White Label Products For Your E-commerce Store For 2023

Are you skeptical about selling other branded products? Wish to start your own line of products with your designs and branding? You are at the right place. 

You can sell products under your own brand and set your own prices. With white labeling, you can easily start your own brand and sell any product manufactured by others with your design and branding.

Selling white-labeled products is a convenient way to hop on a trend or create unique products.

This article will explain how to sell white-  products for your eCommerce store. We will see how white labeling works, the benefits of using white labeling, and how to start your own brand.

White-label items are standard products that are mass-produced and then significantly customized with a logo or brand name for various brands. White-label items can be bought in bulk, drop shipped, or printed on demand.

White labeling is buying a full-fledged product from a manufacturer and rebranding it as your own.

It’s an excellent alternative for new businesses since it allows them to construct their own brand without spending on producing their products from the ground up.

With such a huge market, the potential for white-label product sales for small and independent firms is limitless. With only a few clicks, you may create a brand and sell your products.

How White Labeling Works?

Below we will see an example of how white labeling works in drop shipping and print-on-demand businesses.

  1. TeeTalkies creates blank t-shirts and sells them to Qikink, a print supplier. These shirts are printed with designs and customized graphics by the print supplier (Qikink). Qikink offers printing services to businesses around the country.
  2. Qikink collaborates with your eCommerce brand to print white-label items for your brand. 
  3. Your brand is a clothing store where bespoke graphics are added to white-label shirts. Qikink manufactures and delivers your store’s items to your brand consumers.

Remember that white-label items can range from t-shirts and phone cases to customized coffee mugs and mouse pads. The major thing they all have in common is that none of these items are unique before you put your one-of-a-kind designs on them.

Benefits Of Using White Label Products 

White labeling gives eCommerce companies the advantage of not having to go through the complete process of manufacturing a product on their own.

White labeling enables you to immediately launch a business based on an existing product. You may customize your business by using branding, a good website, customized shopping experiences, and creative packaging. To sell white-label items, you do not require any creative or manufacturing experience.

White labeling might be an excellent option if you:

  • Are you hoping to capitalize on a hot product
  • Want to establish a business quickly
  • You don’t have a unique product concept
  • Want to establish a business with no investment
  • Don’t want to make or manufacture items. Want branded additional products for an existing firm 
  • Wanting to sell a personal or influencer brand through merchandise
  • Decide your own profit margins to make better revenue

Finally, white labeling helps firms to extend their product catalog with additional branded items, thereby increasing their competitive edge.

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10 Profitable White Label Products To Sell

Now that you know how white labeling works, keep reading for goods you can start rebranding right away.


printed t shirts folded on a table qikink

Custom T-Shirts have always been trendy among retailers looking to offer white-label products. You may add your own original designs to a variety of T-shirt types and display stunning visuals that represent a concept, a sentiment, or even a meme. T-shirts will be a solid canvas for your creativity, whether it’s 3D art or a design.

Checking over our t-shirt selections in the Qikink Product Catalog can help you locate your next best-sellers.

Image source

Hoodies and Sweatshirt 

Custom sweatshirts and hoodies provide the ideal balance of comfort and design. These cotton and polyester mixes are soft, comfortable, and long lasting, making them great for a cool spring or fall afternoon.

Since hoodies are comparatively a seasonal product, their designs or artwork should also be designed keeping this in mind.

Qikink offers premium quality sweatshirts and hoodies that come pre-shrunk and in regular fits to delight your customers. The fabrics are specially made for direct-to-garment printing suitable for Print On Demand and Dropshipping.

Image source


Kid’s Clothing

Toddlers and kid’s clothing is one of the most frequently purchased products. monthly, if not weekly, basis. This contributes to the multi-billion dollar world market for infant and toddler clothes. By coincidence, it also makes extensive use of white-label products.

We hope that this inspires you to create fun, charming, and adorable designs that perfectly target your target market. Qikink offers rompers, T-Shirts, and hoodies for kids. Here’s what they look like.




The first customizable product that fits perfectly for any niche is a mug. There is absolutely no limit to the design ideas for a mug. This home product may be white-labeled in various ways. Right from expressing your mood, your love for a beverage, a piece of decor, or simply a picture of your loved one. It is one of the most loved gifting options and also a great add-on for your eCommerce store.

Qikink offers high-quality ceramic mugs in 11 oz sizes. It comes in white and various other colors. It is printed using original sublimation EPSON inks with a fade-proof guarantee. (Image source)

Phone Cases

White-label phone cases are cheap to manufacture, widely available, and easily customizable. Phone covers are an excellent way for designers or artists to showcase their work on a low-cost accessory, and additional accessories Airpod cases may be easily rebranded.

Phone cases are a great add-on for any niche store and the probability of having a repeat customer is high if they like your designs. Qikink offers sublimation phone cases and glass phone cases. You can check them out here

Image source

white label products phone-case-dropshipping-india-qikink

Tote Bags

With customers globally abandoning plastic, businesses may profit by including reusable tote bags in their products. These bags can help you become more socially responsible while also increasing brand exposure.

canvas tote bag printing qikink


Graphic designers and painters may utilize them, too—the huge flat surface of a tote is a perfect blank canvas for showing your work. Dropshipping vendors should be able to provide you with white-label tote bags, allowing you to begin selling with a cheap initial expenditure.

Qikink offers zipper and non zipper tote bags. You can check out Qikink’s tote bags here

Sipper Bottles


Water bottles may be used as blank canvases for any of your designs. Water bottles with a basic logo can be white labeled and used to raise brand awareness. Assume you sell digital fitness content such as online yoga lessons or virtual personal training.

Branded water bottles are a great approach to expanding into a relevant physical product. Create and sell custom-printed Sipper Bottles online, using Qikink. They are printed with authentic EPSON sublimation inks and are backed by a fade-proof warranty.

Posters and Framed Posters

Any hobby you don’t want to put on a t-shirt may be printed on a poster. Perhaps you’d want a t-shirt and a poster with the same message. The good thing is that you don’t have any creative constraints.

Qikink’s Framed Posters come in 8×8, A4, 12×12, and A3 sizes, 300 GSM art board packed laminated under a sturdy 1-inch frame.  Posters are printed in high-quality digital printing with a fade-proof guarantee. You can also order in bulk for events with discounts.

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Notebook / Notepad

white label products note-book-printing-online-qkink

There is still a need for a place to write and maintain notes while living in a world that is becoming more and more computerized. One of the earliest individualized products that added a unique touch to a collection of thoughts and stories were notebooks and journals.

Check out Qikink’s A5 notebooks here.

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are necessary to travel accessories. You may offer luggage tags to anyone who enjoys traveling or has wanderlust. Create original luggage tags and sell them online with Qikink POD and fulfillment services.

Sell Luggage Tags online that are custom printed with your original artwork. The 3 MM acrylic boards used to create our luggage tags have a very glossy surface. Original Mimaki inks from a UV printer are used to print it.

Image source



This article has explained how to sell white-labeling products for your eCommerce store. We have seen how white labeling works, the benefits of using white labeling, and how to start your own brand. Now that you have seen how white labeling works, you may start your own brand and sell your products.

The market for white-label items is quite competitive. Because many white-label manufacturers serve dozens, if not hundreds, of brands, the only way to differentiate yourself is to develop a distinct marketing approach.

FAQ – White Label Products

What kind of branding can be done for white-labeled products?

Inside neck labels or custom print brand labels. Neck labels are generally printed on the inside of a garment’s collar. You can also opt for branded Thank You Cards and Hangtags for your products.

Is white labeling legal in India?

Yes, white labeling is legal in India. You can sell products under your own brand name.

Do you have to maintain an inventory for your white-label business?

No, you need not invest in stocking products or managing inventory. You only place an order to the supplier when your customer places an order.

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