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Qikink offers best print on demand services in India. It has largest range of products, premium quality blanks, all printing methods under one roof, quickest turn around time, best in class customer support and true manufacturer’s pricing. Qikink has got all to make your print on demand eCommerce store a success story.

Lets see some information on what makes Qikink stand out compared to other print on demand companies:

  1. Wide range of products: Qikink offers a wide range of customizable products, including apparel, accessories, stationery, and home decor. This allows you to offer a variety of products to your customers, and cater to different niches and markets.
  2. High-quality printing: Qikink uses advanced printing technology and high-quality materials to ensure that your designs are printed with sharp, vibrant colors that last. They also offer various printing techniques, such as DTG, DTF, Embroidery, screen printing, sublimation, and digital printing, depending on the product and design requirements.
  3. Easy integration with e-commerce platforms: Qikink offers easy integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon, which makes it easy to set up your online store and start selling your customized products.
  4. Fast turnaround times: Qikink offers fast turnaround times, with most orders being processed and shipped within 24-72 hours. This allows you to offer quick and efficient service to your customers, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  5. Affordable pricing: Qikink offers competitive pricing on their products and services, which allows you to offer your customers affordable prices while still maintaining a good profit margin.

Overall, Qikink offers a range of customizable products, high-quality printing, easy integration with e-commerce platforms, fast turnaround times, and affordable pricing, which makes it a great option for those looking for a reliable and efficient print on demand service for their online store.

Benefits of Print on Demand Services

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Print on Demand method avoids the problem of unsold inventory. Although screen printing is cheaper, it’s the safest option for new apparel designs. With Sublimation Accessories and Apparels, you can easily print on demand instead of stocking them.

Thanks to digital printing technology, you have unlimited color options and greater creative freedom in your designs. You can also easily scale the design size across different garment sizes, which would be costly in short runs with screen printing.

By utilizing Print on Demand, e-commerce brands can sell to their niche audience without the hassle of inventory management, as they can frequently change or alter designs based on customer feedback. When a design proves to be popular, it can be converted to screen printed stock, leveraging the cost-effective advantage of screen printing.

By combining both Print on Demand and Screen Printed stock, a brand gains an unfair advantage over its competitors in any niche market.

Print on Demand Services and Drop Shipping

Drop shipping with Print on Demand services has proven to be a successful business model. You can offer your target audience unique designs under your own brand name, and your Print on Demand partner will print and deliver the products for a personalized experience.

Products like T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and All Over Prints are in high demand, especially with quirky and appealing designs. You can target a specific group and create designs specifically for them to market profitably.

You can also tap into life events like birthdays and anniversaries by offering quirky designs on merchandise. Featuring your brand’s theme in your product designs will be a delight for customers and can lead to a highly successful business with the right partners.

Print on Demand products can be of a wide range as below. The usage of the POD method depends on the business model to Print personalised products or for drop shipping.

  1. Clothing: T-shirts, hoodies, caps, and other apparel items with custom designs or logos.
  2. Books: Softcover, Spiral or hardcover books with custom covers, text, and images.
  3. Accessories: Phone cases, mugs, tote bags, and other everyday items with custom designs.
  4. Home decor: Posters, canvas prints, wall art, and other decorative items with custom designs.
  5. Gifts: Customized items such as personalized greeting cards, keychains, and other unique gifts.
  6. Stationery: Customized notebooks, journals, and pens with unique designs and logos.
  7. Technology: Customized phone cases, laptop skins, and tablet covers with unique designs.
  8. Sports merchandise: Customized jerseys, sleeves, and accessories for various sports teams and events.
  9. Pet products: Customized pet clothing, pendants, and accessories with unique designs.
  10. Art prints: Fine art prints of original paintings and photographs, as well as reproductions of classic works.
  11. Custom products: Products that are created to order based on specific customer specifications, such as custom-fit clothing and personalized jewelry.

Above are the major product categories sold and fulfilled by Print on Demand Service providers to online brands worldwide.

Business Opportunities

  1. Entrepreneurs and small business owners: POD allows individuals to start their own e-commerce business without having to invest in a large inventory upfront.
  2. Online store owners: Online store owners can offer a wider range of products without having to worry about holding inventory.
  3. Artists and creatives: POD allows artists and creatives to sell their designs on a variety of products without having to worry about production and fulfillment.
  4. E-commerce brands: E-commerce brands can test new products and designs without having to invest in large quantities.
  5. Event organizers: Event organizers can offer custom merchandise for their events without having to worry about unsold inventory.
  6. Influencers and bloggers: Influencers and bloggers can create and sell merchandise with their own designs, logos, and branding.
  7. Non-profit organizations: Non-profit organizations can create custom merchandise to sell as a fundraising tool.

Print on Demand Services for You

Many businesses that sell print merchandise can benefit from Print on Demand. This model reduces the risk of unsold inventory and ensures satisfaction for everyone involved.

By combining Print on Demand with bulk printing options, you can take advantage of a game-changing business opportunity, particularly for growing brands.

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