Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle


  • Recycled Paper
  • 120 Piece Puzzle
  • Semi Glossy Finish
  • Sublimated
  • Fade Proof Print
  • No Minimum
  • White
  • PrintedPrinted
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Jigsaw Puzzle Highlights


Our on-demand custom puzzles use OEKO-TEX-certified inks, ensuring safety and the absence of toxic substances.

In-House Process

Our products are produced in-house, under one roof, meeting international standards.

Sell Jigsaw Puzzles

Qikink offers a range of on-demand custom printing options including sublimation printing for photo puzzles.

Photo Puzzle Price

A sample pricing for a sublimation-printed photo jigsaw puzzle is given below.

Total Cost
120 Pieces 100 50 18 168

Shipping Price

Qikink provides multiple options for shipping your products. The charges are listed in the table below.

Air Mode
Surface Mode
COD Charge
Return Shipping Charge (RTO)
50.85 / 0.5 kg 42.37 / 0.5 kg 42.37 / order Same as forward shipping
  • This product weighs about 200 grams
  • The delivery timeline is 4 days to 7 days across India
  • COD Remittance in 4 days
  • Best¬†international shipping¬†charges
  • HSN Code: 950300

Custom Puzzles Design Guidelines

Print Placements:

  • Front

Print Size:

  • Print File Size : A4 Size

Design Format:

  • File – PNG or JPEG
  • Resolution – 300 DPI

Custom Branding

custom letter qikink

Custom Letter

thank you gift coupon card qikink

Thank You Card

thank you sticker card option

Thank You Sticker Card

Maximizing brand exposure through custom branding options is a powerful way to communicate your brand values to customers. Learn more about the process by reading this custom branding services article.

Custom Puzzles Charges

Handling Charges

Pricing (In Rs.)
RTO Orders Re-Shipping 20 / product 18%
Plain T-Shirt Handling 20 / product 18%
Screen Print Inventory 20 / product 18%

Add-On Services

Pricing (In Rs.)
Rush Orders 50 / product 18%
Gift Packing 40 / product 18%
Custom Notes 40 / order 18%

Why Jigsaw Puzzle?

Custom puzzles are a great source of entertainment and education for people of all ages, and selling them can be a profitable business. The photo puzzle market is growing steadily, and there is a high demand for puzzles in India. To market puzzles in India, you can focus on the benefits of solving puzzles, such as improved brain function and mental agility. There are different types of puzzles available such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, Sudoku puzzles, and more.

Quality of Print On Demand Puzzles

Qikink offers custom 120 pieces puzzles of sturdy paper and a semi-glossy finish. These jigsaw puzzles are made from recycled materials. All the puzzles have good-quality printing with fade-proof ink provides a vibrant and clear finish. Our print-on-demand puzzle is in A4 size when all the pieces are put together. We pack puzzles in a box with your design printed on a sheet. It will ease up your assembling process. Why don’t you try selling your niche design on this awesome product?

Worldwide Shipping
Free Custom Branding
Bulk Order Discounts

Print On Demand Puzzles FAQs

What is puzzle?

A puzzle is a game or activity that requires you to use your brain to solve a problem or complete a task. There are different types of puzzles, such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, or other challenges that involve thinking and problem-solving.

In India, puzzles are a popular way to pass the time and keep the mind sharp. They are enjoyable and can help improve cognitive skills.

What is a jigsaw puzzle?

A jigsaw puzzle is a fun game that challenges you to put together a picture made up of small pieces. The pieces are cut into different shapes and you have to fit them together to create the complete image.

How to make a jigsaw puzzle?

You can make a jigsaw puzzle in India easily by the following steps:

  • Choose a picture or design that you want to use for your puzzle.
  • Log in to the Qikink merchant dashboard. Select the puzzle and upload your design.
  • Place your order by entering the shipping details.
  • Qikink will Print the image onto sturdy paper using digital printing and ship it to you.
  • After you receive it, spread out the pieces and start putting them together to complete your design.

Is puzzle making profitable?

Yes, making and selling jigsaw puzzles can be a profitable and enjoyable business if you’re passionate about art and creativity. To succeed, choose a specific type of puzzle and audience. Make a variety of beautiful designs, and use good marketing methods.

Make and sell jigsaw puzzles in India with Qikink. With the above steps, you can turn your artwork into a successful puzzle-making business.

Are you ready to get started with Qikink?

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