Increase Your Brand Awareness
Ways to use social media apps for your brand
increase brand awareness qikink
Increase Your Brand Awareness
Ways to use social media apps for your brand
increase brand awareness qikink

How to Run Facebook Ads for Your Ecommerce Store

The Power of Facebook Advertising

What Are Facebook Ads?

Social media has become an integral part of urban life. So, Facebook advertising has to be for your dropshipping journey.

The survey says teens spend up to nine hours per day on social media, and the number is increasing daily.

People are ‘social media’ hungry and daily engage on different platforms.

Before we start talking in depth about Meta advertising, here are some interesting stats that will help you to understand the effectiveness of the advertising and its ROI.

  1.   76% of Facebook users look for interesting content for consumption daily on FB
  2.   66% of users log on to learn about new products
  3.   According to a study, 52% of users were influenced by Facebook ads in their buying decision
  4.   Users who like a business page are 79% more likely to make a purchase

Leveraging this human-digital interaction, businesses spend most of their marketing efforts on social media marketing – Facebook being the most prominent.

While TV and traditional ads cost a considerable amount for a few seconds of playtime, Facebook marketing incurs a little cost. If done right, the ROI can be huge and scalable up to 6 figures. Spending as little as INR300, one can start a Facebook ad to promote their business online. 

Plus, Facebook lets you define your target audience, which means the ads will be displayed to people who meet your specified criteria.


Benefits Of Having Facebook Ads

  1.  80% of all internet users are on Facebook and are engaged in it multiple times daily. If you want to promote your brand to an audience of 1.85 billion users, then Facebook is the place to be.
  2.   If you want to promote your brand to a targeted audience, you can’t ignore Facebook.
  3.   If you have a limited budget for advertising but want to see quick results, then Facebook is your best bet. Instead of spending a few lacs on traditional advertisements, you can set your Facebook Ad for just a few hundred. Plus, you get to choose whom to show your ad to.
  4.   Lastly, Facebook creates your brand awareness, drives traffic, leads to sales, and generates revenues.


How do you post ads on Facebook?

Many first-timers have this question. Does Facebook ad work, or it’s just hype? Our observation is, yes, it does!

Your page views will remain restricted if you’re not promoting your products.

Through paid Facebook Ads, you can compel your target audience to click and see your ad because they have the ads right before their eyes.

When a person scrolls through their news feed, the Facebook ads appear strategically, so there is no way to miss the ad.

So, if you’re convinced with Facebook Ads and wish to give it a shot, here is step-by-step guidance to help you plan FB advertising for your T-shirt brand.

Before you start creating Facebook Ads, let’s understand what type of Facebook Ads work for a t-shirt.

If you visit the Facebook Ads Manager page, you will notice the page prompts you for the ad.

Depending on your responses, it lets you choose the Ad type that would be most beneficial for you.

If your objective is selling T-shirts in India, you will benefit from three ads.

Given below is a glance at their purposes.


How to run Facebook ads for a t-shirt brand?

PPE Ad (Page Post Engagement Ad)

As the name suggests, this type of Facebook Ad is meant to increase engagement on your page in terms of likes, shares, and comments.

For example, you upload a t-shirt design image on your Facebook page. Then, you go to your Ad Manager and push for PPE to your targeted audience.

You can choose your target depending on age, demographics, geography, etc. The image isn’t hyperlinked to your website; you need to add it separately in the comments.


CTW Ad (Clicks to Website Ad)

If you wish to send your page visitors directly to your website, investing in CTW ads is the best way to do it.

Unlike the PPE Ad, you need to upload a t-shirt design image along with a link where you want to redirect your visitors.


WC Ad (Website Conversion Ad)

It can easily be derived from the name of the purpose of this Facebook Ad – i.e., website conversion.

The working principle of this mode is simple – it helps in website conversion, i.e., t-shirt sales in your case.

Facebook optimizes your ad and shows it to prospective buyers who are more likely to make a purchase.


T-Shirt Mockups for Facebook Advertisement Copies

We have your back if you don’t have mockups for your T-shirts to promote on Facebook.

The Qikink team has already curated some sources (both paid and free) to help you get started.

Using these mockup resources is easy, and you’ll be ready to promote your t-shirt designs quickly.

Read more about T-shirt mockup resources in our curated list.


How to Create Facebook Ads Copies That Work!

1. Create And Align Ad Campaign:

You can directly move to the Facebook Ads Manager through a business page.

Since you must create an ad for your t-shirt campaign, log into Facebook Ads Manager and choose the campaigns tab. You can start your new Facebook ad campaign with one click on the Create button.

Facebook also has different marketing offers that can be aligned with business goals to benefit you with your T-shirt ads.

The marketing objectives include generating brand awareness, exposure of ads to the maximum number of people possible (reach), driving traffic for the ads or your business page, and engaging audiences to react to your ads by page likes, events, or special offers, connecting via Facebook messenger, introducing your app to general users, conversions, etc. have been tremendously advantageous for sales and views of your brand.

You should choose the type of campaign objective based on the goals of your T-Shirt ad. Payment for the ad will vary according to the goals as per your sales or exposure requirements.


2. Cherry-Pick An Appropriate Campaign Name:

Now, you must scroll down to give your Facebook ad campaign an appropriate name. Suppose you have selected the Engagement option as an objective under consideration; the page will show you options where you need to specify your campaign name and then turn on the A/B split test option.

You can also turn on the Budget optimization option to display multiple ad sets.

Options such as post engagements, page likes, and Event responses shall also be lined up on top of your page. Accordingly, if you want your ad to focus more on preferences, select the Page Likes option and click Setup Ad Account to proceed.


3. Structure Your Ad Account:

Don’t worry; if you have already set up your account, you will be directed straight toward targeting your audience and won’t need to see this step. However, if you are new to FB marketing, you must fill in some of your primary account details related to your country, time zone, and currency.

Once you have done so, click to continue carefully, as changes require creating a separate ad account, which you may not want to go through at the start.


4. Aim Your Audience:

On the top of this screen, you must choose the business page you intend to promote after you name your Facebook Ad campaign.

After scrolling downwards, you can start building the targeted audience for your t-shirt ads and cut short the most relevant customers to your preference.

Being one of the most valuable features of Facebook advertising, you can narrow the gap and focus on it.


Core Audiences,

Which will allow you to select audiences based on set criteria manually.

New audiences based on interests, locations, demographics, and even behavior can be spotted this way, and you can give your t-shirt ads the top chance of converting together with the personas you aim to reach out to. Additionally, you can also use Facebook to engage your existing audiences.

Custom Audiences Option,

It is another excellent feature that can be used to upload your contact list to connect with existing or old customers.

It is an ideal way to build a strong and improved relationship with your audience and blend your physical activity with an online presence.

Lookalike Audiences,

That is again a prominent option to find ideal audiences with whom you may have no past connections but meet your criteria of an existing target audience.

As we all know, effective targeting helps generate the maximum return rate; detailed targeting and connections are the two fields that make your target audience as particular as you choose.


Use Instagram to Promote Products

Best viral product to spread the world

instagram to promote products qikink

5. Select Your Facebook Ad Placements:

The best advantage Facebook provides in placing an ad is that it is not limited to Facebook itself but can also be placed on other Facebook-owned properties.

Your ads can be displayed over Messenger, Instagram, and other mobile apps through the Facebook Audience Network, and you will also not be bothered to pick all the placements for every ad.

Everything depends on your target audience. The platform list is easily visible and can be decided where you want to run the ad accordingly.

To begin, scroll down to choose the area where your ads will appear. Automatic placements are the best choice for a new Facebook user for Facebook Ads.


6. Decide Your Schedule And Budget:

The ultimate place to hold you long is deciding on your budget. First, you can select a daily budget plan and then set a schedule for your advertisements.

You can set the start and the end dates or choose to run my ad set continuously starting today. That will give you a specific budget plan and start immediately. Remember, scheduled advertisements are the most prominent option to spend your ad plans.

However, you can only set a schedule if you have chosen a lifetime budget for your t-shirt ad. After you are over with the selections and satisfied enough, click Continue.


7. Build Your Ad:

Finally, you can choose your ad’s format and enter your T-shirt ads’ media and text components.

With the help of the preview tool placed at the bottom of the page, you can review your advertisement, and when you are satisfied with your choices, click on the green button to confirm and submit the ad.

Sooner on acceptance of your ad via Facebook, you will be notified through mail confirming your placements. You have finally successfully created your ad now.


General Imprints

Transparency is the key to any advertisement plan. Among lakhs of Facebook ads covering the pages of users daily, those T-shirt advertisements that star the eyes of the audience always have minute techniques used to either compel or repel its audience.

It is always essential that the targeted audience understands the motive behind the campaigns, for which clarity in the perspective of image and content is indispensable.

With the provision of a few techniques, FB Ads can boost the rate of return on your investment and become fruitful for your t-shirt brand advertisement worldwide, but not without clear concepts.

As we all know, the first impression is the last; similarly, when we see an image advertisement, we get attracted to the pictures, which induces us to investigate the product and the company further.

However, not all images lure the user’s eyes enough to get the pleasure of purchase.

The newsfeed is a battle feed with the only and last win-win option that has to have the best images that interest the buyers. Photo posts and link posts are ideal for the advertisement.

For this, the techniques helpful to set up a successful FB Ad for T-shirt advertisement in respect to Image are:


1. Consider Original Creative T-Shirt Pictures:

The T-shirts you are about to sell may have multiple pictures all over the search engine with different brands as stock photos.

You do not need to sell T-shirts with unique prints; it should be an exclusive piece.

The right way to create a positive advertisement is to use original images for photo posts or link posts. If you cannot get unique images clicked for your promotions, try to be more creative with the existing picture.

With features like filter copy, crop, specific image focus, colors, texts, etc., you can create a fashionable image for your T-shirt brand.


2. Opting Colors Carefully:

When branding and designing your T-shirt advertisements, try to be more specific to the age group with colors.

According to studies, younger people are more attracted to red and yellow, while older people like blue and green colors.

Also, it has been studied that all age group people dislike purple and brown colors, so it is better to avoid them.

Still, color is just a part of the campaign, and the real-life saver is your T-shirt design.


3. Use Only High-Quality Images:

To grab the real attention of the viewers, it is better to use only high-resolution pictures.

Quality never goes out of style; high-quality images help build brand image and style icons for your product.


4. Add Emotions To Graphics:

With graphic prints on the T-shirt, users purchase products affecting their real lives.

Emblems and badges on the T-shirt that reflect the viewer’s mood and personal being are more likely to be sold than regular printed T-shirts.

To grab the advantage, try to add emotions to the images and experience the difference alone.


5. Customize T-Shirts With Testimonials:

Like emotions printed on T-shirts, testimonials have also proven to be helpful with Facebook sales.

To beautify your ad and build a delicate relationship with the customers, customized T-shirts with quotes as a description or a few bolded words are a great way to encourage sales effectively.


6. Feature A Face For Your Brand:

A well-known human tendency to detect faces with ordinary objects is a standard and powerful weapon for online sales.

Brands featuring human faces with products have relatively more compelling sales than brands selling ordinary images.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes the human brain to get more inclined to products featuring a face.

This natural and proven way will help you draw more user attention and rate your brand T-Shirt higher.


7. Caption Images With Specific Location & References:

This technique to grab viewers’ attention is an easily missed opportunity by digital advertisers.

As Facebook runs multiple ads at different locations, captioning the image using specific location’s exact attention to targeted areas.

Hence, the T-shirts designed for a particular area people will reach them directly and quickly.

You can also personalize it at different levels for individual interest.


8. Display Text Over Your T-Shirt Image To Describe It:

Designing your brand T-Shirt with text is also a suitable and popular technique to bring more people to admire your brand.

Those advertisements that clearly define the products are more likely to be purchased rather than the ones with no clarity in the description.

This offers the viewer prompt purchasing options and quicker decisions making power.


Importance Of Content In Facebook Advertisement

Content creation in any field is of high importance. Once you know, your customers are hooked up with a perfect brand image, keeping them busy with standard, high-quality writing becomes essential.

With the help of your content, your audience will be persuaded and instructed to follow the next steps. Since everything is limited to characters, you must be clear and convincing, especially with the advertisement headlines.

To assist you with short and crisp content we have piled up several ways:


1. Practice Simple Language:

When it comes to simplicity, nothing can beat the match. The simplistic the language is used to convey your words, the more the audience is influenced and attracted to a product.

Your brand ads should consider that ads are not meant for literature but to describe a product. It should be scripted so that the customers easily understand; what next to do, the benefits related as well as the offers made through the ads.


2. Place Questions:

To grab quickly the attention of the audience, placing questions has been a victory technique used for a long.

It leads to a conversation as comments and encourages customers to identify other messages as well.


3. Provide Benefits:

Questions like, what special features your brand t-shirt has? What will buyers benefit from wearing your T-Shirt? What makes your T-Shirt stand out from other brands?

Are there any free offers regarding delivery, trial, or gifts, together with your T-Shirt? helps customers make a quick decisions regarding purchases.

If your ad content has vibrant answers to the above questions, customers will understand the importance and place orders based on it.


4. Run Directions:

A simple click can encourage your user to move forward and place successful orders only if the content provides correct directions to users by exactly telling them what to do and what will they achieve on clicking.


5. Be Audience-Specific:

Just like location works well with images ads, similarly, contents placed with particular area specific audience or activity specific audience, helps to achieve higher achievement sales.

Example, if a T-Shirt is specially designed for yoga, your content advertisement should target all age group people of a particular area or country, interested in doing yoga.


6. Disclose The Final Cost:

We may like a thousand kinds of stuff online, but something that meets our requirements plus budget is rarely found.

It is always a disappointment for the customers to select any product and later know about the cost, which may repel their purchase.

Cost being a barrier should openly be displayed to the viewer together with the product to inspire sales.

Also, if there are any discounts offered on the product, such should be indicated through the content for limiting wasted clicks.


7. Deliver A Clear Message:

Both the image ad and content placed on the ad should go hand-in-hand and convey the same meaning.

For your T-Shirt ad, both the image placed and the content written should bring the same meaning to the customers about the description and offerings related to your brand.

A clear call to action is indeed favorable.

I got my first order through my Facebook advertising for my T-Shirt design. But, how do I handle the logistics? Where can I get my T-Shirt designs printed?

If these are some of the questions going through your head, then we’re here for your rescue. That’s right.

We are in the printing business and helping T-Shirt brands like yours to get their design printed and shipped. If you have already linked up with our Qiklink dashboard, then we can automatically get your orders on our dashboards.

Once your order is live with us, we will print on demand and ship your order within 2 working days. We ensure your orders are packed carefully so that your customers receive them in perfect wearing condition.

Once we ship the product, it will reflect on our dashboard along with your store dashboard.


Why Dropshipping Is A Good Idea For Your Business?

You’ll agree with us that when you start a business there’s a lot to experiment with and learn until you can scale your business. Especially with Facebook advertising.

Keeping your investments minimum not only safeguards you from making a loss but also keeps you prepared for the unforeseen.

In such a scenario, starting a t-shirt business might sound difficult. But it is not! In this digital age, all you’ll need is a website and targeted Facebook ads for your products, along with your creativity!

In such a scenario starting a dropshipping business is the best bet for you. All you need to do is find a drop shipper like Qikink and get your business up and rolling in no time!

For more details on what is dropshipping meaning, how dropshipping works, and things to remember while choosing a drop shipper, you can refer to our blogs.



Facebook advertising is an incredibly effective tool for businesses of all sizes looking to connect with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

Selecting the perfect ad format and targeting options enables businesses to reach their desired audience and maximize their return on investment.

Incorporating Facebook into your marketing strategy can help you achieve your objectives. It also connects with potential customers in a meaningful way.


Frequently Asked Questions

A low-cost marketing solution that can reach a large audience with targeted ads are Facebook Ads. It can raise brand awareness, drive traffic, generate leads, and revenue.

Custom audiences can be created for retargeting by defining your target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Facebook Pixel can be used to track website traffic.

Gradually increase the budget as you see results when starting with a small budget. To avoid overspending, use automatic bidding and set a bid cap. Adjust your strategy according to the ROI measurement.

For ecommerce businesses, carousel ads, video ads, and collection ads are highly effective. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase your products and highlight their features.

Facebook Ads Manager can be used to track and measure the success of your campaigns, monitoring key metrics such as reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI. To optimize your ads and improve performance, use A/B testing.

Sivaraman S

With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, Our founder has dedicated his career to helping brands achieve exponential growth through innovative print-on-demand solutions.

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With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, Our founder has dedicated his career to helping brands achieve exponential growth through innovative print-on-demand solutions.
With over 10+ years of experience in the industry, Our founder has dedicated his career to helping brands achieve exponential growth through innovative print-on-demand solutions.
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