How To Start Your Custom Phone Case Business Online in 2023

We all know people who purchase every new iPhone model soon after it launches. People are crazy about smartphones, which increases the demand for similar accessories. Mobile phone cases remain one of the most essential accessories we all need. That makes the custom phone case business a good opportunity to make a profit online.

The continuous increase in demand shows that there is no better time to start a custom phone case business than now. Even when the competition is high due to fewer barriers to entry, there is no limit to using your creativity to produce products your audience will love.

But starting a phone case business requires focusing on multiple different things. It ranges from selecting your business model to creating/hiring designers for custom designs. Today, we will cover all relevant areas to ensure you establish a profitable custom phone case business.

A custom phone case business remains a convenient option for people wanting to start an eCommerce business. Here are some major reasons why you should consider the same:

  • Low shipping charges: Shipping has become convenient and affordable due to its small size.
  • Easy to maintain inventory if you choose a Print-on-Demand business model. Simply create an online store, connect with a reliable drop shipping supplier, and start selling.
  • Frequent increase in new models: mobile companies launch new phone models frequently, increasing production and creativity in products.
  • Trending idea: personalized phone cases will not get an outdated idea anytime soon.
  • Easy management: limited increase in returns due to low chances of cases breaking or damaging ensure easy management.
  • Limited upfront investment: suitable for people with a limited budget.

How To Select The Type Of Phone Case?

There are two categories of phone cases you can make and sell. Firstly, the ones with a more practical (protection) aspect. Secondly, the ones that capture instant attention and their visually appealing features make users select them.

Now, either you provide a case that looks good or offers complete protection to the mobile phones. But notice to what extent your sales will increase if you provide both in one. Let’s look at some types of mobile phone cases businesses usually produce and sell:

The Cheapest Options: Slim And Silicone Cases

Slim cases are comparatively cheap than other cases and it remains easy to inculcate a captivating design. Most print-on-demand businesses choose this option. The customer base remains limited to people looking for a visual edge rather than safety (trust us, many people are).

Silicone case is another affordable option for businesses selling phone cases online. They provide a neat and soft touch desired by many customers.

Side Protection: Bumper Cases

Bumper cases are made of a thick material (shock-resistant material) protecting the sides of a mobile. The evolution of mobile phone models has somehow limited the requirement for bumper cases. For instance, the recent iPhone models have heavier and more durable glass which eliminates the need of protecting cases.

Front And Back Protection: Folio Cases

Folio cases are the types of mobile phone cases that folds in the front and provide complete protection. They do provide a bulky look which many customers don’t prefer. However, it has a notebook-like appearance and additional features like the space to carry cash or cards.

Suitable In Passing Drop Tests: Tough Cases

Tough cases are meant to increase sales for highly-cautious customers. The amount of money spent on their mobile phones often demands a case that gives full-proof protection. They give a bulky look but remain convenient in protection. Furthermore, the aesthetic designs in bulky cases remain an edge to increase sales.

Providing Charging Outlet: Batter Cases

Battery cases remain suitable if you choose to focus on providing practical benefits. It remains convenient for phones with low-battery life.

Choosing The Mobile Devices

Choosing the brands and models remains another area of focus for making and selling mobile cases. Start by searching using Google Keyword planner to identify the demands of specific mobile covers. You can also search through platforms like Reddit and Quora to identify the models people talk about.

Find out about the upcoming models people are awaiting. Launch mobile cases accordingly to have an edge over your competitors. Don’t waste time waiting for models to be out before you can start selling.

Now that you know the type of phone cases and mobile device selection, let’s understand the steps you need to get started!

6 Steps To Starting Your Own Custom Phone Case Business

You can withstand competition and grow in a competitive domain if you follow the right steps. Here we have listed down steps covering every relevant aspect to give you the right start:

Step 1: Researching The Market To Identify Specific Requirements

Simply copying the current businesses remains a less feasible option for starting your phone case business. Remember that these brands are already thriving with their production and selling strategies. Focus on the following question to have an edge over your competition in the custom phone case business:

Why would people switch from top brands to purchase cases from your store? 

To answer this, let’s first understand why customers switch brands. For example, you are selling similar quality and design aesthetic products but at a comparatively lower rate. Or you decide to introduce your brand with a big sale on all products. Both ideas will likely work but lower your profit margins.

But do you know that people are willing to spend high if you introduce something they need? 

Conduct market research to identify the top-selling phone cases. Focus on the areas they miss out on. Answer the following questions for enhanced understanding:

  • Are the current businesses only focusing on the visually appealing aspect rather than protection? (for specific brands)
  • Does a specific brand only have dull phone cases available in the market? 
  • Is there an upcoming model users are awaiting? 
  • What do the negative reviews say about the available products?

Takeaway tip: go through negative reviews of top-selling phone cases to identify specific requirements you can fulfill. 

Step 2: Choosing A Suitable Business Model

People rarely invest thousands of dollars in obtaining printing equipment to start their custom phone case business. There are different methods of sourcing phone cases. Here are the most popular options you can consider:

Providing Charging Outlet: Batter Cases

You can easily find a list of phone case manufacturers through platforms like Alibaba. They provide all different types of phone cases and cater to your specific requirements as well.

But you need to purchase in bulk and the option comes with a Minimum Order Quantity. Many people choose this route and order a few samples before they make bulk purchasing.

But what happens if your stock doesn’t clear out? 

You always carry a risk of suffering losses when making bulk purchases. 

Choosing A Print-On-Demand Service

A print-on-demand service eliminates the major hassle of maintaining inventory and order fulfillment. It’s a risk-free option for people with a limited budget, yet awesome ideas.

POD providers like Qikink make the entire process smooth by integrating with your eCommerce store. We handle all your orders and ensure delivery within a week. Furthermore, it remains a feasible option when you want to give your designs a test run in the market before bulk production.

Dropshipping Custom Phone Case for Business

Dropshipping remains a convenient business model when you lack design ideas. You can easily sell pre-made custom phone cases after building a website. The investment remains limited and you eliminate the design aspect. However, a drop shipping business model provides low-profit margins and little to no control over products.

Step 3: Designing Your Custom Phone Case for Business

Compelling designs remain the most crucial requirement for thriving in your online phone case business.

#1 Hiring Freelance Designers

Let’s say a lack of design skills remain the only thing stopping you from entering this domain. However, you have plenty of budgets to invest in designing.

You can find designers who can design cases based on the specific details you provide. Fiverr and Upwork are filled with designers you can find according to your budget. There are many design communities like Dribble filled with creative artists waiting to enhance your ideas.

Be clear with your needs and they will create custom phone case designs your target segment will love. However, look for niche-specific designers for better results.

#2 Creating Your Own Designs

You can easily create your custom designs using Photoshop. However, you can access free mockup generators if you choose a print-on-demand service.

Use the right design elements like the color scheme, fonts, and graphics to make the phone cases aesthetically pleasing. Let’s look at some additional tips to help ease your custom phone case design process easier:

  • Look For Ideas And Keep Up With The Trends

Search for inspirational ideas to inculcate in your designs. Start with the things that strike your passion, personality, and interests. Then look for the already existing and upcoming trends.

For example, people went crazy for the crime thriller Money Heist. Many phone case businesses took advantage of the trend and created similar cases for fans.

  • Use Colors That Invoke Emotions

How many times have you rejected a product with excellent quality due to a lack of color options?

Choosing colors customers can connect with ensures you create personalized cases. Therefore, all your mobile case designs must connect with your target segment’s style and taste. 

We all reject products when we fail to find colors that resonate with us. Remember that people’s buying decisions vary greatly based on the color schemes used in products.

  • Experiment With Fonts

People are quite particular when it comes to fonts on the items they use. The font gives the added personality feature required to complete the buying process. Many businesses increase their sales by sending cases with motivational quotes. Choose fonts that capture instant attention and fit well with the chosen color scheme.

  • Use High-Quality Images

Make sure the images you choose are neat and provide a clear look. No one likes going through tacky images. Furthermore, high-quality images often make an impact on buyers and motivate them to take action.

  • Create Simplistic Designs

We know you must have a lot of ideas in your mind. But you must focus on keeping your designs less congested. Work on creating simple yet compelling designs for your customers.

Step 4: Establish Your Brand Identity

Select a brand name and logo if you are ready to design and sell unique custom phone cases. It will help your customer recognize you without much effort. You can easily find free and paid tools to help you create compelling logos. Make sure you start off with an authentic presence to establish your brand identity.

Pricing remains another factor that determines your brand identity. For instance, do you want to be the seller who provides high-quality products at a competing price? Or you plan on selling affordable yet visually compelling items. Remember to have a decent price covering a sufficient profit margin if you are confident with your designs. Sudden hikes in prices once your designs start selling tremendously will drastically impact sales.

Step 5: Create An Online Store

Use a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce to create your own eCommerce store. You only need to answer a few questions to create a functioning store in no time. Most of these platforms provide a free 14-day trial to ensure you can make payments once you are satisfied with the functionality.

Make it a point to start your business by focusing on your own website before shifting to marketplaces. Use social media to spread the word about your newly established custom phone case business. Keep designing, uploading, and promoting your creations till you grow to some extent.

Step 6: Use Various Channels To Market Your Business

It’s time to focus on a solid marketing strategy once you have successfully created your online store and your designs are ready. Here are some channels you must focus on:

SEM: most people search for products like phone cases on search engines like Google. A solid search engine marketing strategy ensures your products resonate with the audiences’ demands. Either go for SEO to get organic ranking or use paid ads to improve your sales quickly.

Facebook & Instagram ads help you succeed when you have a clear buyer persona. You can use highly specific targeting to increase brand awareness and revenue. Both platforms are highly used by people worldwide.

Influencer marketing remains effective as influencers have a well-established audience. People will likely listen to them and purchase the items. Look for niche-specific influencers with a small, yet engaging audience.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let yourself get intimidated by the ever-rising competition in the phone case business. Get inspiration from top brands to create designs that stand out. Remember that a Print-on-Demand business remains a safe choice if the only thing scaring you is the increased amount of investment. Start slow and keep enhancing your tactics to succeed.

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