Question: How to Place Plain T-Shirt order?

Answer: Placing Plain T-Shirt orders in Qikink Had Made simple to the Clients, Plain T-Shirt can be Ordered While entering the Customer Details in the Excel Sheet.

To Place the Plain T-Shirt Order using Excel :


    1.  Enter “Plain” in First Design Name(Column : G) and First Design Code(Column :H)  in the Excel Sheet


  1. Enter “0” in First Design Width(Column k ) in Inch and First Design Height in inch (Column L)
  2. Fill the Respective Details and Place the Order.

To place the order on dashboard:

STEP1 -To place plain products, click designs -> Add designs, provide the design name and design code as PLAIN and width, height as 0,0 and select the save button.

STEP2 – in dashboard, select create new order -> select from (cotton apparels)-> select product-> size-> Quantity -> placement -> click the select design dropdown and search for PLAIN and select it.

Important note:

For all the plain products, we will charge Rs.30 as handling charges.