T-Shirts On Demand Printing and Drop Shipping India

What is T-Shirt Drop Shipping?

T-Shirts, sold under your store with your brand name will be fulfilled by a manufacturer from some other location. The manufacturer like Qikink will print the T-Shirts on demand, a design or a brand label and deliver to your customer directly. The packet will be white labelled or custom labelled. You have the pay the manufacturer in the wholesale rate while your customer pays you the retail price. The difference is your profit.


How to do T-Shirt Drop Shipping with Print on Demand?

Vivek(Maybe you!) wants to start a Brand and grow it online by selling merchandise with the designs he likes or which he designs. After thorough online research, he understood that T-Shirts sells more than all other merchandise combined. He wanted to start with designer T-Shirts under his brand. He is very serious about Quality and Branding. He spent a lot of time designing and selecting designs, now the designs and brand collaterals are ready. Vivek started searching for T-Shirt manufacturers and printers, everyone has their fair limitations. Some wanted orders only above 500 pcs per design, some wanted designs to be solid colours only. Vivek got frustrated, obviously, he cannot rework on all the designs and he cannot do tons of tees in stock also, he is not sure which design will sell and which will not(Obviously, who knows?!).

Saddened Vivek learns about on-demand digital printing and T-Shirt Drop shipping services. He decides to give a try though it costs a bit more than the bulk screen printing prices. After crossing the learning curve about presenting the design files to the print team etc, Vivek is happily following the print on demand model for selling T-Shirts online. It gives him the time he needs to create a solid brand with the efforts put into Designing, Content Creating, Social Media Posts, Engagement, Getting Customer feedbacks and so on.

Now, this is the way brands are built with limited resources for a niche product to a niche audience. Selling T-Shirts online comes with its own limitations with respect to garment sizes, colour shades, style options, designs etc. You can choose a drop shipper with print on systems like Qikink, who has a large variety of T-shirt styles with deep inventory and systems in place for on-time dispatch.

Points to check with the POD Companies

Analyse the print on demand and drop shipping companies with the points mentioned below before signing up and start placing orders

  • Print Quality on White and Dark Color Garments
  • The range of Men, Women and Kids T-Shirts
  • SweatShirts for Adults and Children
  • Compare Prices
  • The Shipping prices for single piece order and bulk order for forward and reverse shipping
  • Cash on Delivery Charges
  • Get a sample to check the quality, garment size and quality
  • Dispatch timeline and courier partners used
  • International shipping prices
  • Ease of placing the orders
  • Cash on Delivery value Payment to your account
  • Invoicing and GST Input Credits system
  • Return shipment handling
  • Quality of Mockups
  • Bulk order prices
  • Support System
  • Any Monthly Fee/Deposit/Minimum Payment involved for Signup

You can never go wrong with T-Shirt drop shipping because you are going to print an order only after receiving the order. Though there are some best practices to be followed to be successful, they are can be learned over time by running more and more campaigns and delivering more and more products.

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