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Design and Sell T Shirts Online

A complete guide to learn how to design and sell T-Shirts online with Print on Demand and Dropshipping options. Sell and scale profitably without Inventory.

Design and Sell T Shirts Online Qikink

T-Shirts offer an intense form of personal expression, from comedy to art, motivational messages, corporate swag, fan stuff, and more. T-Shirts are, in many ways, blank canvases for artists.

Regardless of the many T-Shirt designs available, there is always room for originality and creativity. Some T-Shirts have even survived as vintage treasures.

T-Shirts are a must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe. Besides that, by 2025, the global market for customised T-Shirt printing is predicted to exceed $10 billion.

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Because of the success of this product, entrepreneurs have started designing and selling T-Shirts online. Establishing an online T-Shirt business is a popular choice for new and experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs equally.

T-Shirts are inexpensive to source as an online company, have broad appeal, and are reasonably simple to modify.

If you want to design and sell T-Shirts online, you should be aware that it’s a competitive industry in e-commerce.

If you want to be successful, you must ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd. To do this, you must find high-quality products, create your T Shirt designs to sell, and learn how to promote them.

It has always been challenging to start an online business. It’s simple to use, and the only limitation is your creativity. This may appear to be an intimidating procedure, especially if this is your first time launching an e-commerce business. But don’t fear – we’re here to help.

Today, we’ll review everything you need about designing and selling T-Shirts online. You’ll be able to get started with your online T-Shirt business by the end of this article.

Let’s begin!

Scope Of Selling T Shirts Online

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The global T-Shirt market is rising significantly, expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.0% throughout the forecast period from 2019 to 2027, starting from US$ 206.12 Bn in 2018.

The growing popularity of T-Shirts as a branding tool and the increasing demand for T-Shirts with movie, game, and TV series slogans or logos printed on them are key drivers driving the custom T-Shirt printing market expansion.

Because of the industry’s ongoing value growth, the T-Shirt business is profitable. In 2020, the worldwide custom T-Shirt printing industry was estimated to be worth $3.64 billion. According to the same report, it will expand at a compound annual rate of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028.

T-Shirts are specially marketed to the younger audience. One of the key reasons for their popularity among teenagers is that T-Shirts appeal to the creative part of every youngster. 

Teens may customize every aspect of their T-Shirt, including color, design, fabric, logo, and so on, enabling their imagination to run wild as they construct a T-Shirt that reflects their personality, style, and attitude.

As a result, every smart entrepreneur today understands that shoppers buy things that reflect their sense of style, humor, and personality.

Is Selling T Shirts Online Profitable?

Because of the ever-growing worldwide market, selling T-Shirts online is one of the most successful business ideas.

A single T-Shirt business may also target diverse demographics, making the firm customizable. If you know how to sell online, you may start a T-Shirt business. Selling a variety of designs, ranging from amusing slogans and pop culture references to shirts designed as company products.

growth of t shirt industry growth in online selling qikink

This year, the Indian T-Shirt market is expected to exceed Rs. 21,000 crores. Whilst men’s T-Shirts provide the largest chunk of this revenue, women’s T-Shirts are quickly catching up and rising.

As a result, if you want to establish a T-Shirt printing business in India, now is the time to do it.

Make necessary efforts to locate, design, and promote a higher-quality printed T-Shirt. Moreover, the four areas of concentration for each T-Shirt printing firm are designs, reliability, pricing, and marketing and sales.

Additionally, because of the variety of design possibilities available, the purchasing tendency is changing more online than offline.

Furthermore, because there is no requirement for an actual brick-and-mortar store, an online business can be low-risk and cost-effective.

Want To Sell T Shirts Online?

Before we get into the details, let’s take a step back and look at the broad picture. The cost of designing and selling T-Shirts online is quite inexpensive. In general, you will require three elements if you want to sell T-Shirts online, 

  • Unique T-Shirt designs
  • A reliable source for getting your designs printed on T-Shirts
  • A platform to sell your T-Shirts.

There are websites and e-commerce systems that will simplify each process in exchange for a percentage of your revenues. In a later section, we’ll talk about whether those are worthwhile.

Are you ready to get started with Qikink?

Design and Sell T Shirts Online In 7 Steps

1. Build A Business Strategy And Choose A Profitable niche

Knowing your target market is crucial before you launch your online T-Shirt business. The T-Shirt business is oversaturated, and to succeed, you must determine what your goals are.

Analyze the market and select a niche before starting an online t-shirt business. Consider your target demographic and the types of designs they would prefer.

Although offering the most popular things might be a fantastic plan for starting an online T-Shirt brand, distinguishing out is more vital.

Selecting a particular market will increase your chances of generating money online. The audience in a certain niche may be smaller, but conversions are generally higher.

But, keep in mind that favorable data analysis does not ensure that your T-Shirts will sell. Instead, utilize the material to develop a business plan, which is a thorough proposal that can assist you in establishing your small business.

By directing your future actions, a strong strategy may help your business in growing and develop. It will also boost the reputation of your brand, allowing you to seek investment or resources and add personnel. People want to know you know what you’re doing before they become involved.

In your online T-Shirt business plan, you should consider including the following components:

Niche – This is the precise industry segment you are aiming for

Mission, History, and Objectives of the business –  Consider why you’ve decided to launch your own online T-Shirt business and what you intend to accomplish.

Market dynamics –  Utilize analytics to determine who you want to promote the T-Shirts.

Competitor Analysis – Research your fellow competitors and learn from them.

Product Description – Choose the type of T-Shirt you will make, such as graphic, business, or customized.

Marketing Plan –  Determine your marketing budget and list the advertising strategies you want to utilize.

Business Accounting – Set a method for tracking your money, including the balance, cash flows, income, profits, and losses.

Business structure –  Develop a systematic structure for your company to help with management, oversight, and decision-making.

Legal papers – Compile the essential documentation to legalize your small business and secure the relevant licenses and permissions. This will be explained later in the article.

Find a problem that your product can solve. Some T-Shirts are “simply for fun.” Others have a clear goal in mind: to remove a pain point that customers may be experiencing.

2. Find A Supplier And Test The Quality Of The Products

Your print provider will be the one to bring your items to life. When comparing different print services, keep the following in mind:

High-Quality Goods:

Let me tell you the truth: It makes no difference how beautiful your designs are if the products fall apart within a week.

As a result, it’s advisable to narrow down your vendors and then purchase a few test samples from them. This way, you can see and feel the quality of the items for yourself.

When it comes to printed materials, it’s also vital to look at how easily the ink rubs off.

And don’t only look at the things you want to start selling right away; try to obtain a sense of the quality of everything on the market. You never know when you might want to increase your product range.

Quick Shipment Times:

Customers these days expect quick shipping times when purchasing online, thanks to programmes like Amazon Prime.

So, if delivery takes a long time or things are late, it will be difficult to develop a positive brand reputation and gain repeat business from delighted consumers.

As a result, while selecting a supplier, it’s critical to examine the usual shipment time. Customers should ideally receive their items within one week after making an order.

Fair Product Prices And Delivery Charges:

Quality and speed are important parts of a successful business, but expenses may be even more important.

Selecting a vendor with high product and delivery prices may result in lower margins—that is, less profit per sale. This can harm your business’s growth since you’ll have less money to invest in things like Facebook advertising.

Possibilities For Customization And Printing:

Customisation possibilities are frequently available from print-on-demand companies. Based on your requirements, you may want a lot of customization and printing choices or only a few.

Do you intend to sell items with simple logos? Or do you want to use a variety of designs to showcase your artistic abilities? It’s also worth considering what unique packaging alternatives each company offers.

Make sure the supplier you pick meets your design and branding requirements.

3. Create Your T Shirt Designs

Before printing, you need designs that match the objective of your brand. If you’re launching a T-Shirt business to showcase your drawings, paintings, or digital designs, make sure they’re saved as the proper digital files that can be used by your preferred printing service. 

If you create intricate patterns, you should usually conduct some test printing to ensure that everything prints clearly on the shirts. If you’re just getting started with design, there are several free tutorials available for Adobe Photoshop and Canva.

There are also dozens of fantastic artists whose work you may commission through companies such as Creative Market, Fiverr, and Upwork.

When you locate an artist, you can buy their work outright, but if you have a solid relationship with the artist and want to continue working with them, a profit-sharing partnership may be more viable in the long run.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you may gain inspiration for new designs by looking at T-Shirt sales data on Etsy or utilizing the programme Jungle Scout (which shows you how many units a product has sold on Amazon).

A Google trends search of numerous slogans you wish to develop for your shirts will also show you which are the most popular and likely to sell.

4. Create Mockups With Your Designs

Customers will want to see how the T-Shirts appear on actual persons once the designs are complete.

A mockup is a model or copy of a product that is prepared for design review before the production of the actual item.

In the case of T-Shirts, the mockup is a photo of a blank T-Shirt onto which you overlay the desired design using photo editing software. You could even show a model wearing the T-Shirt mockup to show buyers how it would appear on them.

Don’t be concerned if you lack photo editing skills. Many T-Shirt mockup generators are available for creating T-Shirt mockups.

Placeit is a simple service that provides you with a collection of images of blank T-Shirt goods onto which you may print your designs. You may also check stock picture packages that include images of people wearing various outfits. It’s a great platform to create mockups for your designs.

5. Create A Website To Sell Custom T Shirts Online 

Now that you have your T-Shirt designs and mockups it’s time to launch your shop. As noted in the validation section, getting started with Shopify is quick and simple, and you may begin with a free trial.

There are a few T-Shirt print-on-demand platforms like Qikink that integrate directly with your Shopify store, allowing you to start accepting orders right away. Every time you get an order, Qikink will print and ship your T-Shirts to your customers on your behalf.

Because there is no need to purchase or keep any inventory upfront, it is an excellent way to get started. Most of all, you may use your design on additional printable products such as mugs and tote bags.

If you currently have a WordPress website, using WooCommerce to handle eCommerce is more convenient. WooCommerce is a fantastic platform for selling a variety of things (physical, digital, or downloadable).

You may use the platform to establish a subscription-based business or basic bookings. People pick this platform because of its unmatched customization choices and access to free WordPress features.

You must actively advertise your merchandise efforts on social media. A substantial chunk of your audience accesses your online businesses directly from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and others.

Utilize targeted advertising and relevant links to bring your followers to the official merch website. You may attract individuals from various accounts by utilizing appropriate hashtags.

Moreover, collaborating with bloggers who have hundreds or millions of followers so that you may attract new clients. Look for exciting partnerships, giveaways, and other engagement activities.

6. Register Your Business Online

You should register your new business as a sole proprietorship or an LLC, depending on whether you want to make it a full-time venture or just a side gig. Your business will receive extra tax advantages if you register as an LLC.

Registering your T-Shirt firm is essential, just like any other business. It not only helps to prevent legal complications, but it also shows potential customers that you are professional and serious about running a company.

Also, it will be easy to obtain any financial assistance or resources.

This is a quick guide to registering a business online:

Domain name – Verify the availability of the business name in your location.

Make a legal entity out of your business. It is suggested, to begin with, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), however other forms, such as a corporation or partnership with investors, are also available.

Go to and search for a brand name combination. There are also several online tools available to help you choose a good domain name.

These days, there are also several extensions. Choose one and registering your domain name .com is an excellent choice if you want to reach a worldwide audience today or in the future.

Apply for a resale certificate, copyright protection, and the relevant licences, such as state and local business licences. Permits for safety are also required.

Create a new bank account and credit card; keep your personal and business finances apart.

Begin documenting and maintaining accurate financial accounting.

Register your brand’s trademark as soon as possible. If there is already a strong brand like yours in your market, there is less probability that you will utilize that brand in the future.

You can apply through online service providers or a trademark consultant lawyer in each city.

7. Promote Your Custom T Shirt Store Online 

After everything is in place and the website is up, it’s time to implement one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies: social media marketing. It is vital to be present on numerous social media sites and to publish material frequently.

Make the most of Instagram, especially if your target demographic is young. Display the shirt designs with relevant hashtags.

Use social media comments, articles, live broadcasts, and IGTV to interact with potential consumers. Don’t forget to include a link to your online store in your profile’s bio area.

Get possibilities to communicate with influencers and other T-Shirt businesses as well. You might be able to get product placements or endorsement partnerships that would increase brand recognition.

You may use advertisements to increase traffic and sales in addition to using social media accounts to produce organic content.

Facebook for Business

Is sure to use Facebook Advertising as well. Not only does the social networking platform have about 3 billion active monthly users. But it is also popular across various demographic categories.

It enables users to target their potential clients based on variables such as their hobbies, career, gender, and geography.

Facebook advertising may also be tracked in real-time to obtain information at any time. If you are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of your online T-Shirt business’s digital marketing plan, you may make modifications right immediately.

After people start visiting your online business, remember to develop an email list and give updates to consumers whenever new designs are released.

For your online T-Shirt business, Google AdWords is an excellent location to develop advertising campaigns. But, keep in mind that the site is keyword-focused. So you must first analyze the search volume of phrases connected to your company.

The technology allows users to target clients based on a variety of factors, including their device and location. It also features a retargeting tool for recapturing the attention of consumers who have previously interacted with your business.

Final Thoughts

Whether running or growing your online T-Shirt business, regardless of whether you’re simply a startup or extending an established brand, it’s crucial to keep your enthusiasm and creativity alive. 

The benefit of a T-Shirt business is that you may continue to introduce new product lines and uncover new client groups throughout the world.

The T-Shirt sector is large, which means that there is plenty of room for new products to enter the market. Maintaining open lines of communication with your customers, influencer partners, and fans is essential to success.

Building a business that keeps customers close to heart requires a solid e-commerce foundation.

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1. Is It Possible To Sell T Shirts Without Having Inventory?

The print-on-demand eCommerce business model allows you to sell online without any inventory. It’s a great option to start an online T-Shirt business as it has little to no upfront expenses and saves time. With the print-on-demand business model, there is no need to stock or create your T-Shirts.

2. What do you need to start a T Shirt business?

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to make a few designs and list them on a print-on-demand website.

3. What is the cost of starting a T Shirt business?

The budget needed to launch a T-Shirt business is largely dependent on its intended scale. The three major expenses to consider are labor, blank T-Shirts, and equipment. If you don’t have a significant budget, consider adopting print-on-demand. Using this concept, you can easily sell T-Shirts online.

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