Greeting Card

Greeting Card


  • A5 Folded
  • 4 Pages
  • Artboard Paper
  • Envelope Attached
  • Digital Printing
  • No Minimum
  • White
  • A5 SheetA5 Sheet
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Greeting Card Highlights


Our print-on-demand greeting cards use OEKO-TEX-certified inks, ensuring safety and the absence of toxic substances.

In-House Process

Our products are produced in-house, under one roof, meeting international standards.

Sell Greeting Cards Online

Qikink offers a range of on-demand custom printing options including digital printing for custom greeting cards.

Greeting Card Price

A sample pricing for a custom-printed greeting card is given below.

Total Cost
A5 30 50 3.6 83.6

Shipping Price

Qikink provides multiple options for shipping your products. The charges are listed in the table below.

Air Mode
Surface Mode
COD Charge
Return Shipping Charge (RTO)
50.85 / 0.5 kg 42.37 / 0.5 kg 42.37 / order Same as forward shipping
  • This product weighs about 100 grams
  • The delivery timeline is 4 days to 7 days across India
  • COD Remittance in 4 days
  • Best¬†international shipping¬†charges
  • HSN Code: 490900

Custom Greeting Cards Design Guidelines

Print Placements:

  • 4 Pages of A5 Card

Print Size:

  • Print File Size (WxH): 5.8 x 8.3 inch

Design Format:

  • File – PNG or JPEG
  • Resolution – 300 DPI

Custom Branding

custom letter qikink

Custom Letter

thank you gift coupon card qikink

Thank You Card

thank you sticker card option

Thank You Sticker Card

Maximizing brand exposure through custom branding options is a powerful way to communicate your brand values to customers. Learn more about the process by reading this custom branding services article.

Print On Demand Greeting Cards Charges

Handling Charges

Pricing (In Rs.)
RTO Orders Re-Shipping 20 / product 18%
Plain T-Shirt Handling 20 / product 18%
Screen Print Inventory 20 / product 18%

Add-On Services

Pricing (In Rs.)
Rush Orders 50 / product 18%
Gift Packing 40 / product 18%
Custom Notes 40 / order 18%

Why Greeting Card?

Greeting cards hold significant cultural and traditional value in India, and people often exchange them during festivals, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. Despite the rise of digital communication, the demand for physical greeting cards continues to grow in India, especially for personalized and handmade cards. Selling greeting cards can be a profitable business opportunity as it allows for a high markup and low overhead costs, especially if you use online platforms and print-on-demand services like Qikink.

Quality of Custom Greeting Cards

A high-quality A5 artboard paper is used for the card with folded pages. We use high-quality digital printing machines to enhance the overall printing quality of the greeting card. It has 4 pages to print on the custom design. A premium envelope adds a rich look to the cards. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, our greeting cards work best for all of them.

Worldwide Shipping
Free Custom Branding
Bulk Order Discounts

Print On Demand Greeting Cards FAQs

How to make greeting card?

With Qikink’s print-on-demand service, you can easily create your own custom greeting cards with high-quality printing and materials.

  • Create your design using Canva or Photoshop. Make sure it fits within the A5 size of 4 pages.
  • Log in to your Qikink’s merchant dashboard and upload the design. Select the A5 greeting card option from the products.
  • Preview and approve your design before finalizing your order.
  • Place your order, and Qikink will print and ship your greeting cards with envelopes.

How to make greeting cards for birthday?

Here are some steps to help you create a unique design for a birthday card:

Think about the recipient:

Consider their likes, dislikes, and if they have a favorite color or hobby that you can incorporate into the design.

Choose a theme:

Select a theme that fits with the recipient’s interests or hobbies. You could go for balloons, cakes, presents, or something related to their favorite sport, animal, or music.

Plan the layout:

Decide on the text and images on the card. You can have a single focal point image or use multiple related to the theme.

Write a message:

Add a personal message or quote meaningful to the recipient. Use a font that fits the theme, and consider using a handwritten font for a more personal touch.

Use Graphics and Illustrations:

Enhance the design with graphics or illustrations that complement the theme. You can find free graphics software like Canva or Adobe Spark or download free graphics from websites like Freepik or Pixabay.

How to make diwali greeting card?

Creating a Diwali card on Canva is easy. Follow these simple steps:

1. Open Canva: Go to Canva and search for “Diwali Card” in the search bar to start designing it.

2. Choose a template: Browse Canva’s library of Diwali card templates to find one you like.

3. Add your message and photos: Personalize the card by adding your own message. It could be a photo of you or the recipient or an image related to Diwali.

4. Personalize the design: Customize the design by changing the colors, fonts, and other elements to make it unique.

5. Save and print: When you’re happy with your card, save it and share it with your loved ones. Or you can print this on greeting cards and share it with your friends and family through Qikink.

how to make your own greeting cards to sell?

  1. Choose the type of cards you want to make and sell, like birthday, wedding, or festival cards.
  2. Use your creativity and design skills to create unique and attractive designs.
  3. Find a good supplier for the materials, such as cardstock, envelopes, and ink.
  4. Print your cards either by yourself or outsourced to a professional printing service like Qikink. Consider using print-on-demand services to avoid excess inventory.
  5. Sell your cards on online marketplaces like Etsy or Amazon, social media platforms, local gift shops, or your own website.
  6. Promote your cards through social media and other marketing channels to reach potential customers.

Where to sell greeting cards?

  1. Online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal are great platforms to sell your greeting cards in India.
  2. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase your cards and reach potential customers.
  3. Consider approaching local gift shops and boutiques to see if they are interested in selling your cards.
  4. Participate in craft fairs and exhibitions to showcase and sell your cards to a wider audience.
  5. Consider creating your own website or e-commerce store to sell your cards directly to customers.

Before choosing a platform, research and compare costs, fees, and terms to find the best fit for your business.

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