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Start a Successful eCommerce Business in 2023 with Dropshipping in India

Want to start an ecommerce business in India without any risk of investment, but don’t know where to begin from?

Back in the day, starting a business required significant investment, stock holding, an offline office, and other expenses. That was the customary way we saw and conducted business.

However, with changing times, improved technology, and internet access, the strategy for beginning a business has also altered significantly.

You can now start a business from any part of the world, without making any investment, carrying inventory, or setting up a space using Dropshipping in India.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping in India is a terrific opportunity for new entrepreneurs to establish an e-commerce business at a low cost.

Dropshipping enables entrepreneurs to sell things online without worrying about manufacturing or carrying inventory, making it a low-risk business strategy for those just starting out.

The most excellent aspect of dropshipping is that you only pay for the product when somebody makes a purchase on your website, which saves you money.

The drop-shipping industry is estimated to be worth $200 billion by 2021 and expanding at a 29% annual pace to $550 billion by 2025.

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Difference between Dropshipping and Traditional Retail

If you are Dropshipping in India or from anywhere, you as a seller, do not hold any inventory or own any product before you make a sale. Only when you receive an order, do you make a purchase from a manufacturer. 

Your order is fulfilled on your behalf by the manufacturer. The manufacturing company handles everything from product manufacture to packaging and shipping.

Here’s how dropshipping in India works:


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Retail requires an offline shop and product inventory, and you sell only trendy products while managing unsold stocks over time, making it a high-risk enterprise.

Why should you start dropshipping in India?

Dropshipping is a low-cost method to start an eCommerce business or online store in India.

India’s eCommerce sales are growing at a rate of 51% annually, making it the most attractive market for online retailers.

You can sell products online without worrying about product inventory and stock keeping, quality control, packaging, or shipping hassles.

To start an ecommerce business, all you need is a product-selling platform and marketing expertise. Dropshipping is a low-risk business approach that allows you to sell things under your own brand. You can create your online store on flatforms Shopify and Woocommerce and get started immediately.

There are also some reasons why you should start dropshipping in India

  • It is simple to get started
  • Flexible location
  • Less initial capital investment
  • A diverse range of products to sell
  • It is simpler to experiment with marketplaces.
  • Scalability is improved.
  • No investment in inventory 
  • No dead stock and quality control

3 Major Advantages of Starting Dropshipping in India

Around 27% of Online Retailers Have Adopted Dropshipping

It takes time and patience to build income and see it rise gradually. For newcomers to the eCommerce market, in particular, it includes a number of actions.

By using dropshipping, new businesses may immediately optimize their product delivery and begin to receive regular advantages like:

1. Cost efficiency and low risk:

Dropshippers can earn more than 50% profit than those who keep their own stock inventory.

Dropshipping enables you to start your business without any signup fee or upfront payment. You pay when you receive an order at your store. It is the most efficient way to start a business in India.

Since you do not hold any inventory, you do not have the risk of dead/unsold stock. Hence, you can use that time and money in marketing your online store.

2. Flexibility:

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of dropshipping in India. You set the guidelines and are the boss. It’s undoubtedly one of the most adaptable professions that someone may choose from.

With only a laptop and internet, you may work from home or any part of the world whenever it is most convenient for you. This is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start a business that works for them. You won’t have to exert much effort to finish things. You choose your own pace instead.

Dropshipping is extremely adaptable in that it provides you lots of flexibility to choose options that suit your needs. You can quickly switch your marketing strategies whenever you want and easily add new products to your catalog. You can automate things if you’re going on vacation to make money while you’re away.

3. Automated Functions:

If you pay close attention, you’ll see that several dropshipping operations can be automated, making them more effective and freeing up merchants to concentrate on things like marketing, branding, and business expansion.

Order monitoring, performance reviews, pricing setting, promotions, and other processes may all be automated so they don’t need to be monitored on a regular basis.

How can you get started with eCommerce business dropshipping in India?

1. Find a Niche

The first step in starting your ecommerce dropshipping business is deciding what you want to sell and to whom.

There is a distinct pattern that appears when looking at some of the most successful dropshippers. They don’t waste time dealing with things that are generally available. They block competition by crowding the market with specialty items in certain categories.

Due to its minimal overhead expenses, dropshipping is attracting a lot of start-up company vendors. To compete in the market, start-up sellers must have a competitive advantage because of the intense rivalry in India’s dropshipping industry.

You may also check Google Trends to see what’s hot right now, explore Amazon’s best-selling goods, and look for the ‘People Also Ask’ sections on Google search results pages, among other things. Sudden demand and new trends might also be capitalized on.

2. Find a profitable product to sell

Even though dropshipping gives you the liberty to sell anything on online eCommerce platforms like the Fynd platform, it would be smart to limit your selection to those goods that appear to be in demand and are equally profitable.

starting a ecommerce business dropshipping-in-india-by-qikink

Dropshipping enables you to test how well these products are selling and, depending on the feedback from customers, you can always adjust your idea and offer another product. By preventing unsold goods from building up in your warehouse, you’ll make money.

Pick items that can provide you with a profit margin of at least 40% to 70%. Even if there are no costs associated with inventory or storage, sellers need still think about company overhead costs like shipping and marketing costs.

Therefore, as a start-up seller, you should preferably opt for a low-cost yet high-demand product to increase your chances of succeeding in dropshipping in India.

3. Find out the best supplier

There are two ways you might use while looking for suppliers. You can contact them directly or through an online portal. A simple web search can help you identify suppliers or wholesalers who specialize in a certain niche of items. There are several websites where you may identify acceptable suppliers for your goods.

When looking for a dropshipping provider in India, there are a few factors to consider. The provider should produce the items on-site. If a provider employs the services of a third-party manufacturer, you should avoid that source at all costs. Also, you should consider the fulfillment timeline of your supplier to ensure the timely delivery of your orders.

4. Set up your online store

To begin with, the most contentious subject for eCommerce shops is Shopify vs WooCommerce. Furthermore, these are two of the most popular methods for starting an eCommerce business. However, consumers frequently mix the two. While one platform is still more expensive, the other offers free access to all functions. Is the free option now worth it? Or the paid one, followed by rising sales?

Your choice is totally dependent on your individual requirements. List your items in your store and begin practicing your marketing talents.

5. Market your products

A website that converts effectively and is easy to use offers a compelling value proposition for the dropshipping industry.

In addition, company owners should provide a clear, comprehensive image of each product so that customers can see it clearly and learn other pertinent information.

Making people aware of your existence in the market is the main goal of marketing and advertising. You need to be innovative and take some risks. Social media marketing is a fantastic place to begin.

Use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Join organizations and societies where potential customers may be interested in your items. Be friendly and engage with individuals to get them to check out your product.

Instagram Reels, one of the hot new post options in the top visual social platform, was introduced in August 2020. Similar to TikTok, Reels allows you to create short videos (up to 30 seconds), sync them with music, add effects, and publish them straight on Instagram.

Read this article to learn how to boost e-commerce business sales using a variety of effective, free marketing strategies.


According to statistical projections, the value of the dropshipping industry in India would reach $557.9 billion by 2025.

Dropshipping is a business model chosen by 33% of online businesses. Dropshipping in India is a very profitable ecommerce business because of its tremendous growth potential, wide open market for experimentation, and little risk.

Since dropshipping only produce things when there is a rise in demand, there is a low chance of failure for this strategy, which accounts for its popularity.


Who can start a eCommerce dropshipping business?

Anyone who wants to start a business or is already selling on marketplaces like Amazon can start an ecommerce business by dropshipping without any investment. If you are already selling on Amazon, you can simply list dropshipping products and start making profits.

Should your dropshipping supplier be in the same city?

No, you can start dropshipping from any part of the world. Your dropshipping supplier will ship your orders directly to your customer.

Will the products have the manufacturer’s branding on them?

The products will not have any branding of the manufacturer. Your orders will be shipped under your brand name to your customers.