International Shipping

International Shipping

Qikink International Shipping Prices

The prices mentioned below are for the respective product and weight category. Different courier companies offer a different slab of weight for different locations, so we felt it is not fair to give standard slab and price for all locations. So we have done the hard work and given you location-based and product based pricing. Standard dispatch time will be 2-3 days, delivery time will be 6-12 days. Price mentioned is for corresponding weight slabs, if you combine two products, combined weight slab will be applicable.

How to place International delivery orders?

Give courier value as “self-ship” while placing the order and inform in support that it is international shipping with address details. We will check the due diligence for customs duty, product weight, cost, delivery possibility, timeline, and ship the order. Tracking number will be given after shipping in the dashboard. We will ship your orders via FedEx or DHL. The process will be automated in the dashboard sooner.

Any additional documents required?

We require your invoice for all international shipping, which you can email us with exact shipment value. We will inform you if we need any other information based on delivery location.

Happy DropShipping, Internationally!

Kids T-Shirts -200grams

Men’s/Women’s Half sleeve T-Shirts  -250grams

Men’s/Women’s Full sleeve T-Shirts  -300grams

Hooded Sweat Shirt  -600grams