T-Shirt Dropshipping: How To Profit From Most Popular Dropshipping Product?

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T-Shirt is a very important and unavoidable product in the world of print-on-demand and dropshipping. We are going to see in detail about print-on-demand and drop shipping options available for T-Shirts. Also about various product styles in T-Shirts.

You might be wondering about the competition to sell T-Shirts online. There are thousands of brands selling T-Shirts online in India with custom-made websites and marketplaces.

There are definite ways to make T-Shirt dropshipping profitable with custom branding and print-on-demand options.

You’ve come to the right place if you are wondering to start a dropshipping business.

How To Dropship T Shirts?

You sell T-Shirts from a third-party manufacturer with his design or with his design and just plain. After a sale, the manufacturer will print your design, and brand name and deliver the T-Shirt to your customer.

Find a reliable T-Shirt manufacturer who dropships. Open an account with him with your designs and brand labels. Qikink uses premium quality plain T-Shirts from TeeTalkies

Focus on designing, marketing, and branding to bring in sales continuously. Do not need to worry about manufacturing, merchandising, inventory management, printing, branding, packing, and any logistics hassles. Dropshipping in India works ease with the right partners.

Customers pay you in retail price and you pay the manufacturer in wholesale price. The difference makes your profit.

Dropshipping vs Traditional Commerce

Vivek(Maybe you!) wants to build a brand and grow it online by selling merchandise with the designs he likes or which he designs. After thorough online research, he understood that T-Shirts sell more than all other merchandise combined.

He wanted to start with designer T-Shirts under his brand. He is very serious about Quality and Branding. He spent a lot of time designing and selecting designs, now the designs and brand collaterals are ready.

Vivek started searching for T-Shirt manufacturers and printers, everyone has their fair limitations. Some wanted orders only above 500 pcs per design, some wanted designs to be solid colours only.

He got frustrated he cannot rework all the designs and that he cannot do tons of tees in stock also, he is not sure which design will sell and which will not(Obviously, who knows?!).

Saddened Vivek learns about on-demand digital T-Shirt printing services in India. He decides to give it a try though it costs a bit more than the bulk screen printing prices.

After crossing the learning curve about presenting the design files to the print team etc, Vivek is happily following the print-on-demand model for selling T-Shirts online.

It gives him the time he needs to create a solid brand with the efforts put into Designing, Content Creating, Social Media Posts, Engagement, Getting Customer feedback, and so on.

Now, this is the way brands are built with limited resources for a niche product to a niche audience. Selling T-Shirts online comes with its limitations concerning garment sizes, colour shades, style options, designs, etc.

You can choose a drop shipper with print-on-demand systems like Qikink, which has a large variety of T-shirt styles with deep inventory and systems in place for on-time dispatch.

Points To Choose POD Companies

Analyse the clothing dropshipping suppliers in India with the points mentioned below before signing up and start placing orders

  • Print Quality on White and Dark Color Garments
  • The range of Men, Women’s, and Kid’s T-Shirts
  • Sweatshirts for Adults and Children
  • Compare Prices
  • The Shipping prices for single-piece orders and bulk orders for forward and reverse shipping
  • Cash on Delivery Charges
  • Get a sample to check the quality, garment size, and quality
  • Dispatch timeline and courier partners used
  • International shipping prices
  • Ease of placing the orders
  • Cash on Delivery value Payment to your account
  • Invoicing and GST Input Credits system
  • Return shipment handling
  • Quality of Mockups
  • Bulk order prices
  • Support System
  • Any Monthly Fee/Deposit/Minimum Payment involved for Signup

Range of T Shirts In Qikink

Best Practices For T Shirt Dropshipping

The Best business is selling a valuable product or service to a customer for a profit and making them come back and buy more. Here we are going to see some best practices to be followed in the dropshipping business to maximize profits and minimize after-sale hassles.

Use all the services from the Drop Shipper like Courier Account. Using the drop shipper’s courier account will make them accountable for delivery delays, shipment losses, returns, etc.

As a Brand Owner, you should concentrate on the print design aspects, website improvement, customer retention, Branding, marketing, and sales improvements. That’s the key to sales volume increase and profits as well.

Display all the information clearly on your website such as

  • Product size chart,
  • printing method,
  • Dispatch timeline,
  • Expected delivery period,
  • Return Policy,
  • Fabric composition
  • Payment Methods

Customers should make an informed decision, this will considerably reduce the returns and increase the gross margin.

Use branded Neck labels on garments. These small changes will enhance your brand image a lot to the customer. This will result in a better lifetime value for a customer.

After receiving the order, check all the details in every order. There may be a lot of mistakes, mainly in the COD orders. Note down all the issues, call the customer one by one, and ask for missing/wrong information.

In this way, you are also confirming the COD orders whether they want this or not. This will reduce the COD returns considerably. Thus increase in margins and dead stock.

You are doing Dropshipping to avoid inventory hassles, but COD returns may turn to dead inventory if there are no re-orders for that design. So reducing the COD returns is very important for a brand.

Maintain at least one social media profile (Also a WhatsApp number will be helpful) wherein your customers can reach out faster and actively respond to all queries within an hour time.

Since we are doing digital printing, there may be a slight(5% to 10%) difference in colour shades. Your customers should also know this in advance.

Record and analyze your customer data and spend more advertising budget to target them in your ad campaigns apart from niche targeting. This will considerably increase your ROI over marketing spending.

Do designs consider the digital printing options, small prints with more colours will be less costly in digital printing and large prints with fewer colours will be less costly in screen printing.

More designs will NOT bring more sales. Each design should be crafted uniquely by having a niche customer base in mind. One good(niche-appropriate) design will bring a lot more orders than 100 average(general) designs. Target Group advertising on Facebook will be possible only with niche designs.

Position your brand uniquely for a niche audience at least for the initial startup period. Therein you can target them and showcase your products easily on social media, which results in an increased conversion rate.


Being said this, there are also some general best practices to be followed as a business entity.

Record each data like a sale, return, customer data, cancellation, compliments, complaints, etc. Analyze them over some time and learn from them to do better.

Selling T-Shirts is a simple business to do, you can do that from anywhere in the world, and you can also manage that while holidaying or even while at a full-time job. Having a weekly and monthly targets and striving for them works better.

One mandatory skill that you require to succeed in this business is Digital Marketing, particularly in Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

You can never go wrong with T-Shirt selling business because you are going to print an order only after receiving the order.

Though there are some best practices to be followed to be successful, they are can be learned over time by running more and more campaigns and delivering more and more products.

Are you ready to get started with Qikink?

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