique designs that appeal to your target audience. Ensure you choose trending designs that appeal to your target audience to help you increase sales and profitability.

Qikink offers comfortable 100% cotton t-shirts in 15+ colors to help you cater to a wider audience. Choose from 4 trending printing technologies like DTG, DTF, Vinyl, and embroidery to make your designs stand out. 

NOTE: Kid’s t-shirts are a great niche with more certainty for repeat purchases as kids grow and require different clothing sizes. Ensure to provide a size chart to avoid returns and cancelations. 

👉 Start selling boys t-shirt 

12. Girls T-Shirt


Pricing: 100.00

Girls t-shirts are a profitable product for online store owners. Girls of all ages express their personalities through their clothing, and t-shirts are a versatile option for mothers to pick. 

Girls’ t-shirts in various styles, colors, and designs make them appealing. Qikink’s printing technologies offer lightweight, soft, and vibrant prints so your baby girls can shine. 

Tip: Selling branded t-shirts can offer your customers a new and tangible way to engage with your brand. Creating physical and branded products in today’s competitive market can help you stand out and establish a positive relationship with your fans. Use QIkink’s custom branding services to brand your products. 

👉 Start selling girls t-shirt 

13. Kids Rompers

white kids rompers dropshipping qikink

Pricing: 100.00

According to Statista, in 2024, India’s Children’s Apparel market generated a revenue of US$23.37bn. 

Children grow out of their clothes incredibly fast. Hence, if you plan to sell clothes online, kid’s clothing is one of the best niches to tap into. 

Mothers love to create different looks for their toddlers. Offer customized rompers with creative designs, making them the irresistible choice for parents. Transform your online store into a haven for stylish kiddie fashion by adding our Kid’s Rompers to your catalog! 

Qikink offers 100% cotton rompers to ensure your babies are protected and warm. We offer rompers in 7 colors and 3 printing technologies to pick from. Tailored for comfort and charm, these rompers boast adorable designs and cozy wear, making them a profitable product to sell online. 

👉 Start selling kid’s rompers

14. Kids Sweatshirt


Pricing: 250.00

Parents always look for comfortable, cute, and cozy clothing for their little ones. Kid’s sweatshirts are a classic wardrobe essential and not just a winter warmer. 

In recent years, the children’s fashion industry has started to follow the trends of the adult fashion industry. Parents are becoming more interested in keeping their children up-to-date with fashion trends. As a result, there is a growing demand for children’s clothing and more opportunities for small brands to enter the market.

Sweatshirts offer a wide canvas for your creativity to flow. From cute, cozy, and stylish designs, kid’s sweatshirts are a great choice for your print-on-demand store. 

👉 Start selling kid’s sweatshirt

Print-on-demand accessory products

15. Phone Cases


Pricing: ₹100.00 - 150.00

Phone cases are a great product for any online store owner to offer. They are popular, customizable, and affordable. With so many options, customers can easily find a phone case that reflects their style and personality. 

There’s always a market for phone cases. If you are selling online or planning to start an online store, adding phone cases to your product catalog can be a profitable move, but it’s important to offer high-quality products with unique designs. You can partner with a reliable print-on-demand service like Qikink to produce and ship phone cases on demand. 

Tip: Offering personalized phone cases can help attract and retain customers, ultimately increasing revenue. 

Phone cases are a fun product with a high potential for repeat purchases and broad appeal to many people.

👉 Start selling phone cases

16. Jigsaw Puzzle

custom-puzzles-jigsaw qikink

Pricing: 120.00

Jigsaw puzzles have seen a surge in popularity recently. As a POD store owner, offering customizable jigsaw puzzles is a great way to tap into a popular hobby and generate revenue. Our jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality cardboard and come in 120-piece counts. Customers can upload their own photos or designs to create a personalized puzzle that makes a great gift or keepsake. 

Custom jigsaw puzzles are a smart addition to any POD store with low production costs and high customer demand.

How to promote jigsaw puzzles?

You can showcase high-quality product images, offer bundle deals, and create engaging social media content highlighting the joy of puzzle-solving. You can also partner with influencers in the puzzle community to reach a wider audience. 

👉 Start selling jigsaw puzzle

17. Bandana Mask


Pricing: 90.00

As an entrepreneur selling online, it’s always crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and adapt your product catalog accordingly. Bandana masks provide protection and add a stylish touch to any outfit. By adding bandana masks to your online product catalog, you can tap into a profitable market and attract new customers looking for both style and safety. 

Bandana masks are a popular customizable print-on-demand product. They are made of high-qualitymaterials and can be worn in multiple ways like a headband, face covering, and neck gaiter. The customization feature offers unique designs and patterns, making them a great choice for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their apparel.

👉 Start selling bandana masks

18. Baseball Cap


Pricing: 220.00

Baseball caps are a popular accessory worn by people of all ages and genders. They can be worn for various occasions, such as sports events, casual outings, and formal events. This makes them a high-demand product that can result in a high volume of sales.

As a POD store owner, offering customized baseball caps is a great way to attract customers. They are practical and stylish and are also a canvas for creativity. Qikink’s baseball caps are made from high-quality materials and come in various colors. 

Customers can create a personalized product that suits their style with the option to print custom designs, logos, or text. It makes the baseball cap a great POD product for any occasion, from sports teams to corporate events or just a styling accessory. 

Note: When selling baseball caps online, it’s important to offer a variety of styles, colors, and designs to cater to different customer preferences. You should also provide detailed product descriptions and high-quality product images to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

👉 Start selling baseball caps

19. Mouse Pad

circle mousepad dropshipping qikink

Pricing: 60.00

Mouse pads are often overlooked as a profitable item, but they offer several benefits that make them an attractive product to sell online. 

Mouse pads are in high demand and are used by millions worldwide, especially in the current work-from-home setup. 

Mouse pads can be easily customized to suit different preferences and styles, so you can cater to a broad range of customers, making it a great POD product. 

Our custom mouse pads offer a smooth surface for accurate mouse movements. With a non-slip rubber base, they stay in place on any surface. Customize them with any design or image, and they make a great personalized gift or promotional item for businesses. It is a great product for cross-selling, as most people work online these days.

How to market mouse pads online?

When it comes to selling mouse pads online, it’s important to showcase their features and benefits in an engaging way. Use high-quality images and detailed product descriptions to help potential customers understand why your mouse pads are superior to others on the market. You can also offer bundle deals or discounts to incentivize customers to buy multiple mouse pads simultaneously.

👉 Start selling mouse pad

20. Button Badges


Pricing: 25.0030.00

One product that you may want to consider adding to your online store is button badges. Button badges are a great POD product as they are affordable and customizable. They also make great promotional materials for businesses or can be used to show off your favorite band, hobby, or sports team. With easy customization options, creating unique designs that will stand out or let your customers design them is easy.

They’re small and lightweight, making them easy to sell in packs of 2-3 badges or in bulk. 

Sell button badges as they are relatively inexpensive to produce, which means you can sell them at a reasonable price while still making a healthy profit.

👉 Start selling button badges

21. Notepad


Pricing: 120.00

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to expand your online product catalog, you may want to consider adding notebooks to your list of offerings.

Notepads are versatile and useful products that can be used for various purposes, making them a great option for any POD store. They come in A5 size and can be customized with unique designs. They are perfect for jotting notes, journaling, writing lists, or doodling. You can choose from ruled and unruled papers and customize the cover pages. 

They are affordable and make great gifts. Additionally, they can be easily shipped, making them a great option for online stores and an addition to any stationery collection.

👉 Start selling customized notepads

Home and Living products

22. Totebags


Pricing: 100.00130.00

Tote bags are an excellent product for any print-on-demand store. They are a versatile, eco-friendly, and durable option that can be customized with unique designs. They have a large printing area,  allowing for maximum customization and personalization. 

As a POD store owner, adding tote bags to your product line can attract a wide range of customers and increase brand awareness for your business.

In terms of profitability, tote bags offer a good margin for sellers. They’re relatively inexpensive to produce, and you can price them at a premium, depending on the design and quality of the materials. Additionally, since they’re lightweight, shipping costs are low, making them an attractive choice for domestic and international customers.

When it comes to promoting tote bags online, one tip is to showcase them in lifestyle photos. For example, if you’re selling a totebag perfect for the beach, feature it in photos with towels, sunscreen, and sunglasses. This can help customers envision themselves using the totebag in their everyday lives, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

👉 Start selling totebags

23. Cushion covers

cushion-cover-dropshipping india

Pricing: 140.00

Cushion covers are a fantastic POD product that adds personality to any living space. With high-quality printing and durable fabric, these covers are made to last. They are customizable, allowing customers to add personal touch to their home. Cushion covers also make great gifts. 

Note: When it comes to selling cushion covers online, it’s important to provide clear and concise product descriptions that highlight the key features, such as the material, size, and design. This will help customers make an informed purchasing decision and reduce the likelihood of returns or negative reviews.

In addition, offering a variety of cushion cover designs in different sizes and materials can help attract a wider range of customers and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. Finally, consider offering bundle deals or discounts for purchasing multiple cushion covers at once to incentivize customers to buy more.

👉 Start selling cushion covers

24. Coffee Mugs

white coffee mug qikink

Pricing: ₹125.00 - 400.00

Coffee mugs are a staple in most households and offices, making them a popular and in-demand product. 

Custom coffee mugs are highly customizable, making them an excellent addition to any online store. With a wide range of styles available, including white mugs, colored mugs, and travel mugs, they offer something for everyone. These versatile products make great gifts and are an evergreen, profitable item that can generate consistent sales over time.

Design tip – While designing coffee mugs, ensure your designs are on the left or right or placed on both left and right. Designs placed in the center often go unnoticed. You can also cover the entire surface of the mug if your designs are landscape. 

One way to make your coffee mugs stand out online is by offering unique designs or personalized options. Customers love products that feel special and customized to their taste, so offering personalized coffee mugs can be a great way to drive sales.

👉 Start selling coffee mugs

25. Coasters


Pricing: 55.00

Custom coasters are the perfect blend of function and style. Coasters are a low-cost product to produce and ship, which means that you can sell them at a reasonable price and still make a good profit. With print-on-demand services like Qikink, you can create unique designs for your coasters, which makes them an ideal product for customization and personalization.

With 300mm MDF board and various customizable designs, these coasters protect your tables and add a personalized touch to any room. 

Selling tip: Coasters can be sold as a bundled product with mugs. Mugs and coasters go hand in hand, and by bundling them together, you can increase your average order value and boost your profits. You can create themed bundles, such as “coffee lovers set” or “tea time essentials,” to appeal to different target audiences.

👉 Start selling coasters

26. Posters, Framed Posters, and accessories


Pricing: 30.00120.00

Posters are perfect for adding a personal touch to any room. You can create unique wall art with various sizes and customizable designs.  By offering posters that appeal to your target market, you can increase your customer base and boost your profits. With their lightweight and easy-to-ship nature, posters are a convenient and hassle-free product to sell online.

When it comes to selling posters online, it’s important to choose a niche that appeals to your target market. For example, if your online store caters to art lovers, you could offer a wide range of art prints and posters. If your store caters to music lovers, you could sell concert posters or posters of popular musicians. You can also offer posters that appeal to specific demographics, such as sports fans, movie lovers, or students.

There are also framed posters, acrylic posters, and canvas available at Qikink to cater to a wider audience.

👉 Start selling posters 

27. Stickers

sticker dropshipping india qikink

Pricing: 30.0050.00

Adding stickers to your product lineup opens up a world of fun and creativity for customers to personalize their belongings. Whether it’s unique designs or logos, these stickers are customizable and built to last.  At Qikink, our dye-cut stickers provide the flexibility to be cut into any shape, and their digital printing ensures sharp, clear details. 

Stickers are a profitable product to sell online and are often produced at a low cost, allowing you to mark up the price and make a decent profit. Additionally, stickers have a high perceived value, which means customers are often willing to pay more for them than what it costs to produce them. Stickers can also be used as a complementary product to other items in your store, such as t-shirts or mugs.

👉 Start selling stickers

All-over printed products

28. All Over Printed T-Shirt


Pricing: 330.00

AOP T-shirts are a popular fashion trend that has been gaining traction in recent years, with more and more people looking for unique, eye-catching designs. AOP T-shirts stand out as an excellent product for customers, providing a canvas to express personal style through all-over printed, unique designs. 

Their easy customization adds to their appeal, contributing to high-profit margins. Any POD store aiming for uniqueness should consider selling AOP T-shirts, ensuring they stand out and offer something truly special to their customers.

When it comes to selling AOP T-shirts online, it’s important to focus on high-quality designs that stand out from the crowd. Look for unique patterns or designs that are visually appealing and resonate with your target audience.

👉 Start selling AOP t-shirts

29. All Over Printed Custom Bomber Jacket


Pricing: 750.00

AOP Bomber jackets show no signs of slowing down. The ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem guarantee a comfortable fit and an added touch of sophistication. 

AOP Bomber Jackets are a profitable product in that they can be sold at a higher price point than some other clothing items. This is because they are considered a fashion statement piece, and customers are often willing to pay a premium for unique and stylish clothing.

Selling tip: Popular trends for selling AOP bomber jackets include bold and colorful patterns. Another important strategy is to target your marketing efforts toward fashion-conscious consumers looking for unique and trendy clothing items.

👉 Start selling AOP custom bomber jackets

30. All Over Print Leggings


Pricing: 450.00

When it comes to selling AOP leggings online, there are a few key strategies to keep in mind. First, showcase the unique designs and patterns of the leggings in your product photos and descriptions. This will help grab potential customers’ attention and show them why these leggings are worth the investment.

Customizable with vibrant designs, leggings redefine comfort and style. Crafted with 180 GSM, lycra polyester material, they’re a fantastic addition to any POD store. 

Engage customers with personalized fashion, offering them a unique and comfy way to showcase their individuality. AOP Leggings is a must-have POD product for trendsetting stores!

👉 Start selling AOP leggings

31. Sports Bra


Pricing: 420.00

Sports bras are a popular item among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone who wants comfortable and supportive activewear.

The demand for sports bras is always high, especially with the rise of athleisure wear. Many people now wear sports bras as a regular part of their wardrobe, not just for working out. This means a high potential for sales and repeat customers.

Customizable with unique prints, it’s an ideal addition to your POD lineup. Offer your customers a blend of comfort and personal expression with this Sports Bra – a must-have in any active lifestyle collection! 

When it comes to selling sports bras online, it’s important to offer a variety of designs and colors to cater to different customer preferences. You can also consider offering bundles or sets of sports bras or pair them with leggings to encourage customers to buy more and save money.

👉 Start selling sports bra

32. Drawstring Bags

plain drawstring bag qikink

Pricing: 200.00

Drawstring Bags are the perfect fusion of style and functionality! These versatile bags offer wide space for custom designs. 

Qikink’s top-notch printing ensures vibrant designs, making them a hit among customers. With their durable fabric and convenient drawstring closure, these bags are a must-have addition to your lineup.

Selling drawstring bags is profitable as they’re relatively inexpensive to produce, which makes them an attractive option for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their profits. 

Another effective strategy for selling drawstring bags online is to bundle them with other products. For example, you could offer a gym bag bundle that includes a drawstring bag, water bottle, and  a gym vest. This can help increase the overall value of the purchase and encourage customers to buy more products from your store. Moreover, you can customize them as a bundle to gain traction. 

👉 Start selling drawstring bags

33. Unisex Supima T-Shirts

Print on demand supima t-shirt qikink

Pricing: 280.00

Supima T-shirts are a profitable product to sell online for entrepreneurs who are looking to add a premium and exclusive product to their product catalog. Supima T-shirts are made from the finest cotton in the world, which makes them incredibly comfortable, durable, and long-lasting. 

Crafted with 160 GSM and 100% cotton and durability, this tee blends softness with style. Its versatile unisex design caters to a broad audience, making it a smart addition to any POD collection. 

Supima T-shirts are a premium product that you can sell at a higher price point than regular cotton T-shirts. This means higher profit margins for you. 

Key considerations to sell unisex Supima t-shirts online

  • Highlight the benefits of Supima cotton and how it makes Supima T-shirts a superior product. 
  • Second, showcase the variety of colors, styles, and sizes that you offer to appeal to a broader audience. 
  • Third, use high-quality images and videos to showcase your products. 
  • Ensure your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate so that customers can easily find and purchase your Supima T-shirts.


👉 Start selling unisex supima t-shirts

34. Unisex Sweatshirt

White Unisex Sweatshirt Dropshipping Qikink

Pricing: 330.00

Combining warmth and style, the sweatshirt boasts a versatile design suitable for everyone. It is a smart choice for entrepreneurs looking to add a profitable product to their online store. With their comfort, versatility, and popularity, they’re sure to be a hit with customers of all ages.

Whether you’re targeting teenagers, college students, or adults, there’s a good chance that many of them will be interested in buying a comfortable and stylish sweatshirt.

Made from soft and cozy materials like cotton or fleece, they’re perfect for wearing around the year. Consider offering a variety of colors and designs. This will give your customers more options to choose from and increase the chances that they’ll find a sweatshirt that they love. 

👉 Start selling unisex sweatshirt

35. Unisex Joggers

Print on demand joggers qikink

Pricing: 400.00

The rise of athleisure and the increased focus on comfort over fashion has made joggers a staple in many people’s wardrobes. This trend is likely to continue, making joggers a profitable product to sell online.

With a blend of durability and coziness, joggers are perfect for your personalized designs. Qikink’s multiple printing options, like DTG, DTF, Vinyl, and embroidery, ensure vivid customizations, making these joggers a top pick for any POD collection. 

They are suitable for all genders and ages and can be worn for various occasions, whether it’s going to the gym, running errands, or lounging at home. This versatility means that they have a broad target audience, making them an excellent addition to your product catalog.

Tip: Pair them with a sweatshirt, hoodie, or t-shirt and sell them as trending co-ord sets. 

👉 Start selling unisex joggers

What should my profit margin be for print-on-demand products?

Consider a profit margin of around 20-40% for your Print-on-Demand products. Striking the right balance ensures you cover costs, get a fair return, and keep your customers delighted. It’s like crafting a win-win scenario – reasonable for you and a good deal for them. 

So, find that sweet spot where your efforts pay off, and your customers happily return for more.

Start selling print-on-demand products with Qikink

Qikink makes it a breeze to start and manage an online business. Here are the top benefits of using Qikink for your POD business.

Qikink Dashboard works
  1. Qikink offers India’s largest POD product catalog 
  2. No inventory management and minimum order quantity, 
  3. A dashboard to create new orders and track orders, inventory, returns, billing, and downloading reports 
  4. Latest printing technologies with certified inks to ensure safety 
  5. WhatsApp, Email, and call support to answer all your questions
  6. Lowest pricing with premium product quality to help you generate healthy profits and retain customers. 
  7. Custom branding services to create an ultimate brand experience. 


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Print On Demand Products FAQs

Printing a photo on a T Shirt using an easy print-on-demand service is relatively simple. You can collect designs from the customer, print them on the products like T Shirts and sell them online.

To sell custom printed products online with print on demand:

  1. Choose a platform like Qikink
  2. Create or receive designs from your customers and upload them to the platform.
  3. The platform fulfills the orders, and you earn the profit.

You can order from Qikink dashboard by following the below steps

  1. Click: Place order
  2. Select: Accessories -> Gaming Pad
  3. Upload your design and click Add to order
  4. Give your order and address details to place the order

Qikink prints on-demand bomber jackets with a dropshipping option. Custom embroidered hoodies also can be produced by us for bulk orders at discounted price