DropShip Terms


Our sole motto is to grow with you. For the common good and efficient handling of orders, we have introduced some terms and we expect 100% compliance from you. Thank you for your support.


We have the infrastructure, systems and process to dispatch your orders within 48-72 hours time. We commit to dispatch 90% of the orders by 72 hours timeline and 100% of the orders received by 4-5 days. We will not be held responsible for any kind of losses occurring to your business because of any sort of dispatch or delivery delays owing to the nature of on-demand printing business.


We work with FedEx, Bluedart, Delhivery, India post and few other courier partners. Our priorities are faster delivery and better support, based on which couriers will be allocated with partners. FedEx and DHL provide International courier services for Qikink. There may be an unexpected delay in international couriers or any extra customs duty levied will be charged to you or to your customers.


  • Printing on white garments are charged less because of only CMYK ink being used and color garment printing using both white ink and CMYK Inks.
  • Minimum charge for a print price applicable
  • Screen printed Drop Shipping will be charged extra for packing and dispatch.
  • Plain T-Shirt orders will be charged extra for packing and dispatch
  • Re-shipping orders will be charged extra for storing, packing and dispatch


  • Any kind of claim on the dispatched item has to be made within 30 days of dispatch date. Claims made after 30 days of dispatch will not be accepted.
  • There may be light ground appearance or minuscule white spots on the digital printing in 1 in 100 pcs. That cannot be a reason for product return. We do consider all genuine cases and issue refund/replacement. QikInk reserves the right to approve replacement or refund.


  • You should maintain sufficient payment balance with QikInk to process your daily orders.
  • You can add payments yourself to the wallet after transferring it to our bank account.
  • COD payments will be transferred to your Qikink wallet account within 1 working day of product delivery.
  • Any refund will be made in the form of credits.
  • Payments can be transferred to your bank account with an email/dashboard request. (Minimum transfer value of Rs.1000)


  • Orders pending due to design issues like – Design file missing or size mismatch or background issues or shipping label missing etc will be moved to “No Data” status. Clients have to check them periodically and update any missing information required to print and dispatch. Qikink is not responsible for any delay happens due to incomplete information.


  • By default, all returns will be delivered to Qikink’s address only. We will store them and show those orders in the dashboard under “Return Management”. You can re-ship them if you receive the same order again.
  • The return orders will be stored with us for 60 days only. If some orders are not re-shipped within the 60 days timeline. You need to request us to re-ship the unused return orders to you before 60 days else they will be discarded after 60 days.


  • Please find the custom branding options here
  • Only the above mentioned custom branding options are possible.


  • It is an invite only program for high volume customers. Please get in touch with support for more details.