How To Optimize a Print On Demand eCommerce Website For Conversions? (Step-by-Step Guide to Double Your Conversion Rate)

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Learn Print on Demand Website Optimization for Conversion techniques from this detailed 14-point guide. These are easy to implement on any CMS platform and quick to see the results. Read through, implement, and let us know the results in the comments.

According to Melih Ozatalay from smart fines marketing, “Without marketing, there will be no market, no customers, no market share, and no product.” If your efforts are not as effective, you cannot capture leads. Therefore, you need to give utmost importance to “CRO.”

CRO means conversion rate optimization. Lots of businesses have a myth that purchases, and conversions happen immediately. However, this isn’t true. You need to optimize your website to roll out conversions.

A lot of you who are reading this guide might be thinking that traffic drives conversions. But this is just an incomplete answer. Driving traffic to your website takes many days, weeks, or even months. But you can get conversions even without getting traffic.

It is possible to do so by increasing the conversion rate. The conversion rate will generate sales, and your business will have revenue at the end.

Everyone wants to stick with this formula – 

More visitors = More conversions

Neil Patel (Digital marketing guru) says, “The conversion rate for eCommerce companies is not too high because the checkout process is complex.”

You might have heard about this buzzword many times. But we will not confuse you anymore as increasing conversions is a goldmine for every business.

What Is Conversion Rate?

Conversion is the desired action that a customer takes on your website. An action is not restricted to purchase only. Conversion can include buying a product, adding the product to the cart, signing up for your newsletter, downloading a free conversion rate optimization guide, etc. According to HubSpot, “The average conversion rate of the food and beverage sector is 5.5%. and the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites is 1.78% globally.

Oberlo Data on Website Optimization for conversion

From this data, we can understand that the food and beverage industry have the highest conversion rate than the ecommerce sector. 

Smart insights say, “Conversion rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) for measuring the effectiveness of e-commerce websites.” Now you understand that conversion rate is an important metric you can’t ignore while building your business.

How To Calculate The Conversion Rate?

There is a simple formula to calculate the conversion rate. We termed this formula as a conversion rate calculator.

Conversion rate = No of conversions/ Total visitors * 100

What Is CRO? (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Square for Website Optimization conversion rate qikink

CRO is all about convincing your visitors to buy products from you so that they take action on your website. Optimized e-commerce websites lead to a higher conversion rate.

If we put more light on the term “CRO,” then it is converting website visitors into prospects and customers so that they can take some sort of action on it.

Let us hear the words from “Oren Mukades” who is a cofounder at Nuloox –

Here are the 3 simple yet cost-effective strategies that you can follow to increase your conversions-

  • Think like a visitor
  • Answer questions that prospects might have
  • Guide the visitor like a pro

A great example of this is the square homepage.

How Do You Define Whether Your Website Has A High Or Low Conversion Rate?

If your website looks good, is appropriately structured, and formatted well, loads faster than it means your website has a high conversion rate. On the contrary, if your website is slow and takes more time to load, it has a low conversion rate. Use these Print on Demand Website Optimization for Conversion techniques to improve conversion rates.

This is just a glimpse to differentiate between high and low conversion rates.

Example Of High Converting Website

Mint is high converting website because of the following reasons –

  • It has an attractive web design.
  • The website takes not less than 2 seconds to download
  • There is plenty of white space between words.
  • It has a clear value proposition as it highlights what Mint is about. It is clear from the landing page that Mint allows you to manage all your finances in one place.
  • It has actionable CTAs that are eye-catching and appealing.

14 Best Strategies To Optimize eCommerce Website For Conversions

We will explore the 14 best strategies based on industry research and practices that help you optimize your eCommerce website for high conversions. By implementing these strategies, you can boost your conversions and sales, regardless of whether you are a small business owner or a large eCommerce enterprise.

1. Improve Your SEO For Print On Demand Website Optimization For Conversion

SEO Print on Demand eCommerce Website Optimization

Optimize your website with SEO so that customers can find you . But the question here is how to improve SEO.

  • Use keywords in your website naturally
  • Use keywords in the meta description, emphasize on long tail keywords, and do linking of blog posts

When you leverage these techniques, your online visibility will increase, and your website SEO score will improve instantly.

2. Improve Your Site Speed

Site Speed for Print on Demand eCommerce Website Conversion Optimization

If you want your bounce rate to be less so you must ensure that your website is not taking too much time to load quickly. It does not matter even if the website is interactive or if you have invested in high-quality images; if the website speed is slow, you might lose your visitors.

If you want to hook your customers, then make sure to check out the speed of your website. Slow website speed will frustrate your readers thereby increasing the cart abandonment rate.

According to Neil Patel “, 47% of consumers expect that website should load in 2 seconds or less than that”. It simply means that visitors are not there to stay for longer if the website takes too much time.

A popular saying is, “Slow loading websites kill your conversion.”

Then, how to improve your website speed?

  • Compress the images on your website
  • Remove unnecessary plugins and extensions.
  • Improving server response time
  • Check your website speed using google speed insights. This is a free tool that will audit your site and enable you to evaluate performance on desktop and mobile.

3. Conduct A/B Tests

AB Test Print on Demand eCommerce Website Conversion Optimization

This is a really great technique to see which headings, sales copy, and CTA convert more visitors. For example, if you show videos on one version and text on another, you can check which version gets more visitors and conversions.

Let’s suppose Version A performs better than version B; then your go-to choose will be version A. A/B testing allows you to measure the performance of both versions. Create a test page where you will compare both versions as to which one leads to more clicks. The A/B test technique best determines what works out best and what does not.

You can use the A/B test to evaluate which 2 headlines and content, or which 2 CTAs are more clickable and concrete.

4. Invest in High-Quality Product Photos

Product Photos for Print on Demand eCommerce Website Conversion Optimization

You might have heard, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” If your website has stunning and high-quality photos, customers buy from you. You can even hire a professional photographer to capture your product shots and upload them on your website if you have a budget.

You can place the product images in such a position so that customers can see the size and quality of your product. Add top-notch pictures of products and explainer videos so customers can know more about an item.

High-quality photos mean adding close-up photos of your products and showing them from different angles so that customers can understand how to use this product and what benefits they can get. Please provide a zoom-in and zoom-out feature in your product so that customers can feel the visual.

For example – If you head over to the Gopro website, then people can visualize by looking at stunning graphics and get to know that the product is a versatile camera and has a compact design that allows you to carry it anywhere.

5. Add A Benefits Bar On Your Website

Benefits Bar Print on Demand eCommerce Website Conversion Optimization

When customers are scrolling back and forth on your website, they are looking for solutions that can reduce their pain or make their lives comfortable.

Example: If you head over to the AO website, then it shows a benefit bar on the top of the page which includes various elements such as price match promise, Free 100 days return, rated excellent, Next day delivery, 7 days in a week, Pay with AO finance.

It is always better to highlight the benefits of your product, such as:

  • When the product is available,
  • How long the delivery takes,
  • What payment options are available
  • How to get the product, returns, and refunds, if any.

6. Check For Distractions On Your Website

Elements Print on Demand Website eCommerce Optimization

If your website has too many distracting elements, it might affect your performance.

Your aim should not be to distract the visitor. Instead, focus on achieving a single goal that focuses on fulfilling visitors’ needs. Sometimes you don’t need a sidebar on your website inviting visitors to sign up for your email list.

There are many SEO audit tools that you can use such as content king, ahrefs audit site, growth bar, site hacker, google search console, etc., to check whether your website is optimized or not. These tools will help you to do a thorough site audit.

7. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive Print on Demand Website Optimization

Another strategy to help your business improve its conversion rate is making your website mobile responsive. Don’t judge the patience of mobile visitors.

If you keep an eye on a statistic brought you by email marketer 2022, “40.1 % of customers made their purchases through the mobile device.” Now you can realize that the number of mobile visitors is increasing each day.

If your website is not mobile responsive, you are losing an ample opportunity. Whenever you are creating your website, make sure to check it out on mobile phones. Make your buttons larger and use an easy-to-understand font so that customers need not worry to zoom in and zoom out.

To check whether your website is mobile responsive or not, you can check the mobile compatibility of your website using the google mobile-friendly test. This test will tell you whether your site is mobile optimized or not.

Having the website mobile responsive and optimized is high priority in Print on Demand Website Optimization for Conversion.

8. Smoothen Your Checkout Process

Checkout Print on Demand Website Optimization

According to, 69.99% of customers have abandoned their cart. Why do customers abandon their carts? The reason is pretty simple. It is due to a lengthy and complicated checkout process.

When you provide a seamless user experience as and when customers place an order till they check out, their checkout journey will become much more manageable. Make the checkout process quick and easy.

Don’t make the journey of customers complex by providing fewer payment options. Even if the customer is not feeling comfortable making online payments, then offer an additional COD (cash on delivery) option.


  • Your website can provide the receipt of an order after a customer purchases your products.
  • Provide multiple payment options to customers so that customers need not worry about leaving your site for no reason.
  • Provide a summary of all the items ordered by the customer so that customers can preview all products added to the cart.

Example: Nike always shows its customers a summary page so that they can preview the items before making the payment.

9. Include Compelling CTAs

CTA Print on Demand eCommerce Website Optimization

Design CTAs using bright colors and place them strategically as CTAs are the main drivers of increasing your conversions. Don’t confuse your visitors by placing too many CTAs on your website like add to cart, add to Wishlist or buy now.

When using CTA buttons, use actionable buttons that tell the visitors what you want them to do.

Make your CTAs clear and crisp; they can guide visitors as to how they can add an item to the cart or start the checkout process. Make sure that the CTA button is visible no matter where the user scrolls on the website.

Remember! A confused mind can’t buy anything.

Example: Nature Air allows the visitors to book a flight ticket by showing a CTA button, “Book now.” CTA is direct, crisp, and straightforward.

10. Allow The Customers To Check Out As Guests

Don’t force your visitors to log in for checkout. Let the customers check out as guests, and why should you force them to do so? Allow customers to buy products from you by providing an added advantage where they can purchase without creating an account.

Guest Checkout Print on Demand Website

11. Create High-Quality Product Descriptions

Salsify’s CEO once said, “Consumers are price conscious, but the factor that makes them reluctant to buy your product is product content.”

If you think people don’t read your product descriptions, then you should emphasize creating high-quality product descriptions.

Your product descriptions should talk more about benefits rather than highlighting features. Make your text easy to read, use simple language and create a story around your products that entices visitors to make a purchase.

12. Improve Your Website Navigation

Navigation for Print on Demand Website

Do you want to improve your conversion rate? Then, make your website easy to navigate. There should be a clear navigational panel to help visitors find your products/services and contact you in case of any doubts/queries. Customers should know what they will get by clicking on a particular category.

13. Remind Your Customers By Sending Emails

The next best strategy you can adopt is emailing your customers to remind them to complete their purchases. You can send emails to your current customers on the first, second, third days and so on and make them realize they are missing an ample opportunity.

Don’t let the abandoned cart go unnoticed.

Reach out to users and remarket them using personalized emails and nurture them until they become ready to buy the final product. Offer them coupons or discounts, so they will not feel they have to buy forcefully without getting any incentive.

Example: Look at amazon (the world’s largest online retailer) usually sends emails to customers who abandon their cart. Amazon tries to remind its customers by showing the photo of the item left in the shopping cart along with the link to complete the purchase.

email followup for Print on Demand Website

14. Make Your Site Secure

Site Security Print on Demand Website

Many times, customers land on your website but feel insecure. Sometimes websites become a red flag for customers. What makes the customer feel insecure? When customers land on the website and find these things as mentioned –

  • No about us page
  • Missing contact information
  • Spam URLs
  • No reviews and testimonials from previous clients
  • Using HTTP instead of HTTPS
  • Images are not loading
  • Broken Links
  • Poor navigation
  • CTA buttons are not working


Why do you still have a low or no conversion rate?

  • Non-attractive website
  • The website is not responsive
  • Low-quality images
  • No CTA
  • Low website speed

What leads to a high conversion rate on websites?

  • Optimize your landing pages
  • Use high-quality product images
  • Add testimonials of your existing customers
  • Use actionable CTAs
  • Provides multiple payment options

How to track conversion rate?

There are 2 things to track conversion rate on your website –

  • Set up a conversion tracking system such as google analytics that allows you to measure the performance of your website from time to time
  • Use heat mapping and user recording software that allows you to track what people are doing on your website.

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