Best Practices for T-Shirts Drop Shipping in India!

T-Shirt Drop Shipping Business

The T-Shirt drop shipping business, when done with innate care and passion, will give you a six-figure income and solid brand. You needn’t complain about the competition, there are many many brands have come before you and will come after you as well. Niche – Niche, take a niche approach in everything you do, from the designs to engaging customers in social media to advertisement campaigns. Qikink provides premium quality apparel with a wide range and excellent quality prints which your customers will surely appreciate.

drop shipping best practices

The Best business is selling a valuable product or service to a customer for a profit and make them come back and buy more. Here we are going to see some best practices to be followed in the T-Shirt Drop Shipping business to maximize profits and minimize after sale hassles. Let’s just jump straight to the points,

    • Use all the services from the Drop Shipper like Courier Account. Using the drop shipper’s courier account will make them accountable for delivery delays, shipment losses, returns etc. As a Brand Owner, you should concentrate on the print design aspects, website improvement, customer retention, Branding, marketing and sales improvements. That’s the key towards sales volume increase and profits as well.


    • Display all the information clearly in your website like Product size chart, printing method, dispatch timeline, expected delivery period, return formalities, refund policies, fabric composition etc. Customers should make an informed decision, this will considerably reduce the returns and increase the gross margin.


    • Use branded courier cover and Neck labels on garments. These small changes will enhance your brand image a lot to the customer. This will result in the better lifetime value of a customer.


    • After receiving the order, check all the details in each and every order. There may be a lot of mistakes, mainly in the COD orders. Note down all the issues, call the customer one by one and ask for missing/wrong information. By this way, you are also confirming the COD orders whether they actually want this or not. This will reduce the COD returns considerably. Thus increase in margins and dead stock. You are doing Drop Shipping to avoid the inventory hassles, but COD returns may turn to dead inventory if there are no re-orders for that design. So reducing the COD returns is very important for a brand.


    • Maintain at least one social media profile (Also a WhatsApp number will be helpful) wherein your customers can reach out faster and actively respond to all queries within an hour time.


    • Since we are doing digital printing, there may be a slight(5% to 10%) difference in colour shades. Your customers should also know this in advance.


    • Record and analyze your customer data and spend more advertising budget to target them in your ad campaigns apart from niche targeting. This will considerably increase your ROI over marketing spends.


    • Do designs considering the digital printing options, small prints with more colours will be less costly in digital printing and large prints with fewer colours will be less costly in screen printing.


    • More number of designs will NOT bring more sales. Each design should be crafted uniquely by having a niche customer base in mind. One good(niche appropriate) design will bring a lot more orders than 100 average(general) designs. Target Group advertising in Facebook will be possible only with niche designs.


    • Position your brand uniquely for a niche audience at least for the initial startup period. Therein you can target them and showcase your products easily in social media, which results in an increased conversion rate.


Being said these, there are also some general best practices to be followed as a business entity. You should record everything like a sale, return, customer data, cancellation, compliments, complaints etc. Analyze them over a period of time and learn from them to do better. T-Shirt Drop Shipping is a simple business to do, you can do that from anywhere in the world, you can also manage that while holidaying or even while at a full-time job. Have a target on a number of products to be sold on a daily basis and do whatever you could to meet them. One mandatory skill that you require to succeed in this business is Digital Marketing particularly about Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

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