Account Setup and Process (6)

How to add Custom Branding Neck Labels ?

Custom Neck Labels:

  1. Login to dashboard
  2. Profile(Brand name) -> Edit Profile
  3. Click on upload New Neck Label button -> Choose File and Click Save.
  4. Send design file to care@qikink.com
  5. For more about custom branding options  Click Here

Note * The Design file needs to be of maximum size of 5 cm x 5 cm.

Who is responsible for covering customs duties & taxes?

Your customer is responsible for all custom fees. The taxes are paid in the client’s country to the customs agency. All shipments outside India may incur some kind of customs depending on the destination country. Fees may vary depending on your order value, country limits and other factors.

Does QikInk’s name appear in the shipping label?

Shipping label is white labeled. This means that there are no Qikink brand or any other information about Qikink services on the label or the invoice. You can customize the invoice by putting your brand logo and any additional information.

What is the brand name on the T-Shirts and other products?

All our products are white labelled. It only comes with a size tag and without any kind of brand names. We can also custom label them with your own brand name.

How can I pass my orders to you?

Shopify users can integrate your store with our software. We will fetch the orders daily. Other platforms can make a daily order sheet in MS Excel and export it to your QikInk’s Login Panel. It is very simple to use, we also have a step by step manual for that. Once the order is pushed to our system, it takes care of them till delivery.

Is there any deposit or advance to be paid to use QikInk Drop Shipping?

No deposit is required to start drop shipping with Qikink. You only need to pay us when you are placing an order. No other hidden charges.

Accounts (2)

What are the taxes and HSN Codes for your Products?
Product Name HSN Code Tax Rate %
T-Shirts 6109 5%
SweatShirts 6110 5%
Tote Bag 4202 12%
Coffee Mugs 6912 12%
Laptop Sleeve 4202 12%
Mouse Pads 4016 18%
Coasters 4411 18%
Phone Cases 3926 18%
Poster 4911 12%
Notepad 4820 18%
How do I get Invoice?

You get monthly invoice on your mail for the whole month of orders with a separate order statement with order wise details.

Designs and Branding (4)

What are the Branding options available?

You can add your brand in the following ways,

  1. Branded Courier Cover
  2. Hang Tag
  3. Branded Inner Poly Bag
  4. Coupon Code for Next Purchase
  5. Thank you card
  6. Freebie inside the pack

We add them at FREE of cost if you provide us the material. If we need to prepare them for your design, it will cost Rs.5 each with a minimum of 1000 nos.

What image types/formats are supported?

Supported file types: PNG, TIF, PSD, GIF, JPEG. Our recommended format is transparent PNG file in CMYK color profile. Files that are provided as RGB are automatically converted to CMYK and may result in some color shifting. Files MUST have a transparent background. For example providing an image with a black background will have the black printed on the t-shirt that will be visible which isn’t always ideal in t-shirt designs. Please understand that designs on a screen are different than prints on fabric.

What are design file size requirements?

Maximum file size should be 10 MB in size, Minimum file size should have 300 dpi in resolution.

Will my designs be safe with QikInk?

All Designs related files are sensitive data and we preserve them very seriously. Your design and logo files will never leave our facility, as all  manufacturing processes are done in-house.

Ecommerce Integrations (5)

What are the return labels used?

Packaging invoice slip will be sent to the Qikink as a default address. If you want to change the return label into your physical address, you should go to your account settings and set your address as a default. Please note that if you are going to change the default address from Qikink into yours, we will not return the printing errors to your client.

Can my shop have products that are not fulfilled by Qikink?

Yes, you can also sell products that are not fulfilled by Qikink , but please keep in mind that this does not change our shipping policy. Therefore, you should carefully read all the regarding information that is relevant to your e-commerce platform. We will only process products that are synced with  Qikink’s library.

How do I setup the integration?

Qikink has prepared integrations for the major ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Etsy, OpenCart, Stovenvy, BigCommerce, WooCommerce. Once you have chosen the most suitable platform we will provide you with detailed information how you can start using  Qikink’s services.

How to set up my own API?

Check the API section in order to make your website ready to use for the Qikink services.

What can I do if don’t use any major e-commerce marketplace?

You should not be worried too much as we have prepared API documentation so you can easily use Qikink’s services using your own website.

General (4)

How do I get started?
  1. Fill up and submit this form – Qikink Signup
  2. You will receive an email with general product and pricing information
  3. Make first payment and start placing orders in the dashboard
How does drop shipping works?
  1. You get an order from your client
  2. You place the order to us
  3. We print the order with your brand name
  4. We deliver the order to your customer directly
Does Qikink handles Bulk Orders?

Qikink can also do bulks orders with very affordable prices. You can rely on Qikink for team t-shirts, event merchandise, corporate orders, retail store sales etc. We are equipped with state of art screen printing, direct to garment digital printing and embroidery machines for timely delivery of your orders.

What is Qikink?

QikInk is an on-demand printing and drop shipping company. If you are an artist, online seller, or someone who wants to sell merchandise with our design without involving into inventory and logistics hassles, you can do so with Qikink. Sign up with us, send your orders without any minimum order quantity, we will print your design and brand logo on 300+ products and delivered promptly to your customers.

Order Processing (11)

How to check Pin-code services ?

COD Pin Code Services

Click Here – To view COD Services List

How to Cancel My Order ?

Order Cancellation:

Step 1: Login to Dashboard.

Step 2: Orders -> All orders.

Step 3: Select the Order to be Cancelled -> Cancel Whole Order.

Step 4: Click Delete to Cancel the Order.


Note * You Cannot Upload the same order again, if you wish to upload kindly change the order number and upload.

*The Whole Order will be cancelled, if you cancel single t-shirt in which the order contains multiple t-shirts with different sizes,quantity,product.

* The Orders In the packed status cannot be cancelled.


How to Prepare Print Files ?

Prepare Print Files:

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. File -> New
  3. Resolution: 300 pixels/Inch, Color Mode: CMYK Color , Mention the required Height and Width.
  4. Prepare your design.
  5. To Trim the Empty spaces :Image -> Trim
  6. Save the file in Png format.



How to Place Phone Case or Coffee mug order ?

Placing Phone Case or Coffee mug orders in Qikink Had Made simple to the Clients, to Place Phone Case or Coffee mug order needed to download Sublimation Excel Sheet from Orders ->  upload Bulk Orders -> Click on  Download Sample Button in upload sublimation orders tab.

  1. To Place Phone case Order: Select the Mobile brand in Style and select brand model number in Size/Mobile case model.
  2. To Place Coffee Order : Select Magic coffee mug or Color Coffee Mug in Style and Select 11oz for magic mug or select the colors from the drop down in Size/Mobile case model for Color Coffee Mugs.
  3. Fill the Respective details and place the order.



How to Place COD Orders ?

Placing COD orders in Qikink Had Made simple to the Clients, COD option can be selected While entering the Customer Details in the Excel Sheet.

To Place COD Order:

  1. COD option can be selected in Drop down list Under  Payment Mode  which is in Nth column in the excel sheet.
  2. Additional Rs.50(per 0.5 Kg) is charged for placing COD orders.

Note *If same order contains Multiple products, full order value needs to be entered in the first respective row(column: “O” ).

How to Place Plain T-Shirt order ?

Placing Plain T-Shirt orders in Qikink Had Made simple to the Clients, Plain T-Shirt can be Ordered While entering the Customer Details in the Excel Sheet.

To Place the Plain T-Shirt Order :

    1.  Enter “Plain” in First Design Name(Column : G) and First Design Code(Column :H)  in the Excel Sheet

  1. Enter “0” in First Design Width(Column k ) in Inch and First Design Height in inch (Column L)
  2. Fill the Respective Details and Place the Order.

Can I change already submitted order?

Once the order is pushed to printing from your side, it is instantly sent to manufacturing division. At this stage, you are no longer able to cancel or change the order. However, if you really want to make changes to your order, please contact our customer support and seek their assistance, you can immediately contact our support team. If your order is not yet manufactured, you can change/cancel it as informed by our representative.

Is there any Qikink branding inside the package?

Qikink does not add any information about the company. The customer is not informed about fulfillment outsource service. You can feel free to add your brand logo on the invoice or you can even customize the packaging.

Is Custom Packaging available?

All packages are sent in default white packaging. If you want your package to be branded you can send your own packaging to Qikink . Otherwise, please contact customer support to discuss alternative options. Please note that there is no Qikink branding at all.

How long does it take to prepare the order for shipping?

90% orders are dispatched within 48 hours timeline. All orders will be processed and dispatched within 72 hours.

Payments (2)

How do I pay you?

You can you pay and place orders in the dashboard. You can pay using credit cards (surcharges apply) or pay using bank transfer. Payment will be credited to your wallet once you share the transaction details.

How do I get paid?

For prepaid orders, you get the payment from your customer.

For COD orders, we collect the payment on your behalf from your customer and add the amount to your wallet.

You can transfer money from your wallet to your bank account free of charge.

Shipment and Returns (7)

How to track my order ?

To Track the Orders:

Step 1: Login to your account.

Step 2:  Orders -> All Orders

step 3: Select packed from the drop down under Order Status Column.

Step 4: Courier and the Tracking ID can be fond in their columns.

Note * You can find the Tracking Details for the Orders Packed.

What if the products are damaged during the shipment?

In case the items are damaged during transit, we can either send you a new item or give you a full refund(with a photo proof).

What are the shipping options?

We partnered with FedEx, DHL, Delhivery and indiapost for our dispatched. We will prioritise the courier partner based on serviceability and delivery timeline.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

90% of the orders dispatched orders are delivered within 2 working days across India. Other orders except India Post will get delivered within 4 working days, India Post orders will get delivered within 7 working days. International shipment takes 3 to 15 days for delivery, you can contact our support team for region wise details.

Do you provide International Shipments?

Yes, we do offer International Shipment. Contact support team for serviceable locations and prices.

How can I track the orders?

Shipment notifications are shared by mail once it is shipped. All the shipments can be tracked with respective tracking numbers provided in email.

What if the product is lost in transit?

If the order is lost in transit, we will make it once more and send it to your customer.