Print on Demand (POD) – Know How



A system or process whereby individual copies or small numbers of custom designed product orders are fulfilled using digital printing technology.

T-Shirts are everywhere. Everybody is buying loads of T-Shirts now a days. Also, there are many T-Shirt brands out there in the market. There were many other brands with great designs closed shop. There are still many more T-Shirt brands to come and sell millions of more T-Shirts year on year. It matters how YOU will survive and scale.

If you choose to manufacture T-Shirt with screen printing, Digital Printing, embroidery etc. You have to launch a private label with a separate team for design, merchandising, sales, marketing etc. If you choose a T-Shirt brand with your creative designs, Print On Demand is a boon for you.


Get creative with designs, target niche audience, run advertisements on various platforms like Google, Facebook, Marketplaces etc and sell T-Shirts. You printer and drop shipper takes care of the rest. They receive the daily orders, print them and ship them to your customers.

Business model

This is a proven way to scale your business with less resources. And as you grow your expertise on designs and marketing, your sales grows and your earn more profits. With traditional model, you end up owning unsold inventory even after successful sales. you could sell only 7 out of your 10 designs and those 3 unsold designs will end up dead stock and eat into your overall margins. With on demand printing and drop shipping, you do not bother about unsold designs, you just get profits from sold and repeat the successful designs on more and more products to increase volume of sales.

Products Range

You launch a T-Shirt design with the traditional model with physical inventory. If that design picks up instantly and become successful, you immediately cannot launch the same design on various other products. You have to sell them all, get the money and reinvest into the business, before that the design will be copied multiple times. The design’s life will be over. With on-demand printing, you can launch more and more products for a successful design simultaneously and increase the sales volume manifold.

It is very easy to start with On-demand printing and drop shipping T-Shirts, Qikink offers a variety of T-Shirts and more products to start selling immediately.

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