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Welcome to Qikink’s collection of custom home and living accessories! There is a  wide range of unique products that are perfect for customizing and a touch of personality to any space. With our print-on-demand service, you can have your designs printed on high-quality products and delivered straight to your customer’s door. 

From tote bags to notepads, acrylic posters to custom stickers, we have everything you need to make your home truly your own. Plus, with our dropshipping options, you can start your own POD business with ease. Browse our collection today and discover the possibilities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Home and living accessories like tote bags, notepads, etc can be customized with unique designs and printed only when you receive an order from your customer. Using print on demand to sell custom home and living products enables you to sell products without holding any inventory or paying upfront. 

Qikink offers a variety of custom home and living products including totebags, posters, notepads, coasters, coffee mugs, bottles, canvas prints, stickers, drawstring bags, enamel mugs, Aprons, and more. Prices range from ₹30.00 to ₹900.00, offering a diverse selection for custom printing and personalization in the home and living accessories category.

Print on demand business of selling a custom home and living accessories is profitable. The cost of materials, marketing expenses, as well as the demand for the products should be considered when starting any business to gauge its profitability and sustainability. 

However, if executed properly with effective marketing strategies, it can be a profitable business.

You can start designing your print-on-demand home and living accessories by simply creating the artwork based on the design requirements of every product. You can use the guidelines given to you by your print-on-demand supplier. Once your creatives are ready, you can create mockups and list them on your website. Promote the products to generate sales, and your supplier will fulfill the orders.

Yes, selling home and living accessories using print on demand is profitable. However, it relies on research and planning, selecting the right niche, market trends, and product quality. Create your free account on Qikink and start selling your home and living accessories print-on-demand business without any inventory.

You can order from Qikink dashboard by following the below steps

  1. Click: Place order
  2. Select: Accessories -> tote bag
  3. Upload your design and click Add to order
  4. Give your order and address details to place the order

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