Design and Sell T-Shirts Online

How many times have you wondered where to start? Looking for any step by step guide to design and sell T-Shirts?

Qikink presents the ultimate “How to” guide to launch your T-Shirt store to design and sell T-Shirts online, covering all essential and advanced topics. Learn and research your own to get started immedidately.

Your customers are waiting to purchase your T-Shirts.

Business Setup

Step 1: Business Registration

Though this is not mandatory, we advise you to get GST number to avail input tax credits and for smart accounting parties.

Step 2: Register a Domain

Go straight to, search for a combination of brand names. There are also enough online tools to suggest you a good domain name.

There are a lot of extensions as well these days. Decide on one and register your domain name. .com will be an ideal choice if you are looking to target a global audience now or in the future.

Step 3: Trademark Registration

Register the trademark for your brand as early as possible. If there is a strong brand like yours already in your market, then there is less chance for you to use that brand further.

You can apply from online service companies or there will be a trademark consultant lawyer in every city.

Step 4: E-Commerce Platform

Shopify is an ideal choice for beginners. If you already have PHP or WordPress experience, you can build a woo commerce website as well.

You can use this simple post to learn and decide about the e-commerce platform to use with print on demand and drop shipping services, Like here

Step 5: Payment Gateway

Selecting a payment gateway for your e-commerce store is as important as selecting the platform.

It is also depends upon the ecommerce platform selected. There are top E-Commerce Payment gateways in India like CCAvenue, PayU, RazorPay, CashFree, Paytm etc.

You can check the prices, annual maintenance fee, upfront payment if any, support level, ease of dashboard use, payment days and platform integration support to decide on the right one.

Bring out original ideas for your small audience set. Do not go by any standards. Do not compare your brand with any other brand out there.

Get creative to bring out original designs however stupid it may be for you to your small set of audience group.

Convert your passion, ideas, sketches, design inspirations, photos into print-ready graphics files from various tools like Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Canva etc.

There are options to use external agencies to get your design requirements done for your ideas and inspirations.

You need to make sure the t-shirt designs are high resolutions with PNG or TIFF format. The minimum DPI required to print on a t-shirt will be 150 DPI.

To have a good quality of print on the t-shirts and other apparels, get the design files with 300 DPI resolution.

Once the business setup, designs are ready. It is time to get started with the vendor and products listings. You can signup with without any upfront payment and true B2B pricing for a huge variety of products.

If you have the platform on Shopify, you can easily use push products. Upload your designs in the mockup generator, save the product and push them to your website. You shopify store will be filled with your designer products. The shopify store’s orders will be fulfilled automatically.

If you have platform other than shopify, you can upload the designs into mockup generator and download the mockups. Manually upload the designs into your online store.

Also go through the products list, printing and shipping services available. Choose your niche for your brand to best fit for your audience.

Webstore Basics

Website is your platform to design and sell online.

Setting up a website looks very simple, but every step has to be done with much clarity and planning to have a smooth order flow.

We should get orders continuously from day 1, right? Have a look at the following points while setting up your web store

1. Website Architecture

Do not have a confusing architecture of web page. As a thumb rule, you should not be 3 pages away from the home page.

2. About us

This is as important as your product page, fill this with your heart with as real info as you could.

3. Contact us

Give a clear address, phone number and email address with a form to contact you at any point in time.

4. Product Description

Give as much information as possible related to the product like its features, unique features, the design aspects, the design inspiration, a story about the design, special points, product wash care, courier timelines, etc.

5. SEO Aspects

Get the Meta Title and Meta Description right with a perfect mix of combinations.

Also, utilize all the content area with the right mix of keywords and long tail keywords. Get the images to minimum possible size with alt tag setup.

6. Product images

Get as colorful as possible when it comes to product images. Customers like variety with product images and designs.

7. Checkout Process

Make the checkout process as easy as possible with a maximum of 3 steps without any distractions for the customers during the process.

8. Exit Popup

Use exit popup to offer your largest offers. When your customers try to exit the page apart from thank you page, you should show your biggest offer to convince the customer to purchase a t-shirt.

9. Subscriber List

Showcase a subscriber like with text like “Signup for 10% OFF” or so. Once a subscriber added to your list, you can easily target with emails for a lifetime.


Plan your first 50 sales without spending anything on advertising. Get the word our into your community, family, friends and their circle and so on.

Observe the feedback about the products, understand the process and improve every bit of it.

Start with influencer marketing for shout outs. Send them freebies and get followers and sales from that.

Move on to actual Ad spends with Facebook Ads. Install Facebook Pixel. Start with your best few designs very narrowly targeted to the audience.

Create various types of Ad sets and measure the performance of each one.

Try a various type of Ad sets for various campaigns and kill the underperforming ones and double down on the best-performing ones.

Keep monitoring the same and keep improving on the ad sets and niche targeting. The more you measure and learn, the more your advertisement will be profitable.

Google advertisement can give you an advantage from search results. But you should have a good brand appeal, nice website, proper SEO, good page speed, more reviews to benefit from the Google Adwords completely.

You can try display ads on partner websites with re-marketing. We are also coming up another complete guide for Facebook Advertisement and Google Adwords.

Order Processing

If your store is linked to Qikink Dashboard, your orders will automatically go to the dashboard.

You have to call and confirm your COD orders to reduce returns and make the orders live. Once it’s live, Qikink team will print on demand and ship the orders in 2 days.

Use custom branding options to showcase yourself as a better brand. You can use,
1. Free Custom Brand Sticker on the courier packet
2. Free Custom Brand Name and Contact Number in the Address Space
3. Custom Neck Labels
4. Thank you Card
5. Hang Tag
6. Custom Printed Courier Cover

Qikink packs the orders with great care by keeping cardboard inside so that your customers receive the product as we pack them. And not as a bundle of fabric.

Once the order is dispatched from our side, the dashboard displays the shipping details and the same will be updated in your store as well if it’s integrated.

Scale Up

Scaling up your brand is a challenging one, but that is where the sweet spot is right?

Qikink has all the necessary setup to make you hugely profitable if you can use them in the right way.

If you selling 50 designs and 5 of them are selling in good numbers every day, convert them into screen printed products at almost 2/3 of the cost and stock them with Qikink.

Qikink will dispatch those products when you get an order by charging only for shipping. You earn better margins from your best selling designs.

Measure and do this for all your best selling designs. Keep creating more best selling designs by experimenting with many more DTG designs.

Being in the merchandise business, you can take orders from local events, develop good reviews for custom t-shirts in google to get more such enquiries.

Everyone in your friends and professional circle should know to whom they should turn to for any such T-Shirt requirement.

Qikink can do Bulk Custom T-Shirt Printing in the promised timeline and superb quality.

Likewise, there are many opportunities for scaling your brand from garage to a popular merchandise brand.

There are unique products to sell like Canvas Shoes, Pre-Printed T-Shirts, Glow in Dark Print, Canvas Prints, etc.

International Sales

You can design and sell online internationally as well. Qikink prints and ships to 125+ countries from India.

Design for a specific niche and target with a good brand and trust appeal to have better conversion rates.

Qikink used DHL and FedEx for international deliveries and all of them can be tracked.


Qikink is a one-stop destination for all your merchandise fulfillment.

You can start slowly and get a good number of sales by concentrating on niche designs and clever marketing.

Sell Print on Demand T-Shirts, Polo, SweatShirts, Tank Tops, Crop Tops with good prices and drop shipping options in India.

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