All Over Design File Preparation Guide

All over printed T-shirts are a unique piece of art. They need to be designed and printed carefully in the on-demand process. However, as a brand owner, you must understand that there may be a case of small white lines on the arm lines or shoulder lines and educate your customers accordingly. But if you design with more white spaces on those areas avoiding full dark color, the product will look perfect every time. Happy designing and selling of All over printed T-Shirts. Check the below guidelines to prepare the print file for all over printing.

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fig a.1

Qikink all over design 6

Step 1 : Open Design File (fig a.1)

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Step 2 : Double Click On Layer No: 2 , (fig b.1) and  click OK (fig b.1.1)

fig b.1

Qikink all over design 6

fig b.1.1

Qikink all over design 2

Step 3 : A new file will be opened in new tab(fig c.1). Upload Design in the new opened tab(fig c 1.1), save and close

fig c.1

Qikink all over design 4

fig c 1.1

Qikink all over design 5

Step 4 : Preview and Placement  can be seen in the previous tab (fig d.1).

fig d.1

Qikink all over design 3

Step 5 : Make Layer 1 invisible  (fig e.1).  File -> Save as -> .jpg, save the file in Google drive.

fig e.1

Qikink all over design

If any changes in the Placement and Design repeat Step 2,3,4.

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