How To Setup WooCommerce For Dropshipping in 2023

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WooCommerce is a powerful platform for dropshipping in eCommerce. This guide “WooCommerce Dropshipping” will provide you with the essential steps to set up your store in 2023, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced seller. Let’s get started!

Without a question, eCommerce prospects have changed the corporate environment. In fact, the percentage of internet users who make online transactions is expected to exceed 65% by 2023. As a result, getting your items to all of those clients efficiently can be important for your company.

There are around 24 million eCommerce websites worldwide. The number of websites being launched every day is rapidly increasing.

Creating an online store requires a significant time and financial investment, not least because of storage fees and freight services. Nevertheless, there is a better way — dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a popular way to generate money online. Its success derives mostly from the ease with which it may be built.

In the next two years, the e-commerce sector is expected to exceed $4 trillion. If you want to be a part of it, now is the moment to start your own online business.

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Thankfully, your manufacturing and shipping choices advance in sync with the eCommerce marketplace. Dropshipping is a wonderful approach to handling both of those responsibilities. It also allows you to avoid some production issues and optimise your operation.

Before we get into the specifics, let’s talk about what is dropshipping and how profitable it is in 2023. We’ll also go through how to set up this feature in WordPress. If you’re ready to begin, we’ll get right in!

What Is The Dropshipping Model?

Dropshipping is the concept of outsourcing the production and shipping of a product to a supplier. This eliminates the need for you to manufacture, store, and ship your goods. Instead, you’ll just sell the goods and handle fulfilment directly with a provider.

Dropshipping is a simple and relatively risk-free business approach. You start by building a dropshipping website that offers certain products, and then you promote them to your target market. 

When a client places an order, you will forward their information to your supplier, who will pack and ship the product directly to your customer. Then all you have to do is notify the consumer with a confirmation.

This method has both advantages and disadvantages. Let us check out them.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Dropshipping

Eliminates the cost of production and storage for the product Choosing a reliable dropshipper to fulfil your orders
Simple to start and easy to scale Less control over the product quality and fulfilment time
Simple to start and easy to scale Less control over the product quality and fulfilment time
Easy to add and remove products as per the demand More people selling the same product
Run the business from any part of the world with just a stable internet connection and mobile/laptop Supplier may go out of stock and you might have to face the loss
You only take care of marketing and customer satisfaction, rest is taken care by the manufacturer Less profit margins due to competition
No risk of unsold inventory Increased competition due to ease of starting a dropshipping business

Dropshipping has grown fast in the previous decade, as eCommerce giants like Amazon have demonstrated that there is enough of market share for online fulfilment services. Additionally, if you want to dropship, WooCommerce now makes it easier than before.

The Market Size Of Dropshipping 

The simplicity with which a dropshipping firm is established has also contributed to its expanding market size. Company owners do not need to keep inventory, which not only eliminates the need for storage space but also eliminates the upfront expense of acquiring goods. As a result, the start-up costs of a dropshipping firm are significantly reduced.

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The average annual growth rate of the dropshipping market size is anticipated to be 24.39% from 2020 to 2026. The highest growth is expected in 2026 when it will grow by 27.82%. Until then, the dropshipping market is predicted to expand by 23.7% between 2020 and 2025.

Dropshipping is a fulfilment method used by 33% of internet retailers which accounts for around 23% of all online sales.

Electronics account for 30% of dropshipped products.

Manufacturers who utilise dropshipping make 18.33% more money than those who use traditional channels.

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When we look at average order value by business model, dropshipping tops with an AOV of $150. This is followed by Reselling ($127), Hybrid ($80), Manufacturing ($77), and Private Label ($45).

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What Is Woocommerce 

WooCommerce is a WordPress-based eCommerce platform. If you haven’t heard of WordPress, it’s by far the most popular platform for creating any sort of website. WordPress is responsible for 42.6% of all websites on the Internet and overall 6.5 million websites are powered by Woocommerce. 

WordPress is popular because it is a very adaptable content management system. A content management system is basically a fancy way of stating “technology that enables non-technical people to maintain a website. Everything can be considered “content,” including eCommerce products!

To build an eCommerce store with WordPress, you use the immensely popular WordPress base and combine it with the equally massively popular WooCommerce plugin.

Dropshipping With Woocommerce 

Furthermore, because WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, you know you’re receiving all the benefits of a WordPress shop. Those as, access to Google search optimization services, other WordPress extensions, and a plethora of other features.

WooCommerce is a market-leading platform for developing an effective online store. It has a number of features designed to make the life of small business owners simpler. With the appropriate WooCommerce tools, you can build a scalable, adaptable, and flexible dropshipping business.

Of course, just because dropshipping is one of the most popular ways to start selling today doesn’t mean it’s without its hurdles. Understanding how to utilise Woocommerce dropshipping plugins effectively and discovering new methods to improve your dropshipping shop might help you earn the profits you deserve.

Whether you are a beginner or have a modest WordPress-based online store, WooCommerce is an excellent tool for getting your business up and running quickly. Dropshipping with WooCommerce is relatively simple thanks to many custom themes and simple integration. Just install the plugin and start monetizing your artwork or merchandise.

7 Interesting Facts About Woocommerce 

  • In less than two years after its launch, the WooCommerce plugin has one million downloads.
  • Every day, at least 30,000 people download the WooCommerce plugin from
  • In March 2022 alone, WooCommerce was downloaded about 3.2 million times.
  • Currently, around 12,639 WooCommerce websites generate more than $100,000 in sales revenue.
  • WooCommerce keyword searches have grown. It increased to 44.30% in 2020.
  • In the year 2022, WooCommerce has handled nearly $20 billion in transactions. More than twice as the previous year – Matt Mullenweg’s
  • WooCommerce platform leads the way with a global market share of 36.68%, followed by Squarespace Online Stores and Woo Themes with 14.49% and 14.42%, respectively.
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Why WooCommerce Dropshipping Is An Ideal Option?

As of July 2022, the WooCommerce platform had the highest market share among the eCommerce platforms, which was 36.68% worldwide.

Let’s take a look at why WooCommerce is the best choice for dropshipping shops.

1. Popularity

To begin with, WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin (and WordPress powers more than a third of all websites online). It’s also free and open-source, like WordPress, so there’s no need to pay for the platform.

2. Price

WordPress is completely free, as is the core WooCommerce plugin. You just need your own hosting to run a WooCommerce store, which can be obtained for as low as $5 per month, though it is better to upgrade once your store starts growing.

3. User-Friendly Interface 

The UI is simple to use. If you have no expertise with e-Commerce, WooCommerce is perhaps the easiest platform to use. It essentially converts your website into a ready-made online store in a matter of minutes.

4. Theme Selection

You may change the appearance and functionality of your store to seem precisely the way you want thanks to the various themes specifically created with WooCommerce in mind. You may even change the appearance of your product pages.

Did you know? 

Astra is the most popular theme in the WordPress theme library, with over 1 million active installs. Furthermore, it is downloaded around 3000 times every day.

5. No Transaction Fees

Another advantage of WooCommerce is that there are no additional transaction costs, unlike Shopify, which charges a 2% transaction fee on credit card purchases if you do not utilise their WooCommerce payment gateway system.

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6. Flexibility

WordPress and WooCommerce are installed on your web server (whereas Shopify is only a service), and WooCommerce provides far more flexibility. Because you have complete control over your site, you can do whatever you want using WooCommerce.

Learn more about the features and plans of Shopify vs WooCommerce dropshipping and print on demand in our detailed comparison blog before you start your online store with it.

7. The Availability Of Plugins & Extensions

Furthermore, there are dozens of plugins and add-ons designed specifically for WooCommerce that allow you to extend the functionality of your business. These add-ons also allow you to link your business with a variety of dropshipping suppliers and other platforms.

8. No Product Restrictions

Finally, there are no constraints on the types of products you may sell using WooCommerce. If you violate the terms of service, some hosted e-commerce platforms may exclude specific items and even shut down your store without warning.

9. Supports Multiple Payment Methods

There are several payment options. Supporting different payment options is often the key to worldwide success. As a result, by using WooCommerce, you are also accommodating your consumers’ desire to pay in a number of ways.

How To Get Started With WooCommerce Dropshipping

Now that we’ve seen why WooCommerce is an excellent choice for dropshipping, let’s see what exactly you need to set up a dropshipping store using WooCommerce

1. Domain Name And Hosting

Your domain name is your store’s permanent Internet address, such as so you should choose something that is:

  • Relevant
  • Brandable
  • Memorable

You must first register a domain name that customers will use to discover your online business. Our advice is to keep it brief and sweet so that it is instantly memorable for your consumers.

In addition to your domain name, you’ll need your own website hosting. Although WooCommerce is a free e-Commerce platform, you must still pay for your domain name and hosting.

A website host is required to simply store your website so that it may appear on the internet and be indexed by search engines all over the world! To make the best hosting provider selection, consider the subscription time for hosting contracts as well as server dependability. 

Read the host’s return policies and assurances carefully. If your online business is successful, know what your upgrading alternatives are ahead of time. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to double-check the host’s major characteristics. These techniques will assist you in identifying reputable hosting providers and avoiding unpleasant surprises in the future.

Here is where you’ll install the WordPress software and where your WooCommerce store will be powered.

We recommend SiteGround for newcomers since they:

  • Are inexpensive – you’ll pay only $70 for your complete first year.
  • Having excellent performance – fast page load times are critical for any eCommerce shop.
  • Provide a free SSL certificate – SSL certificates are absolutely crucial for eCommerce companies since they keep your customer’s information safe and protected.
  • Make it simple to install WordPress so you can begin constructing your business right away.
  • Provide excellent phone and live chat help in case of problems.

NOTE: SiteGround also offers the option of purchasing your domain name for $15 per year.

When you sign up with SiteGround, you’ll have the option of having WordPress and WooCommerce installed immediately so you can get started right away when we show you how to establish your dropshipping store:

2. The WooCommerce Plugin with WordPress

After deciding on a domain name and a reputable hosting provider, it is time to install WordPress. Following that, navigate to the add-ons menu and install the WooCommerce plugin on your website. 

You are almost ready to start making money online with your online business. WordPress is free software that may be downloaded at Also, you can download the free WooCommerce plugin from

Typically, you’d have to install both of these software programs on your server, but if you use SiteGround, SiteGround will take care of everything.

With the help of a free dropshipping plugin WooCommerce, you can easily import products from various suppliers and automate the entire process of order fulfillment. It can save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Qikink provides a free dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce with a simple order processing system. Building a profitable WooCommerce store in India is easy now.

3. A WordPress/WooCommerce Theme Optimised On Conversions

Before you start smashing records selling your merch art, you need to make your WordPress shop unique and easily identifiable. Fortunately, WooCommerce took care of everything as well. There are hundreds of readily customizable themes, both paid and free, to select from.

The “theme” of your site defines how your store looks, which influences how likely customers are to buy from you. The conversion rate of your store is the percentage of visitors that make a purchase. And if you want a high conversion rate, you’ll need a conversion-optimized WordPress theme.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are several free WooCommerce themes available. Nonetheless, if you can afford it, purchasing a premium choice is typically a smart idea. Professional WooCommerce themes often cost between $60 and $100.

Tip: Choose a theme that is compatible with WooCommerce and looks excellent on all sorts of devices.

4. Develop Website Content

We frequently say in e-Commerce that content is king, thus developing unique and original texts is your primary instrument for spreading the word about your business and capturing the attention of your clients. Although WooCommerce has a user-friendly design, it is still your responsibility to organise your products and write appropriate descriptions for each of them.

Tip: Your FAQ page might become an everlasting source of organic traffic for your online shop. All you have to do is answer frequently asked questions about the items, such as functioning or include a link to return policies. 

Don’t forget to include a contact and privacy policy page so that your consumers may contact you if they have any questions.

Use the most crucial keywords in your meta titles and descriptions to get more organic traffic. Be sure to include those keywords on your homepage as well as in SEO-related content.

5. Configure Store Functionality

If you want to run your online business with minimal effort and automate incoming orders, we strongly recommend installing the WooCommerce add-on. It will provide you with everything you need to link your store to the inventory of your suppliers. 

You will also be able to configure custom email alerts to notify your vendors when an order is placed. Remember to select a payment gateway to handle money transactions. Include the costs you are willing to pay, the currency in which you sell, and the sort of checkout procedure your client demand.

Tip: If you need a free automatic premium solution for your e-Commerce site, the WooCommerce plugin is ideal.

This is an optional step because it is entirely dependent on the sort of connection you desire with your product suppliers. If you just offer a few focused products from a single provider, you can simply utilise the standard WooCommerce product management feature.

But, if you want a larger inventory, some dropshippers recommend purchasing a plugin that allows you to connect directly to vendors.

If you choose the print-on-demand dropshipping approach, you may use the free Qikink’s Print-on-demand dropshipping plugin for woocommerce 

6. Launch Your WooCommerce Store

Once you’ve finished those procedures, you’re ready to begin your WooCommerce store! Launch your store and discover what it can earn

Connect Your Shop With Qikink’s Free Dropshipping Plugin For WooCommerce

Do you want to take your company to the next level with innovative plugins and smart APIs? Do you wish to spend more time on building your business rather than on time-consuming order operations?

With the Qikink’s plugin for WooCommerce, you can concentrate on expanding your business while they handle end-to-end fulfilment and manage every step of your customer’s orders, from printing to shipping.

With Qikink’s WooCommerce plugin, you have access to a catalogue of 300+ product alternatives, which you can quickly add to your website to expand your product variety and achieve seamless automation of all operations.

Integrating your Woo-commerce store with Qikink is easy. You just need to install the app and simply connect it with Qikink. WooCommerce integration only takes a few minutes. Once your store is connected, we process all the orders seamlessly.

To connect your Woo-commerce store to Qikink, follow the steps given in the below video. 

Qikink’s WooCommerce Dropshipping Features

The Qikink’s WooCommerce plugin is not only easy to install but comes with easy automation like

1. Push Products Directly To Your Store

Once Qikink’s WooCommerce plugin is installed, you can push products directly to your website with the size and colour variants, meta titles, product descriptions, tags, price, and stock.

2. Auto Fulfilment of Orders

After an order is placed on your website, Qikink’s WooCommerce plugin pulls the order automatically under store orders and starts the printing and shipping process.

3. Tracking Information

After the order is printed and shipped from Qikink’s warehouse, the tracking number is automatically updated on your WooCommerce backend, and tracking information is sent to your customer under your brand name. Once the tracking information is updated on the WooCommerce backed, the order is marked ‘Completed’.


If you’re thinking of a low-risk, low-cost online business idea, try WooCommerce in India.

The benefit of WooCommerce dropshipping is that it combines the flexibility and power of WordPress with the ability to collaborate with thousands of suppliers. Not only that but dropshipping could turn into a profitable business if you keep up with the latest trends and insights.

Sure, there are some disadvantages to dropshipping (such as a lack of quality control), but there are also several advantages (such as the elimination of the need to hold inventory).

Set up, stock, and launch your store with WooCommerce India, and choose a host that will keep your site up and operating on the backend despite traffic fluctuations.

We’ve outlined what dropshipping is and the actions you’ll need to take to get started. The only thing left to do is put the ideas into action and get started.

Please leave your queries regards selling on woocommerce in the comments area below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start dropshipping with WooCommerce?

Qikink is an ideal solution to start dropshipping with WooCommerce. You can easily integrate Qikink with your WooCommerce store through their plugin, and then select the products you want to sell from Qikink’s catalog. Once you receive an order, Qikink will handle the printing, packaging, and shipping of the orders directly to your customer, allowing you to focus on marketing and growing your business.

Is it simple to get started with dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the simplest ways to launch an eCommerce business. Individuals with little skills and money can start a low-risk dropshipping business. Simply select a niche and trustworthy supplier, set up the store, manage legal and financial affairs, and promote the business.

Why opt for Qikink’s dropshipping services?

Qikink is passionate about the print industry and assists artists, digital illustrators, entrepreneurs, and businesses transform their ideas into printed products and start their brands online.

With Qikink, you can 

  • Create unique products 
  • Sell online without inventory
  • Reach out to customers all across the world with International shipping
  • Take advantage of FREE WooCommerce integration.

How does Qikink’s WooCommerce plugin work?

Once you install the Qikink’s WooCommerce plugin, you can 

  • Push products directly to your store
  • Automatically process your store orders with qikink 
  • Update tracking information on your WooCommerce store 

Are you ready to get started with Qikink?

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