To Place Order in Qikink : click here to download Design File

Step 1 : Open Design File (fig a.1)

fig a.1

Step 2 : Double Click On Layer No: 2 , (fig b.1) and  click OK (fig b.1.1)

fig b.1

fig b.1.1

Step 3 : A new file will be opened in new tab(fig c.1). Upload Design in the new opened tab(fig c 1.1), save and close

fig c.1

fig c 1.1

Step 4 : Preview and Placement  can be seen in the previous tab (fig d.1).

fig d.1

Step 5 : Make Layer 1 invisible  (fig e.1).  File -> Save as -> .jpg, save the file in Google drive.

fig e.1

If any changes in the Placement and Design repeat Step 2,3,4.