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Start your online brand with Print on Demand services from Qikink. There is no risk of unsold inventory, no capital required for inventory, no printing and logistics hassles. Start with Qikink and scale your brand.

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What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is a process of printing your orders after the order is received from your customer. Also, do not need to hold any printed inventory which may go unsold. Qikink does the following for you,

  1. Hold inventory of all Products
  2. Printing the orders
  3. Custom Branding for products and packaging
  4. Order delivery to your customers

All you need to do is to design and sell the products with your brand. Qikink handles the rest. It helps you with scaling faster, focus on brand building and hassle free business.

Design and Sell Qikink

How to create a successful Print on Demand ecommerce brand?

The models works best for creators, ecommerce entrepreneurs, digital brands who wants to sell customized merchandise hassle free. As a brand owner you need to do the following to sell merchandise successfully,

  1. Design for your audience (or choose a niche audience to design for)
  2. Apply the designs on Qikink products
  3. Join your store with Qikink and fill it with the products
  4. Shoutout via content, emails and performance marketing
  5. Get the orders fulfilled via Qikink

However, inform your customers about the delivery time as Qikink fulfilment time plus shipping time. You can check real time order processing and shipping updates via our dashboard.

Why start with Qikink?

2000+ Products Ships Everyday

3000+ active customers orders 50000+ orders every month. Join the tribe to build a profitable cost with minimum risk.

Custom Branding

Build a brand with our custom branding and personalized packaging options.

Sustainable Fashion

Minimum unsold inventory that end up in landfills. All orders are printed on demand.

Free Business Signup

No minimum order or no monthly fee involved. Completely free to use and pay per order fulfillment service.

Lowest Shipping Charges

Enjoy lowest shipping rates from best shipping companies. Additionally, 6+ Courier partners to choose, AI driven courier selection and live tracking options with COD Remittance in 4 days.

Automated Fulfillment

Our dashboard integrates with your Shopify store. Order flow, processing and fulfillment is totally automated.

Are you ready to get started with Qikink?

Is there any upfront payment or monthly subscription?

No, Qikink is totally free to start with business account. Pay only for fulfillment of your orders.

Is there any Qikink Branding or any other Branding on the products shipped?

No, all our products are completely white labelled. There will not be Qikink or any other brand name present on the products. You have an option to have your own branding on most of the products.

Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD)?

You need to pay to Qikink while placing the order. However you can place COD order, wherein Qikink will collect the money from your customer and deposit in your wallet or bank account.

How does Qikink handle COD Returns?

When your customers doesn’t accepts the COD order, it get returned to our warehouse. Qikink stores it for 100 days. In the meantime, if you get any other order with the same product and design, the returned order will get shipped automatically. After 100 days, you can order them back from the dashboard to your address. If it is not taken back in 120 days, the products will be discarded.