Question: How to Cancel My Order on COVID 19?

Answer: Your orders under the status “On-Hold”, “Live”, “Live-OOS”, “To be Printed”, can be cancelled and get full refund until May 20.

Under normal circumstances(after May 20), orders cancelled from “To be Printed” will not be refunded.

Check your orders and cancel the orders if requested by the customers to save money.

Process: Order Cancellation:

Step 1: Login to Dashboard.

Step 2: Orders -> All orders.

Step 3: Under Action tab Click on x -> symbol.

Step 4: Click Cancel to Cancel the Order and claim refund.




* You Cannot Place the same order again with the same order number. if needed change the order number and place the order.

* The Orders can be canceled on Live-OOS, Live, On-Hold and To be Printed Status.

* Order value will be auto refunded to your wallet.