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Marketplace or Webstore?

Having thinking about the same for a long time? We will tell you what to do. Webstore is necessary, to begin with, to get the word out as a startup brand, to get your family knows that you are seriously building something, to your customers know that you actually have a home etc.

You have to learn and put your 100% efforts in all the fronts like web store platform selection, theme selection, product selection, product listing, marketing efforts and much more. This is very much necessary in the long run for your growing customer base to have a better brand perception. Once you start getting sales, there comes the growing phase. Where in you need to explore additional sales channels to sell more and then much more.

A marketplace like Amazon is a good option to start with. It is always better to know the platform better and lists on one platform. Generate consistent sales with minimum or no marketing money before considering other platforms. Amazon will suit better because there are more than one ways to learn how to sell better. Also, Amazon is less crowded in fashion space when compared to competitors. This brings a better opportunity to build a brand in a relatively short time.

It is paramount to know the following before deciding to start selling on Amazon,

1. Marketplace Rules

Marketplaces are bound by strict guidelines and rules for Brand Registration, Product Selection, Designs, GST Registration, Product Images, Product Description, Dispatch Time, Buyer Communication etc. What can you do about them? You can know them all and follow them religiously.

2. Commission

Marketplaces are run by the commission they charge on your sale. Learn about the total amount paid to the marketplace on every sale for Fixed Fee, Percentage Commission, Shipping Charge, Service Tax on commissions.

3. Sales Options

You should also learn about the competition. Obviously, there will be cut-throat competition, but the positive side is the tons of free visitors for your products. Analyze the price points and create a unique selling proposition for your brand and focus on the niche selling options. It is not only about the product, but it is also about the price point, listing format, product photos, shipping charges, delivery time etc. Explore each one of them with meticulous efforts and create a winning combination.

Knowing all the above better will give you an unfair advantage above most of the sellers on Amazon.

How to Sell on Amazon

This is a step by step brief guide to start selling on Amazon with Print on Demand and Drop Shipping Account from Qikink.

Account Setup

You will need your business to be registered with GST, open a bank current account, register your brand in trademark registry, registered address, dispatch address to set up an account with Amazon. You can use the above documents with mobile number and email address to finish the setup process.

Product Listing

Use prepare your listing feature in Amazon to prepare your SKU upload file. Upload that and create your listing. Create it with maximum information possible about the product, company, designs etc. Also, list it with appropriate keywords. A+ listing using various images and web page look is optimum way of listing products in Amazon.

Shipment Setup

This is an important part while using print on demand and drop shipping services. Amazon offers three shipment options as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Easy Ship and Self Ship. We can choose either Easy ship or Self Ship. Easy ship is shipping service provided by Amazon, Amazon will pick up the products from Qikink warehouse once the products are marked as ready by you. By default, Cash on Delivery option is enabled with Easy Ship option. So if you want to sell only prepaid or to use Qikink shipping services, you can opt to Self Ship option. Wherein Qikink will dispatch the product with its own courier account. You can enter the courier details later in Amazon.

Store Management

You should manage your store even there is no sales coming. There may be messages from previous customers which needs to be addressed immediately. You need to check the inventory, prices, payouts, account reconciliation, delivery timelines. Create coupons for customers to get reviews. You can do such activities in a timely manner every day.

Amazon Service Provider Network

This is also one of the reasons for start selling on Amazon first. There are many third party companies who can help you with all the above-mentioned works, those company profiles are listed in Amazon seller central itself. You can check the ratings, prices and choose for any help from cataloging to promotions to account management.

Get Sales

Amazon’s product visibility is driven by various factors as in Google. Product description, keywords, product images, REVIEWS plays a major part in the deciding factors. You should be able to leverage every opportunity to get more visibility for your products, especially with the product reviews. Get product review and store review from every sale, you can even offer discounts for this. Also, you can use Amazon Advertising with manual or automatic bidding if you are targeting specific keywords. More the visibility, more the sales if you offer proper pricing and free shipping options.

Qikink’s Role

Qikink enables you to sell on Amazon with Print on Demand and Drop Shipping options with various products like T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Coffee Mugs, Pillow covers, Glow in Dark Prints, All over Printed Apparel and many more. Qikink will process the orders given to its Dashboard from your Amazon store. It will print and dispatch to your Amazon customer using your store name.

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