Print on Demand (POD) – Know How

What is Print on Demand?

A system or process whereby individual copies or small numbers of custom designed product orders are printed using digital printing technology.


What are Print On Demand Products?

Print on Demand products can be of a wide range as below. The usage of the POD method depends on the business model to Print personalised products or for drops shipping.

  1. Books
  2. T-Shirts
  3. Coffee Mugs
  4. Mobile Phone Cases
  5. Canvas Bags
  6. All Over Printed Apparel
  7. SweatShirts
  8. Polos
  9. Canvas Prints
  10. Posters
  11. Button Badges
  12. Towels
  13. Notebooks
  14. Cushion Covers
  15. Wall Decals
  16. Accessories

Above are the major product categories sold and fulfilled by Print on Demand Service providers to online brands worldwide.

Benefits of Print on Demand

The boon to print on demand method is to avoid unsold inventory in particular designs. Even if you do great designs, you cannot stock them all. There are cheaper printing methods available like screen printing, but the safest option for new designs will always be print on demand for apparels.

Sublimation Accessories and Apparels can easily be printed on demand than having in stock. Digital Printing technology allows you to have more creative freedom with an unlimitedĀ colour option in the designs. Also, you can easily scale the design size across the garment sizes which will be very costly in screen printing in short runs.

Print on Demand Services allows e-commerce brands to sell without the inventory hassles to their niche audience by frequently changingĀ or altering the designs as per their customer feedback. Any design which sells well can be converted to screen printed stock thus leveraging the screen printing’s low-cost advantage.

A brand which uses both Print on Demand and Screen Printed stock will have an unfair advantage than its competitors in the niche in any market.

Print on Demand and Drop Shipping

Drop shipping of products with print on demand services is a tried and tested successful business model. You can have an excellent value proposition with your own connecting designs for your target audience. You can design and sell under your brand name, whereas you print on demand partner will print them and deliver to your customers as a personalised experience.

There are products like T-Shirts, SweatShirts, All Over Prints etc which are in great demand with quirky and connecting designs. You can select a target group and design for them to market them profitably. Also, you can explore life event niche like Birthday, Anniversary etc with your quirky designs on merchandise. Having your brand’s theme as product designs is always a delight for your customers and it will be a hugely successful business if done with the right partners.

Business Models

There are multiple business models in today’s world suitable for various kind of people as described below.

1. Youtubers or Social Media Page Owners

You already have a huge audience whom you should monetize by selling merchandise with your channel name and logo. Print on demand and drop shipping is the suitable option for you to design and sell for your audience. Your POD partner like Qikink, will print your orders on demand and deliver to your customers with your brand name. This will be the most effective monetizing option for your channel which in turn will encourage you to offer more creative and connecting content to your followers.

2. Brands’ Licensed Merch

A brand popular for non-apparel products can launch T-Shirt as well via POD model. For example, a hugely popular video games brand can launch a T-Shirt line via Print on Demand model and generate additional revenue and brand awareness.

3. Test Designs

Any apparel brand or a new company can test its designs via print on demand method before going for bulk production. This will help in cutting huge losses coming out of unsold inventory with few designs which are not received well with the audience.

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