Sell T-Shirts: Don’t Stock Them!


How are you going to make a living? 9-5 job? Oh No. Investment, bank loans, guarantees, machineries,¬†staffs, salaries and to build a business? Oh No. Yeah this is how that is. Do Drop Ship! Sell where the buyers are already. Selling in Amazon is never so easy. Don’t get into the troubles of purchasing and Warehousing. Get an account with, sell our plain T-Shirts with your brand name and packaging at Amazon and just count profits. Read more to know more and its exciting! Following are some points to know to get started


1.QikInk Account


You can open a free account with QikInk to start off, but if you are serious about doing business, we recommend you to go with the paid account for Drop Shipping. Its always a free account for Amazon warehouse model. Opening an account is just an intial step, learn about the different styles offered by QikInk and different colours with size options. There are very few 3XL options for the apparels, but QikInk offers 3XL and 4XL as well. Make our USP out of the varied range of styles.


2.The Brand


Make your own identity by creating a logo, packaging Styles and Hang Tags. This is where the differentiation comes in for the customer’s point of view. Brands with premium packaging attracts more repeat orders, also customer perceive them as a premium Brand and are ready to pay a premium price.


3.Amazon Cataloging


Open a seller Account with with your business credentials. QikInk provides all mock up material to prepare your cataloging for Amazon, Select your products which you belive to sell more and stay true to your brand values. Combos are always more profitable for both sellers and buyers in Fashion e-tailing. Make interesting combos and start selling.


4.Drop Ship


QikInk prints your Neck label, pack them as per your guidelines and dispatches for the day’s orders. Amazon prime get more visibility and sales now a days, so you can make a bulk purchase from us to get them shipped to Amazon warehouse. Amazon handles the rest. QikInk offers great discounts for bulk shipments. QikInk will invoice you for the orders shipped and you will get paid from your Amazon account.

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