QikInk Client Reference

Important Points for Signed Up Clients

Shopify Integration Details:

There are few things to be done from your end to ensure the order processing is truly automated. Here are they,

1. You may sell various products on your website with many drop ship vendors. We understand that and want you to
make use of the “vendor” option. Mark the products’ vendor option which are being fulfilled by us as “Qikink”.
Vendor = Qikink

2. SKU Code

Every product on your website should have an SKU code and the code should be in Qikink format.

We get all the product details via SKU only.

To know the updated SKU codes, get your login panel details and download yourself.

There are 3 parts in the SKU Code:
Part 1 is product code and all clients have to use QikInk product code only

Part 1: Product Code (Have to be copied from Qikink SKU list only)

MRnFs-Wh-M = Male Round New Full Sleeve White Medium SIze.

Part 2: Design Code
A unique name for your design without any space in between.
The Same name should be used as the file name of the print file in the repository.


Part 3: Printing Size
The print size should be in Inches and WidthxHeight Format without any space inbetween

11.5×5.64 or 9×12.4

Part 4: Placement
The print placement can be in the front side, back side or in the front pocket side.
You can use the codes accordingly as – Front, Back, Pocket or Special.


All 4 parts are combined by “-” and the final SKU code looks like,


For both side print, you have to use the last three parts twice, For Example


In case of queries, get in touch at sivaraman@teetalkies.com

Manual Order Processing

You can also upload the daily orders to our ERP tool manually by following the steps mentioned below,

  1. Login to the ERP tool with your custom link
  2. Download the Order upload Excel sheet
  3. Fill the sheet with order details and upload it

Best Practices to be followed for manual upload,

  1. Fill all the cells in the Excel sheet for the orders
  2. Do not merge any cell
  3. If you are ordering Front and Back design, Use two rows and do not select any T-Shirt style for the second row.
  4. If you are ordering a Plain T-Shirt, keep design code and design size cells blank
  5. Use only drop down values and do not enter custom values for the cells with drop down values.
  6. If you are using your own courier, upload the shipping label by clicking the “Add” button in the order row.
  7. Use comments cell to mention any special placement etc.