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What is a mockup?

A mockup is a visual representation of a product or a design, created using related objects together to show the user the real life experience.

It give shows user about the look and feel of the product or the design even before it is produced in real.

This post shows various sources to get t-shirt mockups for your print on demand dropshipping business.

T-Shirt mockup is a major resource which is going to decide the outlook of your t-shirt store.

Though there are plenty of resources available online, major of them are not usable and of low quality.

So, we have decided to come up with this guide to showcase some of the mockups available online with better quality and the product style inline with Qikink’s Products.

Mockups are required for stores using Print on demand and Dropshipping.

The products are to be sold without any photoshoot and any upfront inventory. So we need mockups with our creative designs to sell on our storefront.

The mockups or the product photos should be in the same tone of your overall store design. This highly enhances the conversion rate as well.

Qikink Mockup Generator

You can upload your creative designs and download the product mockups for the apparels and all accessories.

This unique feature can be used to create your store with actual products.

Our apparel photos are taken using actual products with International models. These are compatible with all major marketplaces as well.

You can also download the mockups in bulk.

If you want to sell the same design in various product colours, you can simply upload the design to the product and download the mockups for all colours available.

This short cut will greatly save your time.

Push Product is another great addition to the mockup generator. It cuts the needs to separately upload the product photos to your website.

With push products, you can directly push the product photos to your Shopify store.

Your store will be filled with the products and also it will be in sync with Qikink dashboard for order fulfilment.

Paid Mockup Resources


1. Placeit

Palceit is a large directly of image and video mockup for a variety of products from the t-shirt, phone cases, coffee mugs, etc.

They also have a pretty simple interface, you can select a mockup, upload the design and download the mockup.

T-Shirt Mockups with white models, black models, Asian models, garment only mocks, outdoor mocks, no background mocks etc are available in a variety of styles.

There is a monthly subscription involved, when you are doing some 10-20 orders a day, this investment of place it mockup will worth to take it the next level of brand image and sales.


2. Photofic

Photofic offers garment only mockups for a variety of style. It charges a one time fee for the complete download of mocks.

For any requirement of garment only styles, these options suit better with having almost all the styles in one place.

This is also a cost-effective solution while starting a store with one-time payment options which can be included in your investment while starting the T-Shirt store online.


3. Prepresstoolkit

Prepresstoolkit is a versatile mockup solution for your online store.

There are plenty of t-shirt mockups, polo t-shirt mockups, cap mockups, Hooded sweatshirt mocks etc. It sells everything for a separate price and also via bundles and one master bundle.

You can opt for this if you are looking for a simple no background garment only mockups.


4. Creative Market

Creativemarket is a marketplace for creative assets like graphics and mockups. It has got many essential assets to drop ship clients.

For any T-Shirt drop ship brands, it can provide all necessary mockups and graphics assets.

You can download specific t-shirt mockups from as low as 5 dollars.

There are also other resources available online to pay and download mockups.

There are also a few free t-shirt mockups available online.

Here is the list of some of the free mockups available online for download.

Free Mockup Sources:

Various online resources gives free mockups for T-Shirts and other merchandises.

Below given are few amount them which provides free mockup resources.

You can check them in comparison to the original product photo and choose to use them on your webstore.

  1. Mockupworld
  2. Mockupfree
  3. Mokcuptree
  4. dailymokcup
  5. smartmockup
  6. Mockupcloud


Mockups are integral part of any e-commerce web stores across the world which uses Print on Demand.

The designs are not printed upfront and stocked, so there is no way to do actual photoshoot. People sell the actual products using their mockups.

Whatever may be the source of the mockup, the mockup image of the product should live upto the look and feel of the actual product and design.

Investing in real good mockups will worth the same. Product images and Product videos plays a vital role in the conversion rates.

E-Commerce business doesn’t stops with buying traffic, we need to monetise the same ire conversion rate should be better.

Good product Mockup images and videos are crucial for this.

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