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What is Dri Fit Material: Types and Uses

High-end athletic businesses have lately begun to sell their Dri-Fit clothes, boasting that they accomplish everything from keeping you cool to reducing sweatiness and increasing your performance. It appears to be an athlete’s fantasy. This article will examine the types of dri-fit material t-shirts and their uses.


Brand Partnership Manager at Qikink


Brand Partnership Manager at Qikink

Dri Fit Fabric Types and Uses- qikink

Dri-FIT t-shirts offer moisture-wicking and body-mapping qualities that drain sweat away from the skin. It allows it to vaporize on the fabric’s exterior. 

High-end athletic businesses have lately begun to sell their Dri-Fit clothes, boasting that they accomplish everything from keeping you cool to reducing sweatiness and increasing your performance. It appears to be an athlete’s fantasy.

This article will examine the types of dri-fit material t-shirts and their uses.

Dri Fit meaning?

Nike, Inc. developed dri-fit as the next generation of moisture-wicking fabric. This fabric comprises polyester microfibers and antibacterial chemicals to keep odors at bay.

Furthermore, the microfiber material helps distribute sweat evenly across the garments, allowing them to stay dry longer. This design will work with the body’s natural cooling system to ensure sweat evaporates quickly.

What is a dri-fit t-shirt?

The dry fit t-shirt takes the casual dry blend t-shirt further by reserving its utility for high-intensity or “high-performance” circumstances. People can find this synthetic fabric mix worldwide in weight rooms, yoga mats, spin classes, and jogging trails.

However, as the athleisure “trend” demonstrates, the dri-fit t-shirt is not limited to these situations. People increasingly wear T-shirts of various styles, cuts, and fits at meetings, golf courses, coffee shops, dates, and work.

They’re lightweight, breathable, and “moisture-” or “sweat-” wicking. They are, nevertheless, fitting, flexible, and durable. They cling to the body without being unpleasant — and the wearer doesn’t feel damp, even if they’re wearing unique dri-fit shirts for sports or the gym.

What is a dri-fit material made of?

Manufacturers use polyester interlock microfiber to make Dri-FIT. It is produced almost the same way as conventional polyester material, except for one significant difference.

The diameter of microfiber strands must be smaller than a single strand of silk, measured in “denier.” It means that microfiber cloth is lighter than silk!

It may appear strange that a plastic substance may feel relaxed and comfy during a heated workout. And, honestly, certain polyester clothes may feel sticky and heated under these conditions!

Dri-FIT, on the other hand, goes above and beyond regular polyester. A well-made synthetic material is hydrophobic, which means it is moisture-resistant.

What are the advantages of a Dri-Fit T-shirt?

Quick drying and moisture wicking

One of the essential features of the dri fit t-shirt, from which it derives its name, is that it works rapidly to keep the user dry, especially during periods of intense perspiration. It is possible because many top users use fabric technology to make things operate better – microfiber clothing takes relatively little heat to drain water, so athletes can run for long periods without growing exhausted.


The 4-way stretch fit of stretchy Dri fit apparel means that there are no movement restrictions for your favorite sort of training. Keeping flexibility in place when working out is vital; dry-fit t-shirts help you do that!

Body mapping fabric

Body mapping fabric is a technique that allows garments to lie appropriately on the body, with all vented components carefully placed in critical areas to prevent perspiration. It is the most current breakthrough in sportswear technology—one of the reasons for the high price of these garments.

Light in weight

Dri-fit t-shirts are incredibly lightweight and made of microfiber material precisely engineered to sit on the body like a feather. The mesh of the gear functions so that athletes and regular people do not feel any weight from wearing the t-shirt due to the low weight of the fabric mixtures.

UV shielding

Many of the best dri-fit clothing products also include UV protection, allowing users to concentrate on the sport rather than worrying about protecting themselves from the sun’s harmful rays. Dry-fit clothing is built using cutting-edge technology, which may be one of the reasons why people love it.

Also, if everything else fails, wearing a non-transparent garment covering your body would already assist you in blocking off UV radiation to some level.

What are the negative effects of Dri-Fit material?

Dri-Fit is a pricey material

The invention underlying Dri-Fit necessitates a complex production process and high material costs, making these garments more costly than conventional sportswear goods. Because Dri-Fit clothes are more expensive, you must take special care of them to maximize your investment. 

Several athletic wear companies sell Dri-Fit or items with a similar blend. Companies like J.C. Penny sell off-brand Dri-FIT shirts for as low as $5, while comparable shirts from high-end sports brands like Adidas or Nike can cost between $40 and $70.

The fabric adheres to your body

Although Dri-Fit claims to maximize comfort and mobility with its lightweight microfiber fabric designed to fit the wearer’s form, some customers may not be attracted to it.

Dri-Fit may be unsuitable if you prefer more loosely fitting clothing while working on the sports pitch or in the gym.

How can I select the best Dri Fit Material?

As a result, we arrive at the last question of selecting the best dri fit material. This approach will assist you in answering your questions while remaining focused on the following factors:

1. Purpose of use

Eyelet Dri Fit material will be the greatest sweat-absorbing and rapid-drying sweat material.

Eyelet Dri Fit is solely for outdoor use.

If the t-shirts are for casual wear, people may choose Interlock Dri Fit for its neater and smoother printing.

Cool Technology Dri Fit is the most versatile for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Cool Technology Dri Fit may be suitable for creating a more competent and professional appearance if the t-shirts are for business uniforms.

Customers may also consider the cost factor if the t-shirts are for one-day use. In this regard, Eyelet Dri Fit may be a popular option.

2. Cost

In terms of the most affordable pricing point:

1) Dri Fit Eyelet

2) Dri Fit Dry Pique

3) Dri Fit Cool Technology

4) Dri Fit Interlock

Improving pricing could solve the problem, as a few cents difference can make or break the budget when printing t-shirts in quantity. However, pricing should only sometimes be the most critical factor, as other factors, such as fabric quality and suitability for the intended use, should also be considered.

Investing in a more comfortable preferred material may reward your organization, friends, coworkers, and classmates more.

3. Convenience and craftsmanship

The most comfortable material depends on a person’s preference and the intended use of the t-shirt. Some people may prefer the softness and breathability of cotton, while others may prefer the moisture-wicking properties of Dri-Fit. It ultimately comes down to what feels most comfortable for the individual.

Cool Technology Dri Fit is the most commonly advised option.

– How long does the Dri Fit material last?

Dri Fit fabrics do not shrink or expand.

In terms of craftsmanship:

1) Dri Fit Cool Technology

2) Dri Fit Interlock

3) Dri Fit Eyelet

4) Dri Fit Dry Pique

4. Colors

The color selection might take a lot of work. While you have explored several possibilities above, the T-shirt color of your choice may be available in a different material. We have a wide variety of Dri Fit Materials in various hues.

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Types of dri-fit materials

Various Dri-Fit materials are available to meet your needs, which can be customized into different types of t-shirts such as V-neck, polo, long and short-sleeved t-shirts, and more.

Eyelet microfibre T-Shirt

If you have received t-shirts from events, school camps, or athletic activities, one was likely made of microfiber eyelet t-shirt material.

The Microfibre eyelet T-shirt is the most often used Dri fit. The eyelet fabric offers an excellent moisture-wicking ability. The eyelet fabric holes on the shirt aid in quickly fanning away perspiration and enabling more significant airflow movement. As a result, it is comfortable to wear. 

Because of its anti-odor and antibacterial properties, you won’t have to worry about sweat after a full day of fun. These are ideal for strenuous sports and outdoor activities. Wear these to football practice, basketball games, fishing, and other activities! 

Because they are available in various colors, they are particularly popular with school orders such as Class Tee and are for CCA’s and corporate firm events. Consider roadshows, carnivals, fun fairs, and sports days for outdoor events. Most shoppers will appreciate the Eyelet t-shirt since it is inexpensive. 

 This material is also available in Polo t-shirts, Long Sleeve t-shirts, and Mandarin Collar T-Shirt (QD series) variations.

Breathable Dri Fit cool technology

100% Breathable Polyester Fabric with Cool Technology. The Innovative Technology Dri Fit Material is comfortable and allows for more effortless mobility, which prevents abrasion. 

Because of its porous fabric and soft texture, it will enable airflow movement and increase the shirt’s flexibility. As the name implies, this material is calm and pleasant for adults and children. 

They are slim-trimmed to create a neater and more professional appearance. As a result, they are ideal for both outdoor and interior applications.

The neck and shoulders are taped, and the sleeves and bottom hems are double-needled. This shirt is an excellent alternative for businesses that conduct their operations outside and want to maintain style. Professional clothing that also serves as sun protection. 

This fabric is also available in Polo T-Shirt and Long Sleeve T-Shirt styles.

Dri-fit interlock T-Shirt

Running and sporting shirts are commonly available in several luxury sports brands. Interlock polyester is extremely pleasant to wear and feels soft on the skin.

Extra soft for added comfort

Excellent for high-definition sublimation printing. Interlock dri-fit t-shirts are often used in sports, including football, cycling, and jogging. The fabric’s unusually smooth and soft feel allows unrestricted movement in regions like the shoulder and torso. 

Silkscreen, heat transfer, and sublimation printing are standard printing processes for interlock dri-fit t-shirts.

Dri Fit Interlock

100% soft polyester fiber (160gsm). Unlike the Cool Technology Dri Fit and Eyelet Dri Fit materials, the Interlock polyester is non-porous. The stitches are close to each other. The shirt has a smooth surface and seems nice and clean without the little hole. 

It is the go-to material for casual, trendy, and comfy clothes. This Interlock T-shirt offers sweat-absorbing and drying properties, although it is best suited for light to medium athletic activities. This lightweight material, weighing 160gsm, is excellent and easy to wear. 

Furthermore, if you want to add printing to the shirt, the print will look lovely, neat, and clear on the smooth printing surface. 

This fabric is also available in Polo T-shirt form.

Dri Fit Dry Pique

The surface of the Dry Pique Material is rougher, while the interior fabric is soft and smooth. They are more formal and less informal. 

 The dry pique T-shirt, like the Eyelet Dri Fit material, allows for freedom of movement and prevents abrasion during sports and activities. It also has moisture-wicking properties, allowing perspiration to dry faster. It is a cost-effective alternative for medium-intensity athletic activities and outdoor use. 

A wide range of distinct colors makes it distinctive and appealing. This fabric is also available in Polo T-Shirt and Long Sleeve T-Shirt styles.

How to care for Dri Fit clothes?

  • Dri-FIT clothing requires easy, little maintenance to stay in excellent condition. These precautions will keep your sports clothing from shrinking or damaging in the wash.
  • To prevent clothes from catching on zippers or snaps during the wash, turn them inside out before putting them in the washer.
  • If feasible, do a load with only your training gear and no “regular” apparel. Lint may accumulate on your training gear if you wash your sports fabric with cotton or other natural materials.
  • Make sure your washer is in cold mode. If your garments have cotton fibers mixed in with the polyester, hot water may cause shrinkage.
  • Use your standard washing detergent, but leave out any fabric softeners since these may block the air holes between your clothing’s threads.
  • When the washer is finished, let the dryer alone! Instead, hang your clothing to dry rapidly in the shower or on a clothesline outdoors.
  • Your Dri-FIT clothing will last a long time if properly cared for!

Is Dri Fit made of 100% polyester?

Several tests have shown that polyester dries 17 minutes faster than 100% cotton, so dri-fit shirts are made of polyester.

That may make a significant difference in a competitive race when you must keep dry while racing or playing against another squad. This material can also be purchased with an additional UV protection ingredient while spending all day in the sun.

This brand’s golfing shirt range includes UV protection. Despite this protection, the material is often 100% microfibre polyester. As previously stated, the Nike website refers to the material as microfiber polyester and does not mention cotton.

One disadvantage of this style of clothes is that those with sensitive skin may be unable to wear shirts and trousers, for example. Because polyester, even in this form, is still manufactured from petroleum products and harsh chemicals, an allergic response is possible.


The dri-FIT fabric uses cutting-edge wicking technology to keep you cool while you sweat. This synthetic microfiber material is fragile and light, allowing it to embrace your skin softly.

These high-performance textiles all include a high proportion of polyester and a unique weave that facilitates sweat-wicking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to their exceptionally smooth and soft fabric allowing unrestricted movement in areas like the shoulder and torso, Dri-fit t-shirts are widely used in sports, including football, swimming, cycling, and jogging.

Indeed! A comfortable, dri-fit t-shirt can be worn for almost everything, keeping you feeling fresh and clean.

Whether going for a stroll, practicing low-impact activities, or conducting a more rigorous workout, dri-fit garments get your mind off the nasty sensation when exercising and keep your body fresh and ready to go. 

The most crucial consideration is the fit (i.e., how it fits on your body) of the dri fit garments you want to wear. If you’re going for a run, a loose dri-fit shirt and shorts may be more appropriate because they allow for more mobility and keep your body fresh. For others, such as gymnasts, more appropriate clothing can include form-fitting, dri-fit garments to facilitate your motions.

Dri Fit is made of microfiber polyester fiber with excellent moisture-wicking properties. It means it can quickly pull sweat away from your body and transfer it to the fabric’s surface, where it can evaporate, leaving you feeling relaxed and dry. 


This feature makes Dri Fit popular for athletic and sports activities and everyday wear in hot and humid environments. Additionally, microfiber polyester is lightweight, durable, and easy to care for, making it versatile for various clothing applications.


 – Rapid drying

– Wrinkle resistant, no need to iron

– Excellent for outdoor use and sports – Moisture-wicking


 – Lacks the softness and suppleness of cotton 

– Is prone to scent retention owing to product buildup

Nike developed Dri-FIT material, a moisture-wicking fabric made of polyester microfibers and antibacterial chemicals. It’s designed to keep the wearer dry and comfortable during intense physical activities, making it different from other fabrics.

Dri-FIT material combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that draw moisture from the body onto the fabric’s surface. The water evaporates from there, leaving the wearer feeling dry and comfortable.

Dri-FIT Cotton, Dri-FIT Wool, and Dri-FIT Touch are the primary types of Dri-FIT fabric, each with a different composition and performance. Some materials are more lightweight and breathable than others.

Dri-FIT material is commonly used in the apparel industry for various activities, including sports, exercise, and everyday wear. The key benefits of Dri-FIT material for wearers include moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and UV protection.

Dri-FIT fabric is trendy and advantageous for sports and activities involving intense physical exertion and sweating, such as running, cycling, and basketball. Its moisture-wicking properties keep athletes dry and comfortable, allowing them to focus on their performance.


With over 6+ years of experience in the industry, Ayushi excels in building strong customer relationships and guiding clients toward growth as a Brand Partnership Manager. She enjoys sharing her experience in her content.

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About the author

With over 6+ years of experience in the industry, Ayushi excels in building strong customer relationships and guiding clients toward growth as a Brand Partnership Manager. She enjoys sharing her experience in her content.
With over 6+ years of experience in the industry, Ayushi excels in building strong customer relationships and guiding clients toward growth as a Brand Partnership Manager. She enjoys sharing her experience in her content.
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