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Selling Posters Online – Complete Guide

“Posters are largely unchanged over the centuries despite the digital revolution, and their history reveals much about the enduring power of art in a fast-changing world” – Emily Gosling

The internet has made it simpler than ever to enter the world of entrepreneurship, with potentially profitable niches available in every area of interest to you. While hospitality and other customer-facing sectors have suffered, people spend more money on their homes and hobbies than ever before.

Several houses have been converted into home offices in recent years, increasing the need to make our living and working spaces more pleasant. Consumers have never spent so much time indoors, making home decor a popular trend that is expected to last a long time.

Keep reading if you’re a designer, artist, or simply a creative person trying to establish an online business and generate a passive income stream. Even if you are not any of the above, it’s simple to start a poster online store today with just a laptop and a stable internet connection.

Let’s learn more about the stability and scalability of selling posters online, market study, types of posters and how you can sell them without any investment or inventory.

I can see you are excited already. Let’s go! 

Absolutely, despite the prominent presence of digital art, printed posters remain popular. While other forms of visual art, such as paintings, may appear overly complex, posters are basic, creative, and perfectly capable of communicating an important message. Also, posters are less expensive than original artwork.

According to Forbes, The global wall art market is projected to grow from $48.50 billion in 2021 to $72.61 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 5.9% in the forecast period, 2021-2028. 

This poster and wall art business model has three major advantages:

  • Low initial costs and investments
  • The ability to test graphic designs without making large financial investments
  • You save time, allowing you to run a much simpler business.

A quick search on Instagram #posters or #walldecor or Pinterest reveals that people are actively looking for high-quality wall art.

Posters give colour to a space, provide inspiration, and reflect the owner’s personality. These might be inexpensive dorm-room decorations or exquisite prints that are displayed and framed like art.

Do you recall the first poster you purchased? Whether it was a picture of your favourite band, a celebrity crush, or a location you wished to visit. Perhaps you liked the design’s appearance or the picture it communicated.

The adaptability of posters is what makes them an intriguing and successful business. If you’ve ever considered selling posters online, keep reading because we’ll give you three reasons to do so right now!

1. Everyone Owns a Poster 

People typically relate posters to college dorm rooms or gloomy basements, but the market for posters goes far beyond those (grungy) walls. Poster categories on sites like Etsy and Amazon range from minimalist to art posters, vintage to inspirational, gym and fitness centres, animal prints, and more. Posters may be seen in schools, waiting rooms, pubs, office buildings, trendy and rustic living rooms, and, yes, dorm rooms. Ultimately, anyone with a spare wall may become one of your clients.

Offer eye-catching, eye-catching designs to young people outfitting their first apartments. Do you prefer your posters to be basic and text-based? Offer inspiring slogan posters to people who want to spruce up their home office or youngsters who need a confidence boost. When it comes to selling posters online, the earning potential is practically endless.

2. Posters Can Be Sold By Anybody (But Not Everyone Will)

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or an experienced business owner to sell posters online. There are several tools available these days to help you bridge the gap between what you know and what you need to know.

3. Learn New Skills

Even if you consider selling posters to be a hobby or side business, you will gain skills that will benefit the rest of your life and career. Here are just a few examples of the skills you may gain by selling posters:

  1. Conducting market research 
  2. Graphic Designing
  3. Marketing 
  4. Customer Relations 
  5. Sales 
  6. Entrepreneurship

Is It Possible To Make Money Selling Posters?

Indeed, you can, in a word. Using print on demand (POD) to create and sell posters is a very low-risk technique to produce a consistent passive income.

This is why:

  • You do not need to spend money on printing, storing, or shipping.
  • You may experiment with different designs without risking your money.
  • Setting up and running a print-on-demand online store is simple and easy.

Moreover, home décor goods such as posters, art prints, and other wall art are among the best-selling print-on-demand products. In other words, one of the most cost-effective options is to use a POD service to make and sell posters.

The global wall art market is projected to grow from $48.50 billion in 2021 to $72.61 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 5.9% in the forecast period, 2021-2028.

Who Should Be Selling Posters?

There are a few people that instantly come to mind when we talk about the types of creators who should consider selling posters online:

  • Artists\Designers\Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Anybody who wants to sell

You do not need to be a skilled designer or photographer to open a poster shop. As a result, the true list is significantly longer:

Musicians. Posters complement other products well as band merch (e.g., TShirts, hoodies, guitar pics, etc.).

Influencers and bloggers, YouTube creators, Instagram influencers, TikTokers, and other digital producers may create posters and other items for their audience.

Writers. Authors of fiction and comic books can develop posters that symbolise the tale or feature.

Why one should sell posters is probably the next question, hence here is the answer. 

Why Should You Consider Selling Posters?

Whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, artist, comic artist, or writer wanting to expand you’re earning potential online, especially if you already have a strong personal brand and online presence, an eCommerce custom posters business is a great place to start.

From original or custom print quotation wall hangings to beautiful wall art and poster prints, the earning possibilities of taking your local service globally with poster printing and online artwork are limitless.

Artists and photographers are even printing their work on personalised items like greeting cards, tote bags, and limited edition digital downloads.

As an artist, your work is not completed just by creating art but also by reaching out to an audience who is interested in your art. 

Motivational posters are a great way to inspire people in all fields of life. Right from office spaces to commercial serenity, hospitality centres and of course, fitness centres and gym. You never know who might just get motivated with your poster. 

For writers, it is a great way to connect with like-minded people who are fond of words and poetry. 

Selling posters as a hobby, eventually, turns into a great source of passive income. 

global share of wall decor products qikink

The demand for posters is only increasing year after year. And the cherry on top is that you can sell posters online without any inventory or upfront investment using print-on-demand services. Unable to believe it, check out Qikink

Are you ready to get started with Qikink?

Poster Design Trends

Tips For Creating a Best Selling Posters

If you want to start designing and selling posters online, staying on top of current graphic design trends is crucial.

Yet, there are other factors to consider:

What will the design trends be in 2023? Which colours should you use? How do you make a good poster design? What are the best selling posters?

Without further ado, here is a quick rundown of the top poster design trends for 2023.

Maximalism is Complex

This one is straightforward: while most people still enjoy minimalism, it does not work for everyone. Furthermore, maximalism allows authors to let their creativity roam free.

Colour, forms, patterns, and other items are used to fill the space in this design approach. Fundamentally, it’s a mash-up of numerous parts and styles that, at times, don’t belong together but tell a narrative. 

wall art search volme results from google trends qikink

Conflicting themes and patterns, clashing colours, recurring motifs, various typefaces, and a lack of negative space are key characteristics of maximalism.


With all that has happened in the world in recent years, it’s no wonder that artists and designers are doing their best to escape reality by inventing new amazing realms. As a result, they emphasise escapism in its purest form.

One of the primary illustration trends for 2023 is escapism. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experiment with odd colour schemes, character designs, and fantasy locations. The primary hallmark of an escapist design style is unusual imagery rich in details. Your job is to get them to investigate and become lost in your illustration.

Best Selling Movie Posters

You can create and sell posters online with famous movies and series. When selling movie posters online, it’s important to comply with copyright laws and obtain the necessary permissions or licenses to use movie-related content in your designs.

You can create unique designs based on popular movies or create original designs inspired by movies. Marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and web platforms are the best place to sell posters online.

Nostalgia For The 1990s

For the last several years, contemporary mainstream culture has been obsessed with 80s nostalgia, which has greatly affected the realm of graphic design. The 1990s appear to be making a comeback in several forms.

Poster with a vintage style from the 1990s. Designs influenced by the 1990s are loaded with varied geometric forms and are generally noisy, loud, and colourful. Play with Classic design patterns, simple emojis, and eye-catching font to create a feeling of nostalgia with a touch of old-school flair.

Typography That Expresses

As the name implies, typography designs focus on text and typefaces. This is a common poster concept that can be adapted for a wide range of themes, audiences, and locals.

What could be more suitable for 2023 than breaking all of the standard font guidelines and generating genuine chaos on your poster? I’m referring to stretching the boundaries of readability, presenting the information visually rather than textually.

Because the trend is based on experimenting, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Just experiment with text and letter alignment, shapeless lumps, mind-bending pictures, and varied word order to create your distinct style. All you need to do is blur the border between text readability and abstract letter design.

Art Posters

As previously said, selling original art may significantly increase your earnings. Moreover, an increasing number of galleries and fine art curators are shifting their operations online to offer eCommerce options for creative works by painters, photographers, and even sculptors.

art posters search volume increased results from google trends qikink

Art prints are growing in popularity over the years. Check out how to use your arts to sell posters online with print-on-demand services.


The use of a pattern may successfully add life and dimension to your poster design. Therefore, here’s a rundown of the trends that will be big in 2023:

  • Nature-inspired and eye-catching flower designs
  • Animal prints
  • Patterns on a large scale
  • Illusion of perception
  • Patterns made with tie dye
  • Poster with pattern design

Famous Personalities and Characters 

Posters and modern art of famous personalities and fictional characters are a must-have, common design niche that already has a vast audience out there. 

Example: If you search for the term ‘anime poster’ on Google Trends, you can see that its popularity has been steadily growing over the past few years.

anime poster search results getting increased in google trends graph qikink

The good news is that most digital artists can tailor this niche to their target audience. There are several options:

  • If you’re a YouTuber or social media influencer, print your catchphrases.
  • If you’re a musician, write down song lyrics or album artwork.
  • If you’re a fiction or comic book author, provide quotes from your work.
  • If you’re a designer or an artist, make some interesting typographic designs.

Where Can I Sell My Posters

1. Build an e-Commerce Website 

89% of consumers shop with a competitor after a poor user experience.

Forward-thinking businesses know that if they want to make more money, create a memorable brand, and build a loyal customer base, they need to start with a solid foundation by creating an eCommerce website.

The process of building an eCommerce website starts with choosing the right platform. The most popular choices are Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

The best eCommerce platform is the one that helps you achieve all the goals that you have set for your business.

Shopify is arguably the best platform given its performance and scalability and is a great choice because of its user-friendliness. However, detailed research will help you make the right choice.

The most crucial page on your website is the product page. The choice of your potential consumers to make an order on the product page.

This is where you will educate visitors about your products, build trust, and persuade them to purchase from you rather than your competitor.

2. Selling Posters on Amazon

Amazon is the first stop for millions of online shoppers, with over 310 million active account holders. 65 million of these users are loyal enough to Amazon to purchase an Amazon Prime membership, which offers access to extra advantages.

Whatever the present state of the business, Amazon can be a successful platform for any online seller. Indeed, if you’re serious about eCommerce, you should consider selling on Amazon.

People who don’t have a website should consider selling posters on Amazon first. You can sell posters online on Amazon easily without any prior website skills.

You may sell custom-printed posters on Amazon without having to own physical inventory or incur any upfront fees. List your designs and leave the rest to Amazon.

Of course, you’ll have to cope with production costs, but that’s it. The provider handles manufacturing and fulfilment, enabling you to concentrate on market research and developing successful ideas.

You may also generate a consistent income by selling on Amazon and other websites that offer print-on-demand services if you have unique items that can only be purchased from you.

3. Selling Posters on Etsy

Customers nowadays do not simply seek products from online retailers. They look on Amazon, Etsy, eCommerce marketplaces, social media, and so forth.

That is why firms have listings on several platforms to reach more people and increase sales. Did you know that 52% of online shops have omnichannel capabilities on average?

Etsy is an excellent platform for selling posters online. The site has a large consumer base, with many of them specifically looking for home décor. While Etsy’s existing customer base might be advantageous, it also attracts competitors. 

When you decide to sell your posters on Etsy, consider what makes them unique. Are they customised using the customer’s preferred graphics or words? Are they made by hand? Do you frame or exhibit them visually appealingly?

If you responded yes to any of these questions, your posters will stand out more in Etsy’s marketplace.

To engage in a multichannel strategy, simply open a shop on many platforms and begin selling. Prints are a popular item to sell on Etsy, with over 11 million results returned.

In July 2022, Etsy introduced AR feature-based Etsy app that allows users to visually visualize wall art, photos and prints in their homes.

While the term “print” traditionally refers to a tangible reproduction of a piece of art, such as your copy of the Mona Lisa, many Etsy sellers offer prints as digital art and décor downloads.

Etsy is a well-known marketplace with a large number of prospective consumers. Also, one of the most significant advantages of Etsy is outreach marketing. You may use the platform’s ad campaigns to promote your items.

4. Selling on Instagram and Pinterest

Unless you happen to publish a viral post that gains you thousands of followers in a single day, social media marketing takes patience.

With Instagram’s popularity and the ease of setting up a company profile and leveraging shopping capabilities, one of the most logical things that businesses who want to sell posters online do is begin their online adventure with Instagram.

Not to mention that selling on sites like Instagram saves you time and money as compared to starting a store from scratch.

Yet it doesn’t imply you should avoid it entirely. A well-planned content calendar, the use of appropriate hashtags, and creative postings will aid in the growth of a following.

You don’t have to limit your marketing to networks like Pinterest or Instagram. You may even sell right there. This means that your audience may pay for your stuff without leaving the platform.

Make the most of your social media strategy by developing and distributing relatable content. You may make articles and films about how to utilise posters as décor, for example.

How Easy It Is To Sell Posters Through Qikink?

With Qikink’s print-on-demand services, you can start selling posters with just 5 easy steps. 

Step 1: Create your account with Qikink 

Step 2: Select the products and add your artwork. 

Step 3: Add product to your store 

Step 4: Start promoting your e-commerce store and sell your art to the world

Step 5: Qikink will print and deliver your order directly to your customer

What Kind Of Posters You Can Sell Using Qikink?

While posters are available in different types and sizes, it is best to always provide options for your customers to select them. Below are a variety of posters that Qikink offers for you to choose from. 

1. Acrylic Photo Prints

If you want to print your photo on something that will get people talking; something that is modern, sleek, and incredibly vivid, Acrylic Prints are the way to go. Tap into the acrylic posters to give a whole new experience to the customer with its appealing glossy finish.

The transparent, glossy sheen of acrylic increases the vibrancy and color of the printed picture. Acrylic photo prints look so good with casual and edited photos.

OEKO-TEX-certified inks are used in Qikink’s print-on-demand acrylic posters, assuring safety and the absence of toxic substances.

2. Poster Frames

Walls require artwork. Poster frames are always popular. It is a must-have for your online business. Your target audience will want to use frames to adorn their walls with their favourite designs.

They are digitally printed on a 300 GSM artboard. Qikink’s Framed Posters are available in 8×8, A4, 12×12, and A3 sizes, with 300 GSM art board packed laminated inside a durable 1-inch frame. 

3. Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints are a one-of-a-kind work of art that is rapidly gaining popularity. A huge canvas on the wall of your house or business can improve the mood of the space. Qikink allows you to drop-ship canvas prints.

It’s made with a unique canvas fabric and big format print technology, as well as a robust wooden frame and secure packing.

4. Posters

Qikink allows you to design and sell posters online, including print-on-demand and drop shipping options. Print on demand Posters are available in 8×8, 12×12, 12X24, 12X36, A4, and A3 sizes on 300 GSM artboard and are packaged in carton tubes. Posters are made in high-quality digital printing that is guaranteed not to fade. You may also buy in bulk for discounted events.

Posters dropshipping is a simple and effective way to get started in an online poster-selling business. Here, Qikink makes it so easy to sell print-on-demand posters through Shopify and WooCommerce with integrations. 

Are You Ready To Sell Posters Online?

As you’ve probably gathered all the information from reading this article, it doesn’t take much time or money to start selling posters. Now you have the answer to “How to sell posters online” All you have to do is select a print-on-demand business model and then follow these simple steps:

  1. Register with Qikink
  2. Make poster designs 
  3. Begin selling online!

The level of success you attain, like any other business, will be determined by the amount of effort you put in. Selling posters and your prints, on the other hand, maybe a rewarding and profitable endeavour, so why not give it a shot? Nonetheless, if you’re still unsure or want more information on how to create and operate a print-on-demand online store, feel free to read this guide: How to start a print-on-demand online business in 2023

If you’d like to explore printing posters or art prints with Qikink, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist.

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Poster FAQ’s

What is a poster?

A poster is a printed image or graphic design that can be sold online as a decorative item. It can feature various themes such as art, movies, music, motivational quotes, sports, or landscapes, among others. Posters can be printed on different materials, including paper, and canvas,  and can come in different sizes of formats, such as framed or unframed.

Where can I sell my posters?

Some online platforms where you can sell posters include Etsy, Society6, Redbubble, Amazon Handmade, eBay, and your own website. Research each platform’s policies, fees, and audience to find the best fit for your needs.

How to design a poster that sells?

To design a poster to sell, define your purpose, choose the right size and format, select a design software, choose a color scheme, use high-quality images, use typography effectively, and keep it simple to create a poster that communicates your message and is visually appealing.

Can I make money selling posters?

Yes, with print on demand (POD) services, you can make money selling posters without handling inventory or shipping. Create unique designs, set prices, and market your products effectively to maximize your earnings. Rest will be taken care of by POD providers like Qikink.

How to sell posters on Amazon?

To sell posters on Amazon using print-on-demand, create an Amazon seller account, choose a print-on-demand, upload your designs, list your products, fulfill orders, and optimize your listings. Keep monitoring your sales and reviews to improve your success in the poster selling business.

Are you ready to get started with Qikink?

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