Shopify Integration

Integrate Your Shopify Store with Qikink

Qikink Shopify

Integration Can be done after Signup with Qikink

Add/Edit Design

Designs details such as Design name,code,width,Height,Placement and Design URL needed to be added for every design

To Add/Edit Design : Login-> Integration-> Design List

Qikink Dashboard Add Design2
    All your design details should be updated in our design list.

Shopify Credentials

Shopify API Key and PasswordLogin in to Shopify

      • Login to Your Shopify account
      • In the Menu click on “Apps”
      • In Apps Page click on Click on Manage Private Apps, Usually found on Center Bottom.



    • Here Click on Create Private app, Give the app a Name and in the “Admin API” Block give Read Permissions to (Product,Variants and Collections) and (Order transactions and Fullfillments)


    Click on Save and now you will be displayed with API Key, Password etc.


Integrate your Shopify with Qikink

        • Shopify API keys should be properly added in Qikink.


    To Update Credentials: Integration-> Shopify-> API Keys
      The vendor value for all your Shopify products should be “QIKINK” on your website.



Synchronization with Your Store

To Synchronize the shopify Products with Qikink

Integration ->Shopify -> Sync/Integrate -> Click On Sync with Qikink button

To View the Synchronized Products:  Integration-> Shopify-> Shopify Products.

To add your Products Variants with Qikink Click on Map Variants Button.

Fill the Details such as Product Size, Color, Design code(saved designs will be listed)  for all the product variations and click Save.

To Synchronize Product variants Click on Sync Now Button.

    If you are updating the products in your website like adding extra size etc, click on product sync and map the additional variations.


    To Update Your variations: Integration-> Shopify-> Shopify Products

Get Orders From Shopify to Qikink

Orders -> Shopify Orders -> Click on Get Orders From My Store

Note *If the Orders are Not Mapped,it get will goes to Unmapped Ordes to View Unmapped Orders: Orders -> Shopify Unmapped Orders.

To Map it Click On Map Variants Fill the details and click sync now

To View Orders

Orders -> All Orders