T-Shirts On Demand Printing and Drop Shipping India


Vivek(May be you!) wants to start a Brand and grow it online by selling merchandise with the designs he likes or which he designs. After thorough online research, he understood that T-Shirts sells more than all other merchandise combined. He wanted to start with designer T-Shirts under his brand. He is very serious about Quality and Branding. He spent a lot of time designing and selecting designs, now the designs and brand collaterals are ready. Vivek started searching for T-Shirt manufacturers and printers, everyone has their fair limitations. Some wanted orders only above 500 pcs per design, some wanted designs to be solid colours only. Vivek got frustrated, obviously, he cannot rework on all the designs and he cannot do tons of tees in stock also, he is not sure which design will sell and which will not(Obviously, who knows?!).

Saddened Vivek learns about on-demand digital printing and T-Shirt Drop shipping  services. This is the way he exclaimed. Now with QikInk, he is a happy Brand Owner and he keeps doing and improving what he is best at – Designing Products. QikInk takes care of making and delivering products to Vivek’s customers without any upfront cost or limitations in design colours.


Drop Shipping T-Shirts


QikInk provides a variety of T-Shirt options with various colours and sizes to play around. You can launch unlimited number of products online with our range of products, each design can be suited from Mens Round Neck T-Shirt to Women Tank Top or Lounge wear. Learn about the entire process in below mentioned steps,


  1. Get an account with QikInk. Also check out our T-Shirt prices, printing prices, shipping and COD rates, shipping and reverse shipping policies, refund cases etc.
  2. Finalize about the Neck label print, if any separate packing material to be used, if any new courier partner to be used etc.
  3. Send the design mockups and PNG design files to us with design sizes and placement per product separately.
  4. Now, you are ready to get orders. Once you get orders, you can share them to us on a daily basis. Each order will get its update before end of the day.
  5. Invoices will be sent on daily basis. Products with your design and Brand will be dispatched within 72 hours of placing the order and will be tracked till delivery.
  6. COD amounts will be transferred to you on 16th and 1st of every month.
  7. Returns will be handled by us.


You can never go wrong with On demand printing and drop shipping, because you are going to print an order only after receiving the order. Though there are some best practices to be followed  to mint the full profits, I will share them in the next write up. Here I am going to brief about the benefits of Drop shipping T-Shirts with QikInk!


Why QikInk?


QikInk, is a brand of Tee Talkies, a second generation garment manufacturer and exporter with depth of knowledge and expertise in it. QikInk offers the following compelling reasons to be a part of its on demand printing!


  1. Largest selection of Blank Products
  2. Very high quality T-Shirts with Super Combed Bio washed Fabrics
  3. Very high quality printing with Original EPSON Inks
  4. Extensive Custom Branding options
  5. No minimum order quantity even for All over prints
  6. Fast dispatch time of 72 hours
  7. Lowest possible pricing for the quality offered
  8. White label or Custom label delivery, QikInk name will not be visible anywhere in the package
  9. Order updates everyday with Quick Customer Support
  10. Marketplace approved International model mockups
  11. International Shipping
  12. Lowest ever pricing for bulk orders
  13. Screen printing options for Drop Shipping
  14. Screen Printed Custom T-Shirts for events from 100 Rs.


For any queries, write to us at care@qikink.com


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