Start your Print-on-demand business with Qikink
Start your online print-on-demand and dropshipping business with Qikink. From designing and custom printing to delivery, we handle all.
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Start your Print-on-demand business with Qikink
Start your online print-on-demand and dropshipping business with Qikink. From designing and custom printing to delivery, we handle all.
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20 Best High-Demand Products To Sell Online in India (2024)

20 Best High-Demand Products To Sell Online in India (2024)
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February 5, 2024

In 2024, to start a business, you don’t need to have huge capital, warehouse, or inventory to run a profitable product-based business. You have many opportunities to start a business in this digital world. E-commerce allows people to do online business and scale them quickly by selling the best products online.

Print-on-demand, an e-commerce business model, allows people to create custom-designed products without involving production and inventory management. By 2032 the print on demand market is expected to reach $64.3 billion USD. If you’re pondering the right time to start a print-on-demand business- let’s remind you this is the perfect time to kickstart your e-commerce business.

How we selected these products (methodology)

We have selected these products based on a rigorous methodology that involves handpicking the top-selling products from our platform sold by over 7,000+ sellers in India. 

We have also considered pricing, availability, and the demand for each product to ensure profitability. 

We aim to provide a comprehensive list of the most demanded products in India that can help entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses in the digital world.

Clothing products

1. T-Shirts:

Unisex classic t-Shirt qikink

Pricing: Rs. 160

T-shirts are never outdated and are always in demand because they can be easily customized according to the trend. When a movie, series, or book gets widespread, people love to wear T-shirts with famous dialogue or quotes imprinted on them. Many print-on-demand service providers or suppliers help e-commerce stores create clothing lines by creating custom-printed products.


Clothing mirrors the mood and personality of a person; hence, undoubtedly, people are more concerned and picky about what they wear. The trend could fluctuate based on the seasons; therefore, keeping up with current affairs can help e-commerce business owners stay in trend.

For instance, Content creators or influencers can create customizable merchandise for their brands with the help of print-on-demand companies. You can also offer a variety of styles in the category using print on demand.

👉 Start selling T-shirts online

2. Hoodies:

red Hooded Sweatshirt Dropshipping qikink

Pricing : 430

Hoodies have grown beyond season-based wear. Hoodies attract many potential buyers of all ages. Print on demand hoodies come under the best fast-selling products online as they have solid designs imprinted on them.


Hoodies with a hood and sweatshirts have a huge market, and your unique designs can help you stay ahead of the competition. Print on demand services help you to create and sell custom hoodies without the hassle of inventory and upfront costs. 

👉 Start selling hooded sweatshirts 

3. Kid’s wear:

Animal-themed designs-qikink

Pricing : Rs. 100

Kid’s wear-qikink

As photoshoots and filming memories have become mandatory and a norm nowadays, customized, attractive baby clothes have become a product in high demand. Regarding babies, parents don’t hesitate as they are bored with standard prints like baby colors, beach prints, and cartoon imprinted clothing. They need more quirky, stylish, and funny dresses to dress up their children.

You can use your creativity to create a line of children’s clothing. Interestingly, parents would like to wear the same dress design as their children; thus, creating a similar design for adult clothes is a very often overlooked yet potential opportunity.

👉 Start selling kid’s wear

4. Sportswear:

gym vest navy blue qikink

Pricing: Rs. 140 – 400

As more and more people are inspired by the idea of staying fit, sportswear has become a booming industry over the years. The sportswear category is never-ending, from comfortable multipurpose joggers to tank tops and sports bras.


Using print on demand services, one can offer custom printed clothing or have inspiring quotes printed.

👉 Start selling joggers, vests and sports bras

5. Embroidery apparel:

Animal embroidery design-qikink

Embroidery elevates every piece of clothing. These products feel high-end due to their appearance, texture, and robustness.

embroidery apparel -qikink

Embroidery products are evergreen. They have a huge market and are one of the best selling apparel products to sell online.

Home and living products

6. Posters:

print on demand posters-qikink

Pricing: Rs. 30

Wall art has a huge market. It is also not space confined as art exists everywhere. Wall art can enhance the space and make it more lively. Wall art is a year-round trendy product category, and demand for it is rising.


Hanging pictures of favorite quotes, dialogues, and characters can mirror people’s likes and preferences. Showcasing a good range of well-designed, relatable, trendy quotes from movies or series can help create a more attractive poster lineup.

👉  Start selling posters 

Personalized Greeting Cards

Make every occasion special


7. Mugs & drinkware:


Pricing: Rs. 125

Mugs & drinkware-qikink

Mugs are a staple of every kitchen. From a child to the elderly, each has a favorite mug to enjoy their drink. Custom mugs also make a great gift product that can be customized with any name, design, or photo using print on demand services. Selling matching coasters also makes a great upsell product using print on demand services to produce the surface. 

👉 Start selling personalized mugs

8. Bags:


Pricing: Rs. 115

One of the most practical uses for bags has existed since the beginning of time: carrying essentials. This product is always in style and sold year-round. 

Bags -qikink

Although bags are very useful, people buy different styles and variations because of their design. Thus, consider what appeals to your audience. Some popular bags are tote bags and drawstring bags. 

👉 Start selling totebags


9. Phone cases:

Floral flourish phone case qikink

Pricing: Rs. 100

Phone cases-qikink

With new and upgraded models of mobiles releasing day by day, no shortage of eCommerce stores is solely dedicated to mobile case products. However, that doesn’t mean the space is saturated; many opportunities remain left out for exploring.

A product that tops our gadget accessories list is, undoubtedly, mobile cases. Not many people nowadays prefer using standard mobile cases as they want to showcase their personality, likes, and preferences. Hence, this product holds a lot of opportunities to utilize.

Some famous mobile cases come with customizable names on the back cover, images, and logos print.

👉 Start selling phone cases

10. Notebooks:


Pricing: Rs. 120

Notebooks -qikink

Custom print journals and diaries are millennial’s favorites to use. As study vlogs on YouTube and Instagram have become quite popular, they also opened up a new craze for aesthetic stationery products. 

Journals and diaries demands are high and are most welcomed by Millenials and Gen Z. They always want to buy the most excellent print and aesthetic products. Journals with motivational quotes, aesthetic pictures, attractive designs, or even notebooks with themes from movies and series are popular and sold essentially.

👉 Start selling notepads

11. Baseball caps:


Pricing: Rs. 250

Baseball caps-qikink

Selling baseball caps is a great way to attract customers. They are practical and stylish and are also a canvas for creativity. Customers can create a personalized product that suits their style with the option to print custom designs, logos, or text. It makes the baseball cap a great product for any occasion, from sports teams to corporate events or just a styling accessory. 

👉 Start selling baseball caps

12. Stickers:


Pricing: Rs. 30


Stickers are ideal for bringing personality to any surface, including notebooks, water bottles, laptops, and phone cases. 

Kiss-cut stickers have a polished, expert appearance since they are cut to fit the design rather than a typical rectangular shape. 

They also make a great cross-sell product, a perfect addition to a gift and promotional product. 

👉 Start selling stickers

13. Jigsaw puzzles

custom-puzzles-jigsaw qikink

Pricing: Rs. 100

According to Research Cosmos, the market for jigsaw puzzles is estimated to be worth $9.1 billion globally, and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1% is anticipated by 2025.

Jigsaw puzzles-qikink

The primary motivator is parents’ desire to provide their children with fun toys that foster creativity and learning rather than being confined to their homes during a quarantine.

👉 Sell print on demand jigsaw puzzles

All over printed products

14. AOP Bomber Jackets :

Printed women's bomber jacket qikink

Pricing: Rs. 715

AOP Bomber Jackets -qikink

Although bomber jackets have been in style for a while, fashion trends are shifting. With an all-over print, this jacket can serve as a blank canvas for lovely, vibrant designs that complement the current style.

Because 100% polyester works best for sublimation (all-over printing), it is used to create the All-Over Print Unisex Bomber Jacket. Synthetic fibers adhere well to sublimation dyes and produce vivid, long-lasting prints. The jacket also lends it a sporty athleisure look.

👉 Start selling AOP bomber jackets

15. AOP Leggings:

printed capri-high-waist-leggings-dropshipping-qikink

Pricing: Rs. 550

AOP Leggings-qikink

Leggings are fun and to add up, AOP leggings are a whole vibe. Playing with patterns and designs, it is a great product to capture your customer’s attention. AOP leggings also make great workout wear because of their comfort. 

👉 Start selling AOP leggings

5 Bonus high-profit products to sell online

16. Online furniture:

Due to the rise in flexible working, there has been a surge in demand for home office supplies such as ergonomic desks. Modern and minimalist types of furniture are most demanded as they are both stylish and durable. It also makes more room for profits. 

Types of items to sell:

  • Office desk
  • Ergonomics chairs
  • Work from home table
  • Bookshelves 

How to sell online:

You can collaborate with local offline shops and re-sell furniture. You can also tie up with a manufacturer. However, a huge investment is required to manage inventory and shipping.

17. Kids toys:

Toys are among the most popular products online shoppers purchase. They are an evergreen product as parents always buy their kids’ toys. Toys are easy to manufacture and source, so with the right suppliers and target audience, you have the potential to generate good profits for your online store.

Types of items to sell:

  • Remote controlled toys
  • Baby and toddler toys
  • Building and construction toys 
  • Collectibles toys
  • Soft toys

How to sell toys online:

You can contact manufacturers to buy toys at a wholesale price. You can also collaborate with local craftspeople to source toys.You can promote toys on your own website and use social media channels like Instagram.

18. Fashion jewelry:

Fashion jewelry remains the most popular and highest profit selling product. It is one of the most appealing products, with a target market of all ages and income types. Selling jewelry online offers brands a great chance to boost their profit margins and appeal to a wide range of customers.

Types of items to sell:

  • Pendant 
  • Bracelets
  • Women’s jewelery (rings, earrings, lockets, etc.)

How to sell online:

Begin your online jewelry business by sourcing trustworthy local suppliers. Ensure that the cost pricing balances with the market rates and perceived value. Finally, advertise on platforms such as Instagram and your own website.

👉 Get inspiration from India’s top D2C brands

19. Home décor items:

People want their homes to reflect their personalities, making them go to any extent to find the perfect items to decorate and furnish their house. If you have an eye for detail and a love for aesthetics, selling home decor items is highly profitable. 

Types of items to sell:

  • Scented candles
  • Home fragrances 
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Indoor fountains
  • Showpieces 

How to sell online

Use social media and a website to sell home decor products. Ensure to have high-quality pictures and accurate descriptions to stay profitable.

20. Pet supplies:

People who own pets consider them a beloved family member. As a result, they desire to purchase high-quality, nutritious food, toys, equipment, and gifts for their pets. This creates a business opportunity for online sellers who aim to offer high-profit margin products.

Types of items to sell:

  • Pet food
  • Toys
  • Accessories like belts, bowls etc

How to sell online:

Join pet care company affiliates on e-commerce platforms and promote their products through paid ads or SEO to earn commission on sales.

Which product is in demand in India?

Clothing products like t-shirts, hoodies, kid’s wear, and sportswear are high-selling. Products like posters, mugs and bags, phone cases, notebooks, caps, stickers, and jigsaw puzzles are also unique products that are in demand. 

Print on demand products also allow entrepreneurs to create custom apparel without inventory management. They are in demand and easy to fulfill with the help of POD partners like Qikink. These products offer a great opportunity to start and scale an e-commerce business in India.

How to start selling your products online and earn maximum profit?

Start selling products online using the steps below to earn maximum profit. 

Step 1: Select a niche. A niche must be profitable over a period and match your interests. 

Step 2: To make your store stand out, create unique designs. Make sure your designs are in line with your niche. 

Step 3: Avoid upfront payments and inventory hassles and partner with a print-on-demand partner like Qikink. 

Qikink manages all your printing and shipping needs while you create stunning designs and market your products. 

Step 4: Create and launch your website. Make your website mobile responsive, and have the right descriptions and high-resolution product images to avoid abandoned carts and unhappy customers. 

Step 5: Promote your products online. Use different channels to market your products.

NOTE: Brand your products using custom branding services to increase brand awareness and add a premium feel to your products. Branding your products will also help you to optimize your product pricing.


With over 6+ years of experience in the industry, Ayushi excels in building strong customer relationships and guiding clients toward growth as a Brand Partnership Manager. She enjoys sharing her experience in her content.

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With over 6+ years of experience in the industry, Ayushi excels in building strong customer relationships and guiding clients toward growth as a Brand Partnership Manager. She enjoys sharing her experience in her content.
With over 6+ years of experience in the industry, Ayushi excels in building strong customer relationships and guiding clients toward growth as a Brand Partnership Manager. She enjoys sharing her experience in her content.
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